A database is an organized collection of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. Where databases are more complex they are often developed using formal design and modeling techniques.

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An Easy Way to Get Started with Databases on Your Own Computer

An introduction on how to use the SQLite browser to manage your own database. An Easy Way to Get Started with Databases on Your Own Computer

Psycopg2: Postgres & Python the Old Fashioned Way

Connect to a PostgreSQL database and execute queries in Python using the Psycopg2 library.

How to Install MariaDB on Ubuntu 20.04

Install Mariadb on Ubuntu 20.04. Steps to install Mariadb server on Ubuntu system. How to install mariadb database on Ubuntu Desktop.

Hive database flutter tutorial, CRUD

Hive database flutter tutorial, CRUD

Using MySQL as a Cache Layer for BigQuery

BigQuery is great at handling large datasets, but will never give you a sub-second response, even on small datasets.

The White-Grey-Black Tree

An alternative proposal to B+ tree

Azure Cost Management + Billing updates – April 2020

From new learning opportunities to help you get setup for success and improved alerts over reservation and Marketplace purchases to new ways to save money and even automate ongoing optimization with new Azure Advisor recommendation capabilities.

How to Install Libreoffice on Ubuntu 16.04

If you are looking to collaborate with your coworkers or employees and create and share documents on your Ubuntu server without taking up space on your local computer system, LibreOffice is the perfect tool for you.

Transforming Text Files to Data Tables with Python

A reusable approach to extract information from any text file

App and Database Deployment with Heroku

Deploying a MySQL database and Python app to the cloud using Heroku

Deep into partitioning in databases

All about how data is partitioned in databases

Overview of SQL Commands and PDO Operations

Structured Query Language, or SQL, is a widely used language the allows users to query and manage data in a database.

Flutter - SQLite Database part 2 (Arabic)

In this lecture I'll create the SQLite database helper ,course model insert course, get all courses.

Flutter Storage - SQLite Database Part 3 (Arabic)

the source code

Deno Crash Course: Add a PostgreSQL Database to the REST API

Deno & PostgreSQL tutorial, we will add a PostgreSQL database to the REST API that we created in the Deno crash course. We will also implement Denon

Python course Lesson2: How to use pandas and get financial data

In the second lesson of the Python course, we will build super exciting stuff and will focus on the financial database that we will use to train our AI...

MuleSoft Hits the Mark with GraphQL

We got to see more details on MuleSoft’s vision for GraphQL, and it shows MuleSoft is working aggressively to fill a gap in GraphQL. What is GraphQL, its challenges, and how MuleSoft is addressing those challenges.

Renaming Database Tables with PhpMyAdmin

Need to rename your MariaDB or MySQL database? Learn to rename a database using phpMyAdmin by following our article.

Realm Core 6.0 Release and Support for Frozen Objects

Explaining Realm Database 6.0 and Frozen Objects. Realm Database 6.0 is now included in the Realm Java 7.0, Cocoa 5.0, and JS/RN 6.0 SDKs and will follow later in .NET/Xamarin 5.0. Realm is an easy-to-use, offline-first database that lets mobile developers build better apps faster.