Using Git to Open Modified or Changed Files Since Previous Commit

Save yourself time when coming back to previous work using the git commands diff, status and a bit of bash.

Machine Learning Doesn’t Dictate Policy-It Predicts Outcomes

Machine Learning Doesn’t Dictate Policy—It Predicts Outcomes. To fully utilize machine learning, we must outline how predictions will impact policy.

The First Rule About AI Club: You Don’t Talk About AI

How focusing on decisions can help you productionize you next AI project. The First Rule About AI Club: You Don't Talk About AI. How focusing on decisions can help you productionize you next AI project.

Are Decision-Makers Disempowered by the Modern Data Stack?

Considering the position of decision-makers in an increasingly data-driven world. How those who are not necessarily on the cutting-edge of data science can best leverage their data to make informed decisions.

Understanding the Minimax Algorithm

Playing games with AI. We will have 2 entities (functions) that call each other; one tries to maximize the score, the other to minimize it. Basically, these 2 functions will mimic the two players.

How to build decision intelligence software

In this article, I will illustrate the importance and meaning of decision intelligence software and cover the important factors to consider when building it, drawing upon my experience designing and launching a new product.

Evaluating Machine Learning Models

How to understand whether an ML model is really doing what you want it to. In this blog we’ll talk through some key components of this decision, using a model built for the purpose on open source IMDB data.

Machine Learning: Similarities With Human Decision Making

Machine Learning: Similarities With Human Decision Making. Machine Learning as we know have evolved immensely in the last few decades.

Deep dive into Analytical Hierarchy Process using Python

Deep dive into Analytical Hierarchy Process using Python. A high level overview of this multi-criteria decision making method along with a use-case.

The Analyst’s Bias

“Beware of the HiPPO in the room” — The risks and dangers of top-down, intuition-based decision making are well known in the business world. Experimentation and data-based decision making become widely acknowledged as the right way to steer a business.

What It’s Like To Be A Data Scientist During This Pandemic

Thomas Nagel wrote about what it must be like to be a bat. His paper is a welcome reflection for data scientists living in a pandemic world. He presents us with the hypothesis below.

What Teamfight Tactics Can Teach You About Decision-Making

League of Legends spinoff Teamfight Tactics can reveal to us through gameplay how cognitive biases might be affecting how we make decisions

Decision Making In the Age of AI

Potential upsides and downsides of decisions algorithms make on our behalf. Imagine you are driving in Yellowstone National Park and suddenly a deer jumps on the road in front of your car.

3 Essentials to Make Better Decisions

3 Essentials to Make Better Decisions: Data science is only one of them. Aside from great vision, they all decided on how they do things, leading them to their triumph.

Learn to Bet — Use Bayesian Bandits for Decision-Making

We live in uncertainty and from time to time we have to make a choice when given several options none of which we know much.

Thinking About Experimental Design

Recently, as I scroll through my favorite data science Medium and LinkedIn feeds, I am encountering an increasing number of pieces encouraging a (re)focus on the fundamentals.

Basal Ganglia Action Selection & Reinforcement Learning

To completely answer this question lies beyond the scope of this article, instead we’ll focus on a specific part of the human decision-making process: the basal ganglia.

Grappling With Event Probabilities Using Multiverse Theory

Humans have plenty of cognitive strengths, but one area that most of us struggle with is estimating, explaining and preparing for improbable events.

How to use science to decide when you don’t know what’s going to happen

Making decisions with imprecise probabilities is a risky business. In my research on sensors, machine learning, and collaborative robotics, understanding how to make decisions when you don’t know what is going to happen is something I deal with all the time.

The Best Tool for Decision Making in Baseball

The Run Expectancy Matrix Provides Far More Insight than at First Glance.I always thought that baseball managers were savants.