Flutter State Management Hero - State Management ??

In this Flutter tutorial for beginners, we will learn what state management is and why we need one. It is dealt in such way so that it is useful for anyone learning any modern UI frameworks. As they all have similar concepts.

What is Micro Service?

Micro service is the hype for many software development architecture. Micro services pattern divides this big back end projects into smaller chunks as a new project. Each micro service should not be dependable to each other and so if a micro service is down or have bugs, it will not affect the app as a whole but will only affect that particular service.

Kotlin 1.4 Online Event: Kotlin everywhere: Android, Mobile Multiplatform, Kotlin/JS

Kotlin 1.4 Online Event: Kotlin everywhere: Android, Mobile Multiplatform, Kotlin/JS. State of Kotlin in Android. It's time for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. Kotlin/JS in 1.4 and Beyond. Diving into Kotlin Multiplatform

Smart Home from Scratch

I will tell you how I built a working IoT system in a short time and no budget and we will talk about pitfalls and important considerations in IoT systems

Python/Pygame Checkers Tutorial (Part 3) - Jumping and King Movement

In part three of this Python checkers Pygame tutorial we will be working on the mechanics on jumping a piece and the movement of our king pieces.

JavaScript BookList App Classroom

JavaScript BookList App Classroom: Creating Book Class; Creating UI Class; Adding a new book; Clear Fields; Remove a book; Adding Alerts and Validation; Adding Alerts to Page; Creating Store; Creating Store Methods

How to Build a Node.js eCommerce Website For Free

Running an online store that sells digital goods is easier than ever. Thanks to generous free plans for developers, you don’t have to spend a dime to run your e-commerce site for a decent amount of users.