Facebook & Its Tumultuous Relationship With AI-Based Content Moderation

We track down some of the major efforts of Facebook for AI based moderation in the past and how it has fared in tackling the issue.

Policy Recommendations For ADM Systems In Europe For India

Ensure that ADM systems currently being deployed and those about to be implemented are effectively consistent with human rights and democracy

Register For CXO Virtual Round Table Discussion On Data Integrity

Precisely, along with Analytics India Magazine is conducting a Round Table, on Data Integrity - the Next Business Imperative.

In Wake Of BigBasket Data Breach, Data Classification Is Need Of Hour

Organisations must have strong data protection techniques in place. One of the major techniques is data classification.

The Politics of End To End Encryption

As more tech corporations are adopting end to end encryption, there is one party that is not excited about it--govts around world.

Booked: Should You Allow Cab Services To Use Your Data

Ride-hailing services use location data which in turn can reveal personal habits and preferences. Riders might not be keen to share.

Bug Bounty Programs As Security & Compliance Strategies

Are companies such as Facebook getting more reliant on bug bounty programs as security and compliance strategy?

5 Ways In Which AI Can Transform DevOps

In the near future AI will be able to emerge as a tool to compute, analyse and transform how teams develop and manage applications

AI Is A Double-Edged Sword In Phishing

To prevent smart hacking, the security community must be prepared for AI-enabled threats as well as embrace AI-powered security techniques.

Shrinking Personal Space In The Online World: Data Privacy Concerns

The advent of smart cameras and AI powered computer vision solutions bring about the next level of security.

TikTok Fiasco: Just Another Shot By US Tech Giants At Cloud Dominance

In April, Oracle cloud services were chosen by Zoom, whose traffic increased dramatically during pandemic. Now with the TikTok partnership..

Why Is Differential Privacy Important For A Data-centric Organisation

Differential privacy as technology has also been named in the 2020 Gartner Hype cycle.

Government May Soon Launch Data Centre Policy With Favourable Guidelines

The reports suggest that states will be free to either follow in total or mould it according to their needs.

A Facial Recognition System For India?

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) under the Government of India has released a tender asking for bidders to help create Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS). The objective is to leverage the power of facial recognition technology to make the security forces more efficient.  The technology system which has been proposed will make an extensive database…