Exploring Undernourishment: Data Exploration

A Visual Data Exploration Research Project to Better Understand the Nuances of Our Global Nutrition.

Histograms with Plotly Express: Complete Guide

Plotly.Express allows creating several types of histograms from a dataset using a single function px.histogram(df, parameters). In this article, I’d like to explore all the parameters and how they influence the look and feel of the chart.

Unsupervised image mapping

A simple and efficient way to explore a large quantity of images. I will detail here a simple, fast, efficient and reproducible way for you to get a global idea of the images you have. This is my first article so do not hesitate to ask your questions and make your comments.

Machine learning in Medical field

In this post, I will test the effectiveness of machine learning in the medical field especially in classifying whether or not a person has heart disease.

The exclusive guide to pythonic outlier detections with guaranteed results

The 5 most impacting outlier detection methods to become a unicorn data scientist. In this article, we will review the Kaggle winners’ outliers detection methods which can be implemented in short python codes.

Data Cleaning and Preprocessing — Modelling Subscription for Bank Deposits

The exploration of data has always fascinated me. The kind of insights and information that can be hidden in raw data is invigorating to discover and communicate.

Understand your data with principal component analysis (PCA)

Understand your data with principal component analysis (PCA) and discover underlying patterns: Enhanced data exploration that goes beyond descriptives.

Exploring the Melbourne Real Estate Market using Tableau

Introduction to data visualisation in Tableau. Melbourne, being one of the most liveable cities in the world, has attracted a lot of individuals across the globe

Best Bulletproof Python Feature Selection Methods

The 5 Best Feature Selection Methods in few lines of codes. Features selection is a second natural step after exploratory data analysis in most data science projects.

EDA in R with SmartEDA

While working on a Data Science or Machine Learning project or assignment, we have all felt the urge to fast-forward to the model building and prediction stage.

Data Transformation

Data Transformation - Understanding why the “Unsexy” component of a data scientist’s job could be one of the most important and cool parts

Data Visualisation In KNIME

Data Visualisation In KNIME - KNIME is definitely a dream for data scientists. It makes the work of an Data Scientist much easier. If you haven't heard about KNIME, you can find all about it

Project: Analyzing Suicide Clusters using Exploratory Data Analysis & Machine Learning

You have just been hired as a Data Scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO)

Data Exploration and Analysis Using Python

Data exploration is a key aspect of data analysis and model building. Without spending significant time on understanding the data and its patterns one cannot expect to build efficient predictive models.

Starter Framework for Machine Learning Projects

In this article I’ll demonstrate some sort of a framework for working on machine learning projects. As you may know, machine learning in…