A Quantile based historical Stock Analysis

Please note that the below article should not be used solely for making investment decisions as the real purpose of this artefact is only to demonstrate how data analytics can prove to be extremely powerful in making historical stock price analysis. Readers are advised to exercise caution by doing the required fundamental and technical analysis

Top 8 Data Transformation Methods

Here are the best eight methods for data transformation one must know.

New Development On AI Predicting The Future

The researchers at Columbia University proposed an AI framework by using unlabelled video data for learning what is predictable.

Top XGBoost Interview Questions For Data Scientists

Here are ten top interview questions on XGBoost a data science student should know.

Cognizant Acquires Analytics Company Servian To Boost Digital Capabilities

In a recent announcement, Cognizant has entered into an agreement to acquire analytics consulting firm Servian, to enhance digital portfolio.

Top 10 Visual Analytics Provider For 2021

Analytics India Magazine enlists some of the top Visual Analytics providers whose products and applications have relevance in 2021.

Which Countries Pay The Most To Data Scientists

While we continuously hear about data scientist is one of the highest paid jobs but what exactly these salaries are in various countries.

Will SAS Continue To Hold Ground In Data Science?

With new inventions, many believe that SAS seems to be trailing behind. How true this is and what lies ahead for SAS in data science?

Data Analysis Course | Data Analysis with Python | Intellipaat

đŸ”„Intellipaat Data Analysis course: https://intellipaat.com/data-analytics-master-training-course/In this data analysis with python video you will learn what...

Guide To Dataturks - The Human-in-the-Loop Data Annotation Platform

Dataturks makes Machine learning data annotation easier with its auto ML features and HITL interactions now acquired by Walmart Labs.

Beginner Guide To Web Scraping With Selenium With implementation

The Internet is the ‘Large hub’ of Data. Whether you need the textual or image data for your company or personal research use, you can scrape all kinds of worthy data by using Selenium. There are plenty of tools and frameworks you can use to do web Scraping, today we are going to discuss selenium, which basically automates browsers.

Guide To Lightly: Tool For Curating Your Vision Data

Lightly, makes deep learning more efficient by popularizing the use of self-supervised methods to understand and filter raw image data.

Comprehensive Guide to Datasaur - The Text Data Annotator Tool

Datasaur develops AI-based enterprise and production tools designed for data labelling in natural language processing.

DataRobot Raises $270 Million For R&D, Building Out Operations

DataRobot, an enterprise AI company, has raised $270 million in a new round of funding, before going public.

Webinar on “Data Engineering : Careers and Skills”

In this webinar, a panel of experts from LatentView, Genpact and Praxis Business School will talk to you on career and skills.

Z-Tests vs T-Tests: How To Choose Among Two Important Hypothesis Tests

This article demonstrates Hypothesis testing with different Z-Tests and T-Tests. These tests will be implemented in Python.

Why Data Scientists Are Increasingly Using Z by HP Workstations

The Z series workstations especially, by HP, pack a punch with an on board NVIDIA graphic unit among other state of the art components

Register For Webinar: How To Future-Proof And Advance Your Career In The New Normal

The webinar will also focus on recommending programmes that are specially designed to ensure that you thrive in the new normal.

Everything You Need To Know About BigML - Analytics India Magazine

BigML provides commoditized machine learning as a service for business analysts and application integration.

Is More Data Always Better For Building Analytics Models?

Data is foundational to business intelligence, and training data size is one of the main determinants of your model’s predictive power. It is like a lever you always have when you are driving a car. So more data leads to more predictive power. For sophisticated models such as gradient boosted trees and random forests, quality