How I Used OrdinalEncoder() to Solve a Water Pump Problem

How I Used OrdinalEncoder() to Solve a Water Pump Problem. In order to convert the independent variables of a dataframe to a numeric value, OrdinalEncoder() needs to be used.

Do Product Managers Need to Know SQL?

Data is a powerful tool for Product Managers. We all know that corporations should use data to run their business and make the decision process easier.

How to Efficiently Build Today’s Modern Data-Driven Applications

How to Efficiently Build Today’s Modern Data-Driven Applications. Data scientists need tools that give them access to previously siloed data, eliminate time wasted on data searches, increase cooperation, and reduce bottlenecks. Find out what makes Snowflake unique thanks to an architecture and technology that enables today's data-driven organizations.

Starting a People Analytics Function: 3 Building Blocks

Starting a People Analytics Function: 3 Building Blocks. This article if three things to keep in mind when first starting out will help set up your Human Analysis function with a strong foundation and quickly gain traction: Get it accurate; Make it actionable; Make it accessible.

Google CAMP shows you how to operate at scale

Google CAMP drives improved business results via three main components: 1) tailored modernization advice gained through a data-driven assessment; 2) concrete solutions, recommendations, and best practices for application modernization; 3) a modern, yet extensible platform for everything from writing code, to running, operating, and securing your applications

Multi-Channel Marketing Attribution with Markov

How Cloudera uses Markov models to solve the multi-channel attribution problem. Marketer’s guide to data-driven marketing attribution.

3 Reasons to Use Audit Logs for SaaS

The tracking system is facing new challenges every day. Security inside the cloud is a joint liability. Auditors require evidence of their procedures, tracking, and knowledge about incidents.

The Ultimate Mission of a Data Scientist: Support Decision-Making

The fundamental role of a Data Scientist is to support decision-making based on data. For that to be accomplished a data-driven culture has to be nurtured and that status quo challenged.

From Advanced to Effective Analytics

A path to understanding and aligning the Lukes and Yodas in data driven businesses. Over the last decade, businesses have seen a fundamental shift in the way decisions are made.

The Data Scientist with no data!

In November 1854, Florence Nightingale arrived in Scutari to serve as a nurse during Crimean War. She had a gift for mathematics from an early age, too.

What does it mean to have a data-driven mindset?

Knowing what to work towards will put you ahead of the competition. I hope this article helps make the vague term of “data-driven mindset” make sense to you.