How to Ensure Remote Access and Cloud Services With Confidence

With the accelerated movement of data to the cloud, the need to ensure data security as efficiently as possible has never been as important as it is now.

Data-Driven? Think again

Businesses are hiring data scientists in droves to make rigorous, scientific, unbiased, data-driven decisions. The psychological habit most people lack and why you can't hope to use data to guide your actions effectively without it Businesses are hiring data.

20 Latest Data Science Jobs For Freshers

In this post, you will be exploring large datasets to surface useful trends, signals, and segments, enhancing data collection procedures to include information that is relevant for building analytic systems, analyse structured data, among others.

How to Efficiently Build Today’s Modern Data-Driven Applications

How to Efficiently Build Today’s Modern Data-Driven Applications. Data scientists need tools that give them access to previously siloed data, eliminate time wasted on data searches, increase cooperation, and reduce bottlenecks. Find out what makes Snowflake unique thanks to an architecture and technology that enables today's data-driven organizations.

“Enterprise-Class Open-Source Data Tools” Is Not an Oxymoron

The biggest challenge when adopting open-source tools is balancing innovation and risk mitigation. The tools need enterprise-class features.

50 Data Science and Analysts Jobs That Opened Just Last Week

50 Data Science and Analysts Jobs That Opened Just Last Week. In this article, we list down 50 latest job openings in data science and analytics that opened just last week

50 Data Science Jobs That Opened Just Last Week

Data Science and Analytics market evolves to adapt to the constantly changing economic and business environments. Our latest survey report suggests that as the overall Data Science and Analytics market evolves to adapt to the constantly changing economic and business environments, data scientists and AI practitioners should be aware of the skills and tools that the broader community is working on. A good grip in these skills will further help data science enthusiasts to get the best jobs that various industries in their data science functions are offering.

Learning DevCon: Association of Data Scientists Launches

The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci), the premier global professional body of data science & machine learning professionals, announces the launch of Deep Learning DevCon 2020 (DLDC).

The Need for the Pervasive Use of Data and Analysis

Companies that want the real value data provides will need robust data tools and a platform designed to democratize data across the enterprise.In truth, businesses feel pressured to move beyond data competence and into a new realm of data-driven operation. They want to leverage data—not merely collect and store data. But current systems make it difficult to unlock the value data has promised. Data can enhance a business’s positioning and improve revenue by providing deep insight into market trends and customer behavior. If that data is locked up behind mysterious data lakes and only accessible to data scientists, your data can’t and won’t deliver.

The Future of Jobs and AI

The impact AI will have upon employment is a widespread topic of discussion in the popular, technical, and industry press as well as among employers, employees, and thought leaders.

Self-Service Analytics, Business Intelligence: the Key to Escaping Report Factory Hell

Self-service analytics may help ease the sharp divide that exists between those who speak the language of data and non-technical domain experts. Over the last decade, the amount of data created, consumed, and stored has exploded. In an IDC white paper from 2018 predicted that the collective sum of the world’s data would grow from 33 zettabytes this year to 175ZB by 2025, for a compounded annual growth rate of 61 percent.