A Guide to Automating Your Stock Analysis With Python

Wake up to an email of your top stocks. Here’s everything you need to conduct personalized and daily hands-off stock analysis.

Shiv Nadar University Launches An Online Program For Data Science

Today, Shiv Nadar University, a multidisciplinary and research-based university, launched a new online program in Data Sciences and Analytics for Business (DSAB).

How Being A Data Science Generalist Can Be Beneficial In This Uncertain Time

Bearing the costs and sustenance in mind, companies are now looking to get benefit in each of their hirings, and therefore, could rely on generalists to get the maximum benefits.

Data science - Wikipedia

Introduction: [Data science](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_science "Data science") is a multidisciplinary field that uses scientific methods,processes ,algorithms and system to extract knowledge and insights from data in various forms ,both...

Effective Networking Tips For Analytics Professionals In The Age Of COVID-19

In this article, we will share a few effective tips that can help analytics professionals to continue networking in the age of COVID.

Is Landing A Data Science Job Amid Covid-19 Challenging?

The uncertainty caused by Covid-19 has wreaked havoc in the global economy, accelerating an oncoming recession, leading to loss of jobs.

Amid Surge In Online Courses, Here’s How To Choose The Right One

As most businesses struggle to stay afloat amid the Covid-19 pandemic, companies operating in the edtech sector have reportedly been peaking. While some online course providers like upGrad have reported a massive surge in learners, others including Vedantu and Edvizo have successfully raised funds in these uncertain times. These developments have led to an outpouring…

How Much Is Kaggle Relevant For Real-Life Data Science?

Kaggle is the most popular platform for data science competitions, and it had enormous growth in the last decade. The in-depth knowledge gathering is what makes Kaggle one of the most valuable platforms for aspiring and professional data scientists. The competitions can prove to be a practical learning experience for data scientists. But Kaggle is…

What To Expect When You Start A Job As A Junior Data Scientist?

If you are beginning your career as a data scientist, this article could give you a general idea of what to expect from the first job. There are factors to consider when starting a data science job, like whether a company uses machine learning or business analytics; the kind of tools the company uses for…

How Businesses Can Build Trust With Their Remote Analytics Professionals

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to rethink their workplace orientation, where the majority of them have transitioned to remote working for almost all their employees. However, this whole culture shift of working from home has brought in some concerns and challenges for the business leaders. One of the key concerns among business leaders that…

Data Access with Knime

One of the most common challenges faced by aspiring data scientists and data enthusiasts is to handle data science components and it’s coding simultaneously. KNIME is a solution to that challenge.

Association Of Data Scientists Launches Computer Vision Developer Conference 2020

The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci), a premier global professional body of data science and machine learning professionals announces the launch of its fully virtual, online conference for computer vision enthusiasts across the globe.  Computer Vision DEVCON or CVDC 2020, a two-day conference aims to bring computer vision practitioners and innovators on a single platform…

What is Data Science | Introduction to Data Science in 2 Minutes | Data Science Training |

🔥 Data Science Master Program: https://www.edureka.co/masters-program/data-scientist-certification This Edureka video will help you understand the basic conc...

6 Things That Will Never Remain The Same For Analytics Professionals Post-COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic has immensely impacted human lives and completely altered the way businesses are operating. With this pandemic, businesses and their leaders have become aware of their data than ever before. In order to keep relevancy amid this crisis, businesses are relying on big data and analytical tools to not only understand the virus…

6 Advanced Skills That Will Get Data Scientists Hired In The Post-COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has urged companies to transform their strategies in order to have business continuity in the post-lockdown world. This, in turn, provided opportunities for data scientists to upskill/reskill themselves with relevant skill sets to keep up their relevancy. Therefore, it has become imperative for data science professionals to rethink their career strategies.…

5 Tips For Mentees To Make The Most Of The Mentorship Program

Analytics India Magazine recently launched a community-based mentoring program, AIM Mentoring Circle which encourages data science professionals and enthusiasts, to connect with the best mentors in the industry. It aims at helping budding data scientists or those stuck in their professional careers to seek advice, guidance and suggestions from experienced professionals. The world’s largest one-on-one…

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Join us for our latest FREE webinar to gain more insight on Data Science Industry and how to plan your career during the coronavirus pandemic and get expert answers to your questions.

Python Bootcamp 2020 Build 15 working Applications and Games

144,607 students enrolled. Learn complete python with basics, data science, data visualisation, desktop graphical applications and python for web.

Are Analytics Jobs Recession-Proof? Here’s What Data Scientists Think

We, at AIM, reached out to a few data scientists across diverse industries to understand if they share the same optimism about their jobs. The foremost topic of discussion among professionals these days has made a quick shift from the challenges of working from home to the unprecedented wave of mass layoffs rattling numerous industries.…

How Data Scientists Are Also Susceptible To The Layoffs Amid Crisis

Apart from disrupting business continuity, COVID-19 has also brought in unexpected unemployment with companies either laying off or furloughing their employees to keep up with this competitive landscape. Although sales and customer-related roles are the most affected ones, even data scientists, despite being the sexiest profession of the century, are not immune to this economic…