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What Is Yield Farming? What You Need To Know

If you're sticking your toes into the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), you may want to learn about Yield Farming. So what is Yield Farming? In the simplest terms, Yield Farming is finding the best places to put your crypto so that you can earn more free crypto. In this video, we go over 4 popular examples of common yield farming methods.

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What Is Yield Farming? What You Need To Know

Top 5 DeFi Cryptos to buy in July 2021

Last year was the best year for the Crypto world, with crypto coins reaching new heights. But the current situation of crypto is not good compared with the previous year. Many of the investors, looking for the markets to gain momentum. We have decided to list the best cryptos to buy in the current situation based on their utility and track record.

Here are some of the top 7 DeFi cryptos to invest in as of July 2021. They are,

Top 5 DeFi [ Decentralized Finance ] Cryptos to invest in July 2021:

Bitcoin has been at the top of the DeFi crypto coin for several years. Although, there are many cryptocurrencies available in the world. At this point, there are around 10,000 cryptocurrencies available in the market. Here are they,

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Litecoin
  4. Tether
  5. Stellar Lumens


Bitcoin has become a hub for many DeFi investors, created in 2009. Since then, Bitcoin has revolutionized the DeFi markets. Between 2015 to 2017, the rise of the Bitcoin investment is immensely high. From 2018 to 2019, it has slowed down. Many investors thought it was the end of Bitcoin. But in the year, it has gained over 260% steadily.

Lately, Bitcoin growth is downwards due to the banning of Cryptocurrency investment in various countries [Especially in China]. In current market situations, many investors are looking for the rise of Bitcoin. It is just a matter of time for Bitcoin to rise.


Ethereum is the second-best cryptocurrency based on market capitalization. In the year, it has shot up over 800%, which is actually higher than Bitcoin. According to the Ethereum market reports, the market space of Ethereum is going to improve more, Thanks to the ETH 2.0 upgrade. This update will play a crucial role in expanding Decentralized Finance [DeFi].

ETH 2.0 update is rolling out in 2022. It will be an evolution of the from proof-of-work model to the proof-of-stake model. However, the core objective of the ETH will involve making the platform more efficient, secure, and robust.


It is one of the valuable cryptocurrencies in the industry. Litecoin has a market cap of over $9 billion and has gained over 215% in the past industry. Right now, Litecoin is in a downward movement. However, it has shown some signs of a rebound. Like BTC, Litecoin is open-source and decentralized crypto.

However, it will be difficult for Litecoin to maintain its liquidity and market share. But, it does have a long-term case thanks to its unique feature and its value.


Tether is the third most valuable cryptocurrency in the industry. However, Tether doesn’t attract many customers as compared with its peers. Tether is a stable coin pegged to fiat currencies like US dollars and Euros. It is helpful for investors who want to avoid volatility when it comes to investing.

Steller Lumens:

It is one of the promising DeFi projects in the industry, with more than $6 billion in market capitalization, and has grown over 260% in the past year. Steller Lumens has done incredibly well to build a utility for all its customers as a cross-border payment platform.

To know more:

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Top 5 DeFi Cryptos to buy in July 2021

Short Note About DeFi — The Future Of Decentralized Finance

Before stepping into DeFi tokens, make sure you know about DeFi. If you don’t know about DeFi, don’t worry.
Let me take you through the DeFi concept. Let’s jump in.
The DeFi concept came to replace the old, inefficient, centralized banking system.

What is DeFi?

DeFi leverages the power of cryptography, decentralization, and blockchain to build a new decentralized financial system. DeFi provides access to financial services like payment, lending, borrowing, and trading in an efficient, fair, decentralized [Without any third-party], open way.

Advantages of DeFi:


All the operations taking place via DeFi are processed immediately regardless of the user’s demographic location. Infact, most of the DeFi protocols can run with minimal human involvement.


  1. Every service taking place in a DeFi is permissionless. A user with a browser with access to the internet connection can access them easily.
  2. There is no need for document verification.
  3. Every user in the DeFi network is treated in the same way.
  4. Nobody can change the rules of a decentralized system.


Everyone has the chance to build their own DeFi application and contribute to the DeFi ecosystem. Everything taking place on the DeFi concept is transparent and visible on the blockchain [ trading volume, number of outstanding loans, total debt]. Anyone can get hold of these reports instantly!
All the DeFi applications are mainly run on bitcoin and ethereum. Particularly, ethereum.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a blockchain that runs on smart contracts. Ethereum allows the creation of any financial applications. So, the majority of the DeFi activities take place in Ethereum.

Why go for DeFi?

Recently, DeFi has been experiencing maximum growth from 2020. Some of the stats are below,

Total value locked in DeFi [TVL]:

TVL represents the value of tokens locked in the vast DeFi protocols such as the lending platforms and exchange platforms have grown from one billion [ in April 2020 ] to 32 billion dollars [ in Feb 2021 ].

Trading Volume across Decentralized exchanges [DEX VOLUME]:

Trading volume across the exchanges has grown from 0.5 billion dollars [ in April 2020 ] to 50 billion dollars [ in Jan 2021 ].

Total value settled in Ethereum:

The total value settled in Ethereum is over 1 trillion dollars in 2020, comparatively more than PayPal.After the dominance of DeFi finance applications over the past few years, Based on today’s DeFi market, DeFi tokens are the next big thing in the DeFi concepts.

What are DeFi tokens?

DeFi token or Decentralized Finance token is a token used within a Defi ecosystem. DeFi tokens are available at the core of the decentralized protocol. In today’s market, there are lots of DeFi tokens available. In which many of the tokens, for example, UNI or COMP, hold their voting rights to the corresponding token holders, which allows them to vote for protocol changes within decentralized protocols. DeFi can also be used to reward liquidity providers within their protocols. Here are some of the popular DeFi tokens,

Some of the popular DeFi tokens are below,

  1. Aave — AAVE
  2. 1inch — 1INCH
  3. Chiliz — CHZ
  4. Enjin — ENJ
  5. THETA
  6. BTC
  7. Uniswap — UNI
  8. ETH
  9. SushiSwap SUSHI

If you are looking to transfer your cryptocurrency, add liquidity for DeFi tokens, DecentFi is the best decentralized platform for you. If you are looking to generate passive income, then you can join as an affiliate in DecentFi. You can earn money by referring your friends to the DecentFi platforms. To know more about the DecentFi platform, you can visit the below link,


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Short Note About DeFi — The Future Of Decentralized Finance
Jerry Catherin

Jerry Catherin


What are the best features and types of DeFi development services?

Are you an Entrepreneur with the idea of developing your DeFi for your business? That would be one of the unique choices and also a trendy idea for your business development. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a Publicly available open source, peer to peer network built on the ethereum blockchain. It is a finance based protocol without any middleman meddling.
DeFi provides a number of use cases and also key security features let us have a quick glance on it.!

The best Features of DeFi:
Open source : Decentralized network with non- custodial nature
Peer to peer transaction : Transaction takes place directly with the buyer and seller.
Smart contract : Smart contract will enable the process between both the parties through the code.
Security : As the process takes place in the blockchain network, it will be more secure and arduous for the hackers to hack.
Speed : High speed transaction
Staking : The process in which the user can gain rewards by staking a particular amount of coins
Liquidity pool : Locking up of an asset or token by smart contract.

Types of DeFi development services:
Here are the different types of DeFi development services available in the market
DeFi smart contracts development
DeFi insurance system development
DeFi yield farming platform development
DeFi Dapps development
DeFi token development
DeFi insurance development
DeFi staking platform development
DeFi wallet development
DeFi Fund management
DeFi Lending/ borrowing platform development

Where to get these services:
WeAlwin Technologies is an outstanding DeFi development company with a variety of best DeFi development services. They provide you with unique, quality and secure DeFi development services with their best team. They have more than 60+ employees with 8+ years of experience in the field of blockchain technology. Choose the right team for the development of your successful DeFi business.

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What are the best features and types of DeFi development services?

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Guide to start Goose Finance Like DeFi Platform On BSC network

Goose Finance Clone Script is a elegant DeFi-based Decentralized exchange script powered on top of Binance Smart Chain network to launch a replica of Goose Finance like DeFi project. Goose Finance Clone, performs core functions like farming, staking, etc, to provide a safer trading environment to people across horizons.

Exclusive Features Of Goose Finance Clone Script

  • Layered Farming (Incubator)
  • Next Gen High Security
  • Omega Lottery Burning Mechanism
  • Egg Houses
  • Goose Dollar Bonds
  • Goose Vaults
  • Initial Farm Offering (IFO)
  • Permissionless & Decentralized
  • Low Fee’s and Quick Transactions

Goose Finance Clone Development is a step by step development process that includes analysis, requirement gathering, developing, debugging, testing, the Goose Finance Clone Script for building Goose Finance like DEX platform. As a result a ready-made Goose Finance Clone Script is build which extracts all the functionalities available in a Goose Finance like DeFi platform.

During the development process, the basic features of DEX platform like Farming, Staking, IFO are considered and thus developers of our Goose Finance Clone Script scrutinizes whether it is properly embedded in our tailor-made Goose Finance Clone Script.

SellBitBuy - Goose Finance Clone Script development company is happy to offer technically advanced Goose Finance Clone Script to anyone to aims to start Goose Finance like DeFi platform on top of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Our Goose Finance Clone Script offers excellent launchpad for performing hassle free transactions in a permissionless network. With our Feature-packed Goose Finance Clone Script, a faster launching of Goose Finance like DEX platform can be started on BSC, in a budget-friendly at an easy to affordable rate.

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Guide to start Goose Finance Like DeFi Platform On BSC network

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PolkaSwap Creates a Big Buzz In DeFi | Explore & Start!

PolkaSwap is a non-custodial liquidity aggregator platform launched on the SORA network. It’s main intent is to create an interoperatable DeFi platform so that users can trade cryptocurrencies from various blockchains to blockchains. This PolkaSwap DEX Aggregator runs on top of the polkadot ecosystem & kusama ecosystem on the SORA network.

It creates a possibility to perform a trade against multiple aggregator platforms. By the way, it picks liquidity from various sources and thus says no to liquidity problems. It has a unique infrastructure that quits issues like impermanent loss and solves common problems faced by other DEXs platforms. This open-source project is becoming a famous addiction in the blockchain sector so start PolkaSwap Like exchange will make you to earn fast profits in less time.

How To Start PolkaSwap Like DeFi-based DEX platform?

It is really too easy. PolkaSwap like DEX platform can be launched with the support of DeFi development company. Yes! The entire PolkaSwap exchange will be built and deployed to you with the in-built trading facility to start a PolkaSwap like a platform. A PolkaSwap Clone Script is delivered to you which is a complete source code to start a PolkaSwap Like DeFi platform. It is bug-free and passes several layers of the testing process, also it is an advisable method for starting a new PolkaSwap like decentralized exchange platform.

What is PolkaSwap Clone Script?

PolkaSwap is an AMM-Based DEX script used for creating a DeFi exchange like PolkaSwap. It contains multiple functionalities to deliver PolkaSwap like exchange by replicating the existing and advanced features from the existing PolkaSwap platform. Our PolkaSwap Clone Script executes functions like swapping, bridging of blockchains, pools, & more on SORA network.

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PolkaSwap Creates a Big Buzz In DeFi | Explore & Start!
Jerry Catherin

Jerry Catherin


How much does it cost to develop the DeFi platform.?

It was an extremely good idea to start a DeFi platform for your crypto business. DeFi is one of the leading technologies which is showing a rapid growth in the crypto market. And now many advanced features are being developed in the DeFi platform. Developing a DeFi platform is worthy and the cost of creating it depends on the features and services you choose for your business. Based on your requirement the cost may change. If you are ready with your specifications to develop your DeFi platform, I suggest you “WeAlwin technologies”, they will help you develop your best DeFi platform at affordable price and outstanding services with their adroit developers.
Get Free demo << DeFi development company>>

Reach us @

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How much does it cost to develop the DeFi platform.?

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QuickSwap Fires Up Polygon's DeFi Ecosystem! | How To Start?

The Year of 2021 is booming DeFi sector and spreading it’s wings across borders and boundaries beyond Ethereum. As Ethereum continues to charge a high gas fee polygon became the effective solution for the migration of QuickSwap into polygon’s Matic blockchain.

Solution is implemented in the name of layer-2 scaling solution for reducing a gas fee. Polygon is popular among Ethereum and the developers of Dapps use this layer-2 scaling solution for making higher yields at an extremely low price. This makes QuickSwap powerful and brings Ethereum compatible under polygon.

In fact, both QuickSwap and Uniswap functions similarly on the Ethereum-based counterpart. Polygon comes under the Ethereum blockchain so users can effectively exchange their ERC20 tokens to ETH.

What is QuickSwap?

QuickSwap is a well popular AMM-based DEX that runs finely on MATIC blockchain. It is built on polygon layer-2 Ethereum /MATIC for processing transactions at lower gas fees.

This layer-2 scaling solution on QuickSwap increases substantially to the network by offering frequent incentives to the liquidity providers

Begin Your QuickSwap Like Exchange On Matic Blockchain With No Technical Knowledge?

Demands are rising day by day as a new decentralized exchange is born now and then which makes an expansion in the DeFi space. Now people are setting their eyes on QuickSwap as traders are switching over to Matic Blockchain for lower slippage and trading fee.

If you have an idea to start your own QuickSwap like an exchange then DeFi development company will support you for your rise in business.

Bug-free QuickSwap Clone Script is available so you no need to spend your quality time in developing software for building an exchange like QuickSwap. This Script is already built, tested, and passes several layers of security checks to launch an exchange similar to QuickSwap.

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QuickSwap Fires Up Polygon's DeFi Ecosystem! | How To Start?

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Spiking demand To Start A JustSwap Like Decentralized Exchange On TRON network

JustSwap on TRON was exclusively developed as a great alternative of Ethereum. This commission-free protocol spikes a great demand in DeFi ecosystem which is exclusively developed to provide lower fees at 200 times faster with instant payments

What is JustSwap? - Overview
JustSwap is a Tron-based decentralized exchange protocol built on the Tron network, and it allows to easily exchange TRC20 tokens at a fixed price.

Highlights In JustSwap
Users of the JustSwap exchange can get benefitted, as they are rewarded with mining rewards and transaction fees.
Once users provide liquidity to the liquidity pool they earn transaction fees

How to Start JustSwap Like TRON-based DeFi exchange?
No prior experience is required as JustSwap like a similar exchange can be started with the help of qualified experts. Scripts are delivered in the form of “JustSwap Clone Script”. Using that pre-developed script any individual can start a DeFi-based exchange like JustSwap. Further, if you look for any other decentralized protocols like PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, Uniswa, etc,… You can just fill out the form to get start your exchange quickly.

Fill the form & get started! @

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Spiking demand To Start A JustSwap Like Decentralized Exchange On TRON network

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UniSwap - Witness More Volume Traffic From Launch

From the day of launch Uniswap exchange on Ethereum has earned a huge volume of users performing millions of trades on the daily basis.

As per On 18/5/2021.
UNI Token price: $36.12
24 hr Volume: $824,314,398
Market Cap: $20,218,828,818
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Even though multiple DEXs are existing in the DeFi market Uniswap is happy to grow having a huge number of user base across the globe. Uniswap’s volume by total value locked to enhance efficiency at a ratio of 13% vs hosted $150 million in volume and $300M in total TVL to boost the ratio of 50%.

Not almost all decentralized exchanges have witnessed a sharp growth as like Uniswap as it has enamored as the world’s most popular decentralized exchange in the world.

How to Launch Uniswap Like Decentralized Exchange On Blockchain With No Technical Knowledge?

Yeah, the best solutions are available to launch a similar exchange like Uniswap. DeFi Developers supports business freaks who wish to start their own decentralized exchange. It could be any kind like PancakeSwap exchange, burgerswap like an exchange, bakeryswap like an exchange, and so on. If you guys are one among those then you can start your own exchange on a Blockchain network.

Get the insights of starting a Uniswap like exchange & launch it!
Just fill in the form from the above link and start yours!

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UniSwap - Witness More Volume Traffic From Launch

John Peter


Create a decentralized exchange protocol like FalconSwap

FalconSwap is a two-layer protocol on Ethereum as it is exclusively developed for aggregating and scaling DeFi platforms. Mainly this FalconSwap protocol offers 2 layer scaling solution built on top of Uniswap but also it can be used over other DeFi platforms at an ease.

FalconSwap promises to deliver privacy to users and uses the xPrivacy method to ensure transactions are carried out in the right path. To be honest an extra layer of security is offered for holding privacy through a layer of privacy in the on-chain protocol. Further, this FalconSwap exchange is powered to deliver privacy at a lower gas fee and aggregation.

Since it keeps on improving the quality in adding a layer of security levels, FalconSwap protocol can be created by anyone who wishes to launch a decentralized exchange similar to it.

Yes, FalconSwap protocol can be created for earning billions of dollars from the trading platform. Nevertheless, technical developers are ready to deploy an instant bug-free source code - FalconSwap Clone Script. Making use of this script let’s you to launch your exchange with the prime features available in FalconSwap Clone Script.

Surf to get started!

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Create a decentralized exchange protocol like FalconSwap

John Peter


PancakeSwap Turbo Boosting On BSC! | How to launch PancakeSwap like Skyrocketing Exchange

Thousands of active traders are trading on a massive scale on DeFi based blockchain network. Among those multiple decentralized exchanges powered by successful blockchains like BSC, Ethereum there are quite a few DEX platforms that are attracting new traders by offering their full potential for its growth.

In this heavy competitive field “PancakeSwap” hits its rocket growth, as CAKE tokens have a huge trading volume of about $435,557,614 on a daily basis.

As per the data of Coinmarketcap “PancakeSwap” grew over $44. The efficient growth of “PancakeSwap” is highly notable and this made a huge platform for the startups. Later, we can discuss about how to start PancakeSwap like a food-themed exchange with no technical knowledge.

Why PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain?

Migration to BSC network instead of Ethreum has resulted in “PancakeSwap” trading platform to improve it’s speed with lower gas fee.
PancakeSwap has seen a turbo-boosting growth on the Binance Smart Chain network which surpassed Ethereum by above 500% growth. Comparing both of it BSC holds nearly 9 million daily transactions whereas Ethereum holds 1.5 million transactions.

Step-by-Step Procedure To Start PancakeSwap like similar Exchange

Hope, I think you wish to start a PancakeSwap like food-themed exchange platform on blockchain.

  • First and foremost you have to get help from the developers of “PancakeSwap Clone Script”.
  • That, ready-to-deploy PancakeSwap Clone Script will make you to launch a perfect smooth-functioning exchange like “PancakeSwap”, quickly.
  • PancakeSwap Clone Script is also customizable so you can talk about the customizations that you wish to add.
  • No technical support or assistance is needed from your end, as developers will deliver the pre-developed script to you at an affordable cost.

Surf “PancakeSwap Clone Script” for more info!
Check out the link and start yours!

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PancakeSwap Turbo Boosting On BSC! | How to launch PancakeSwap like Skyrocketing Exchange

John Peter


Guidelines to start a DeFi based profitable DEX exchange platform like 1inch

Demand for developing decentralized exchanges on Blockchain network is now creating a huge hype in the DeFi market. In 2021 the DeFi space is booming day by day and the need for recreating a new DEX aggregator like 1inch have offers a better trading experience for the new users of the DEX platform.

To your surprise, there are multiple DEX aggregator platforms in today’s market but there are certain reasons which will be much convincing for you for starting an exchange similar to 1inch.

One of the exclusive benefits of launching a 1inch like DEX aggregator is simply to manually checking can be avoided as there is no need to check the price of other multiple exchanges for swapping of tokens.

Time-saving is one of the primary concerns that let’s the new traders to keep moving on to the defi exchanges like 1inch.

1inch DEX aggregator development
1inch protocol development services let’s you to develop the robust fast trading DEX platform with a minimal number of swaps in the shortest span of time.

The emergence of starting a decentralized exchange has become quite common in recent times that let’s any defi exchange startup freaks to start a fully smart contract powered DEX aggregator platform which process faster transaction at the peaking speed.

A wide variety of Decentralized exchanges is collectively collaborated and the very best token prices are chosen which can offer a better p2p trading experience for users.

Guidelines to launch a 1inch like exchange platform in the simplest way
One of the easiest ways to launch a 1inch like exchange is to get a pre-built 1inch exchange clone script which is a multi-tested DEX script that allows the integration of smart routing and liquidity aggression to launch an exchange platform exactly like 1inch exchange.

The script is developed in a way that includes flexible trading options, by reducing liquidity problems commonly caused by the DeFi exchanges.

By making effective use of the 1inch clone script all the scalable features for starting an exchange similar to 1inch can be deployed at a faster point in time.

We sellbitbuy is one of the top class defi development company that offers DEX platform development services like 1inch which allows the entrepreneurs to start their own startup which is bound with the smart contract technology and the decentralization concept.

To get the entire information about the features we include in our 1inch clone script, refer the below link for it.
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Guidelines to start a DeFi based profitable DEX exchange platform like 1inch

John Peter


Is DeFi The Future Of Finance?

Decentralized Finance are being a talked topic of the town in the blockchain space, As the entire operation of the finance industry is decentralized in networks.

Many companies are started launching a DeFi platform to make simple finance operating systems. Here instant loans are provided in a p2p network where people are connected with each other with their computers or say any electronic they use. Quick flash loans work similarly to the cryptocurrency exchange as we know. No intermediaries are involved in this process has now lead to the expansion of this finance technology say DeFi platforms.

Newly launched protocols like Uniswap into DeFi brings an easier execution to carry out operations like quick swapping of user’s tokens with the liquidity pools. Here, liquidity pools are nothing but contain a large set of tokens which is offered by any contributor of tokens to it. However, the contributor is benefitted by earning a commission for doing so.

As these types of protocol solve users’ problems in multiple ways. Many businesses are rising to develop an exchange similar to Uniswap, Maker DAO, etc,. If you look forward to create a change in the Fintech industry then you connect with the developers in the DeFi development company.

Companies like them can bring out new latest features implemented to start your Uniswap like DeFi exchange to our world. Such an exchange can be developed that supports multiple global languages with high-end security features implemented into the smart contracts for your exchange platforms. Complete technical support & customer support it offered for building any kind of decentralized finance platform development.

Experts can also offer a Uniswap Clone Script that is a ready-made script that is a customized script to quickly launch a Uniswap like exchange platform. This script contains a source code with a high-level programming language. People can make use of it even they are not technically strong in developing software for their exchange. They can deliver the defi protocols, tokens, wallet & build defi platform at scratch from core.

Connect with experts here >>
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Is DeFi The Future Of Finance?

John Peter


Reasons To Start A DeFi Yield Farming Platform For Business Growth

How to start a DeFi Yield Farming Platform Explained!
Continious evolution in decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms gave rise to the fintech world that operates in the decentralized network. Historical evolution of defi started before 2018 & the transparency, fairness, equity of finance operating systems have improved in provding flash loans & easier financial transfers in multiple countries.
FinTech project can become part of the DeFi community if it builds a service for or is based on blockchain, based on general standards and is compatible with other DeFi projects. Business freaks can make profits out of these by starting your own DeFi Based Business

Listed here are the advantages or Benefits of DeFi over the traditional financial system

  • Permissionless
  • Open-source
  • Decentralized
  • No involvement of Central Entity
  • High Liquidity
  • Borderless
  • Provides full control over funds
  • Time-Saving
  • Cost-Effective
  • Restrict the fraudulent activities
    These are the advantages of DeFi- The New Decentralized Financial System over the current traditional financial system.

The Potential of DeFi is found and understood by many Fintech industry experts and they have started utilizing DeFi to tackle the inefficiencies in their current system and services.

The Future of Financial Sector with DeFi
Hope we have covered a major interesting things about DeFi and how DeFi will reshape financial services?. Now here let us have a short look at the Future of Financial Sectors with the complete implementation of DeFi into the real world.

Permssion Less Fintech Industry – DeFi can make the future financial system more permissionless, secured, fast, and more scalable than the one existing now.

Eliminates Limitaions – With DeFi with the elimination of all the limitations in implementing it completely across all the real-world applications, DeFi can make better space for riskless banking, lending, borrowing, boardless transactions, and all financial transactions.

Get the best DeFi solutions from Sellbitbuy – DeFi Yield Farming Development Company Now!
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Reasons To Start A DeFi Yield Farming Platform For Business Growth