Data Analysis

Data analysis is the process of systematically examining data with the purpose of spotlighting useful information. Data analysis is the foundation of scientific research. Conducting a complete analysis of the data you have collected

Learn These 3 Basic Data Concepts Before Stressing

If you understand data concepts and how to apply them, you can easily implement these concepts with any technical tool of your choice.

20 Use-Cases for Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a powerful way to gain value from data. From predicting employee attrition to analyzing customer churn, there are use-cases for every company.

Using Pandas Method Chaining to improve code readability

A tutorial for the best practice with Pandas Method Chaining. We have been talking about using the Pandas pipe function to improve code readability.

Your Fancy Model and Low MSE Means Little to Your Data Science Boss

Your Fancy Model and Low MSE Means Little to Your Data Science Boss: Focus on what really matters. There are almost too many technical metrics to measure model performance.

7 Best Courses to learn Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a tool offered by Microsoft corporation to create various types of visualization using your data and produce stunning reports.

How to Calculate the Cost of Data Downtime

Introducing a better way to measure the financial impact of your bad data. In addition to wasted time and sleepless nights, data quality issues lead to compliance risks.

Part 1: Titanic — Basic of Data Analysis

My goal was to get a better understanding of how to work with tabular data so I challenged myself and started with the Titanic -project.

The Birthday Problem

A simple, but confusing mathematical problem. Let me start the article by asking a question. Suppose, there’s a group of 23 people.

How to Analyze and Visualize Your Personal Data History

Find out how you consume the Uber App using a copy of your data. Perhaps, dear reader, you are too young to remember that before, the only way to request a particular transport service.

Analyzing AirBnB Data Using Databricks and Tableau

A small example of real data analyst work. Hello everyone. Hope you’ve been well. Today we’ll be looking into how to use Databricks notebooks and Tableau to analyze and visualize data.

How to approach Data Science competitions? (EDA)

Step by step explanation on how to deal with Kaggle like competitions. What are the things we should focus on and what should be ignored?

Meet Your New Best Exploratory Data Analysis Friend

Easy creation, rich insights. Visualization often plays a minimal role in the data science and model-building process, yet Tukey, the creator of Exploratory Data Analys.

A Dataset of 1.7 Million ArXiv Articles Available on Kaggle

“arXiv is a free distribution service and an open-access archive for 1.7 million scholarly articles in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology,...

Exploratory Data Analysis is a significant part of Data Science

Data science is omnipresent to advanced statistical and machine learning methods. For whatever length of time that there is data to analyse, the need to investigate is obvious.

How to proceed from Simple to Multiple and Polynomial Regression in R

Polynomial Linear Regression. This article is in the continuation of my first article in which I have shown a complete procedure to perform Simple Linear Regression in detail.

Every DataFrame Manipulation, Explained & Visualized Intuitively

Melts, pivots, joins, explodes, & more. Pandas offers a wide range of DataFrame manipulations, but many of them are complex and may not seem approachable.

Finally, You Can Start Understanding Machine Learning Papers

When’s the last time you opened up a machine learning paper, saw armies of jargon and mathematics, and decided not to open it? I suspect many people have had this experience, including myself.

2K+ Data Analyst Jobs on Glassdoor Analyzed

Exploratory data analysis of job listings dataset. We live in the era of data. More and more businesses realize the potential to create value out of data.

7 steps to run a linear regression analysis using R

7 steps to run a linear regression analysis using R. I learned how to do regression analysis in R using brute force. With these 7 copy and paste steps, you can too.

How to conduct A/B Testing?

The idea of A/B testing is to present different content to different variants (user groups), gather their reactions and user behaviour and use the results to build product.