Data Science

Data science is a broad field that refers to the collective processes, theories, concepts, tools and technologies that enable the review, analysis and extraction of valuable knowledge and information from raw data.

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Learning From My First Solo AWS Jam Experience

Learning From My First Solo AWS Jam Experience. Until my first internship at a tech company, I was more familiar with cumulonimbus clouds than AWS.

Data Scientists Need To Know Visualization. Here’s Why.

I will be describing some of the main reasons Data Scientists need to know data visualization techniques below, rather that be from the exploring of data to the explanation of model results. Please continue reading if you would like to know the top four reasons why a Data Scientist should know how to visualize.

How to Use Data Studio to Research and Visualize Your Medium Stats

A step-by-step beginner-friendly tutorial to better understand the performance and engagement of your articles

Applied Distance Measures; Building Higher Education Comparison Groups

Below I will first point to previously published resources that discuss this data, how I acquired it, and how I prepared it for analysis. Next I will also point to previous articles that demonstrate the processes which use distance measures to find comparison groups. And lastly, using the undergraduate application fee example, I will show how an institution can use the comparison group to contextualize its application fees. In the conclusion I will discuss other applications of this technique that may involve other data.


Box and Whisker Plot is a graphical representation that can be used to understand the measures of spread, variability, skewness and the existence of outliers in quantitative(numerical) data. Generally it is also known as the graphical representation of the 5-point summary .(Minimum,Maximum,median,25th percentile & 75th percentile)

Geocoding on the Fly: Cleaning Apartment Numbers

In my last article, I talked about cleaning the data for geocoding. Let me talk about geocoders for a moment. There are many options out…

Choosing the Right Chart for your Dashboard

If you can only pick one thing from this whole story, it should be the quote above. You’ll understand better as we move on.

How to Build a Real-time SCADA System Using Python and Arduino

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up an ambient temperature signal that will record and visualize data with a real-time dashboard on your computer.

T-Systems and Plotly Partner to Deliver Powerful Data Science Analytics and Visualizations

Data-driven innovation as a global system integrator, focused on innovation in connectivity, digitalization, the cloud and security, these are all things that T-Systems stands for. By partnering with Plotly, we are making a leading data visualization tool available that allows our data teams and customers to implement powerful and meaningful visualizations, to tell a story with their data, and make deeper insights possible for the right people at the right time.

How to Create Data Visualizations in Python With One Line of Code

Everybody has heard of the sentence a picture is worth a thousand words. The reason why this sentence is so well known is that it’s true. There are things that only our eyes can catch.

Machine Learning vs Deep Learning (Coursera)

Andrew Ng is the best teacher I've ever seen. These two materials from Coursera changed my life: his machine learning course, and the deep learning specialization. Here's the differences between the 2.

But what is “The Cloud”?

But what is “The Cloud”? The cloud. It helps power modern-day business. It provides scalability and reduces technology costs. And it sounds so damn majestic… But what is it?

How to Generate Time Series Considering Holidays of Any Country in Pandas

In this tutorial, we'll learn How to Generate Time Series Considering Holidays of Any Country in Pandas. In time-series data analysis, generating dates could be necessary on many occasions in real life. Sometimes we have data but time is not recorded, sometimes we may have to use one countries data for another country’s research or last year’s data this year. The holidays will be different this year than last or this country than another country. This article shows:

Three Very Useful Functions of Pandas to Summarize the Data

Three Very Useful Functions of Pandas to Summarize the Data. Pandas library is a very popular python library for data analysis. Pandas library has so many functions. This article will discuss three very useful and widely used functions for data summarizing. I…

4 Rarely-Used Yet Very Useful Pandas Tricks

In this tutorial, we'll learn 4 Rarely-Used Yet Very Useful Pandas Tricks. Not everyone knows.

3 Pandas Functions That Will Make Your Life Easier

In this tutorial, we'll learn 3 Pandas Functions That Will Make Your Life Easier. A practical guide with worked through examples.

How Amazon Uses Data Science? | Woman in Data Science | Career Tips From Amazon Data Scientist

How Amazon Uses Data Science? How amazon uses data science to solve different business problems. How she got hired at amazon as a data scientist? Her interview process. Data science career tips for anyone who wants to join amazon as a data scientist. How much math/statistics is required for data science and ML. Status of woman in data science

Barbershop: Try Different Hairstyles and Hair Colors from Pictures (GANs)

This video is not about a new technology in itself. Instead, it is about a new and exciting application of GANs. Indeed, you saw the title, and it wasn't clickbait. This AI can transfer your hair to see how it would look like before committing to the change.

Everything Data Science, ML, Big Data In 30 Mins

In a single take, I talk about data science, machine learning, big data, deep learning, neural networks, spark, supervised vs. unsupervised learning... the list goes on.

Speed-up your Pandas Workflow by changing a single line of code

Speed-up your Pandas Workflow by changing a single line of code. Use Modin to scale your data explorations and visualization.