Monitoring YugabyteDB in Kubernetes with the Prometheus Operator and Grafana

Learn how to set up Prometheus & Grafana using the kube-prometheus-stack chart, configure Prometheus to scrape YugabyteDB pods, & see the YugabyteDB Grafana dashboard. Monitoring YugabyteDB with Prometheus and Grafana in Kubernetes ... a Kubernetes cluster using either the Kubernetes prometheus-operator ...

Fun With SQL Using Postgres and Azure Data Studio

In this article, I will show you some basic SQL when working with Postgres and Azure data studio. Azure Data Studio is a cross-platform database tool for data professionals using the Microsoft family of on-premises and cloud data platforms on ...

How to Erase Expired Docs Automatically with MongoDB (TTL index)

Online Archive automatically archives infrequently accessed data to ... indexes that MongoDB can use to automatically remove documents from a collection after a ... TTL indexes expire documents after the specified number of seconds has ...

Syntax Tree and Alternative to LINQ in Interaction with SQL Databases

Syntax Tree and Alternative to LINQ in Interaction with SQL Databases. Syntax tree is a very powerful data structure that you will likely come across sooner or later. Probably these will be LINQ expressions, or maybe you will need to create a Roslyn analyzer, or maybe you want to create your own syntax yourself, like I did a few years ago in order to refactor one legacy project. In any case, it is important to understand this structure and be able to work with it.

Distributed SQL Summit Recap: 5G and Data Challenges

5G is backed by a cloud native, service-based architecture. Hale from Rakuten Mobile describes the 5G & data challenges and solutions to fully realize the potential of 5G innovations

Distributed SQL Summit Recap: Mainframe Modernization

Learn how to take a mainframe monolith & break it down into microservices, using Wipro Digital's “moderniZ” platform which modernizes (or transforms) UIs, data, & services

Distributed SQL Tips and Tricks - Oct 16, 2020

New distributed SQL tips & tricks, including using joins in UPDATE statements, namespaces & multiple apps using a cluster, running large scans, disabling foreign keys, & more

New maintenance deny periods from Cloud SQL

What are the new maintenance deny period controls? You can now set a single deny period, configurable from 1 to 90 days, each year. During the deny period, Cloud SQL will not perform maintenance that causes downtime on your database instance.

Presentation Recap: The Distributed Database Behind Twitter

As Twitter's popularity skyrocketed, the data layer needed to scale. See the journey from MySQL to Cassandra to Manhattan, & get a glimpse into the future. Manhattan is our distributed database used to serve live real-time traffic. ... the data represent logically and what is its physical representation, ...

Securely managed Cloud SQL databases

Managed cloud databases need security and governance, and Cloud SQL just added pgAudit and Cloud IAM integrations to make security easier.

Service Mesh Era: Building Modern Apps with YugabyteDB and Istio

Microservices architectures are becoming the de facto way developers are thinking about how their applications are constructed.

Intro to Data Concepts and Databases

Learn the fundamental concepts around storing and working with data. Learn how to create a SQL database in the cloud, run basic queries and connect to your database from an application. After this session you will understand how you can organize and process data, the difference between relational and non-relational databases, and how data is handled through transactional processing.

How to Create and Use MySQL Views

A MySQL view is simply an ordinary database object that can save SQL query writers a lot of time when used correctly. A view is a stored query that a user can reference just like a table. Many times users will find themselves using the same base query over and over to solve multiple problems. Views are a way of quickly saving that query and referencing it later.

A PostgreSQL-Compatible, Distributed SQL Cheat Sheet: The Basics

See how all the basic commands you end up using in the first few minutes after installing PostgreSQL are identical in YugabyteDB. In this post, we’ll cover connecting to the database, creating users, databases, schemas, and calling external files from the SQL shell.

Getting Started with IntelliJ IDEA and Distributed SQL - The Distributed SQL Blog

Because YugabyteDB is PostgreSQL compatible, it works with IntelliJ IDEA out of the box. See how to test out basic IntelliJ features with YugabyteDB distributed SQL database.

Safe Queue in action: Another Call for Code deployment in the field

Safe Queue in action: Another Call for Code deployment in the field. Open source-powered solution developed for COVID-19 response is keeping customers safe at small businesses like Waffle Cabin.

Using Terraform to Provision a YugabyteDB Cluster

Learn about the Terraform modules for provisioning YugabyteDB on different cloud providers, with a focus on AWS. See how to provision a cluster, manage nodes, understand different configuration options, and more.

OffShip connects online shoppers with pro-environment organizations

A Call for Code global finalist from Canada seeks to reduce the carbon footprint from online shopping.

Why you should move your legacy database to MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud

Google Cloud As a managed database-as-a-service solution, MongoDB Atlas gives IT organizations an alternative to the cost and complexity of an on-premises, legacy system.

How Justuno Leveraged YugabyteDB to Consolidate Multiple SQL & NoSQL Databases

How Justuno Leveraged YugabyteDB to Consolidate Multiple SQL & NoSQL Databases. Michelle Brinich. Community and Marketing.