Customizing Your Chrome Dev Tools Theme

In this quick video I'll show you how to change the theme and font of your chrome developer tools.

How do I get started developing for Surface Duo? | One Dev Minute

Excited for the Surface Duo? Guy Merin, @gmerin, shares how you can start developing now!



"Dev PI: The Tool You Never Knew You Needed" - Moshe Zadka

"Dev PI: The Tool You Never Knew You Needed" - Moshe Zadka

Connect with Microsoft China and your local dev community (Chinese) | COM165

Community Connections experience - Join us to meet local experts and community heroes in China. We will share Build highlights and code-for-good projects, along with an always-on FAQ. All in Chinese here!

Connect with Microsoft Italy and your local dev community (Italian) | COM172

Community Connections experience - Connect with technical leaders, community managers, and Microsoft experts from Italy to discuss projects, interesting approaches to coding, and more. For Italian speaking geeks and nerds only!

K-Connect: Hear dev stories from local communities | COM174

Community Connections experience - Korean developer communities are very good at sharing knowledge and tips, even at night or on the weekends. Join us for an enjoyable virtual session to hear inspiring and interesting stories from Azure communities and Gwanghwamun AI.

Connect with Microsoft Israel and the local dev community (Hebrew) | COM171

Community Connections experience - Get the latest Build 2020 news and highlights in Hebrew, by local community leaders and Microsoft Israel employees

Connect with Microsoft CEE and your local dev community (English) | COM161

Community Connections experience - Connect with local experts and communities from Central and Eastern Europe, who will share technical learnings and best practices along with the latest news from Microsoft Build.

Connect with Microsoft Canada and your local dev community (English) | COM164

Community Connections experience - Join your fellow Canadians as we hear from our very own Cloud Advocates, Microsoft MVPs, community members, and more at the Canadian local dev connection Build 2020!

Connect with Microsoft Japan and your local dev community (Japanese) | COM173

Community Connections experience - Connect with Microsoft Japan and your local developer communities to hear more about success stories among local developer communities in Japan. With the increasing impact of COVID-19, we will also share best practices, tips, and learnings around conducting online community events.

Connect with Microsoft in Africa and your local dev community (English) | COM169

Community Connections experience - Join your local Microsoft team for a fun-filled community meeting as we talk about hot tech, opportunities for developers on the continent and some spicy details on upcoming events for African devs

What is stdout, stderr, /dev/null and redirection? | #4 Practical Bash

Surely you've heard other talk about stderr or "Standard Error". Similarly there is "stdout" or "Standard Out". But what do they mean. What are those numbers and what is redirection? Ever heard of /dev/null? This video is all about the different output streams in bash and how you can manipulate them to your advantage

How do I protect managed identities? | One Dev Question: Arturo Lucatero

In the One Dev Question series, Arturo Lucatero, a Senior Program Manager working on managed identities for Azure resources, explains how to protect managed identities.

ML solutions for Live Perception (TF Dev Summit '20)

Live Perception is a challenging scenario enabled by on-device ML, in real-time, and with low-latency. In this talk you will learn about best practices and how to use TensorFlow Lite and TF.js to enable Live Perception solutions by diving into the technical details of 3 unique ML solutions: Face Meshes, Hand Poses and Object cuboids.

Accelerate models with TFLite Delegates (TF Dev Summit '20)

Delegates enable TensorFlow Lite to run relevant parts of Neural Networks on other executors. In this talk, we give a brief overview of delegation and the available delegates in TFLite. We will also go over relevant tooling to assist users in choosing the right delegate and pointers for writing their own delegate.

TechChat Tuesdays #13: Dev News Grab Bag

You get what you get, and you don't get upset! This week, Ken and Becca bring a veritable smorgasbord of tech links to the table.


I'm trying something new! For the first time ever I will create my first GameJam video game. Hope you all enjow my video game developer VLOG! 😄 If anyone want to follow along and create their own game based on the same theme they are more than welcome!


Olá devs, hoje vou falar um pouco sobre o início da minha carreira no mundo de desenvolvimento.

Microsoft brings .NET dev to Apache Spark

Microsoft and the .NET Foundation have released version 1.0 of .NET for Apache Spark, an open source package that brings .NET development to the Spark analytics engine for large-scale data processing. Announced October 27, .NET for Apache Spark 1.0 has support for .NET applications targeting .NET Standard 2.0 or later.