Flutter or React Native in 2020? Find out which one is BETTER for YOU!

As cross-platform mobile development becomes more popular, new competitors like Flutter start to rise into recognition along with the other extremely popular frameworks like React Native. which one is better; Flutter or React Native. In this video I will compare both of the most popular modern cross-platform development frameworks and tell you which one is best for you. This means that when you will finish watching this video, you will know what framework technology to learn. Which one will it be? Flutter or React Native?

Curso Python para Principiantes

Python es uno de los lenguajes de programación más importantes actualmente, siendo un lenguaje de proposito general puedes llegar a crear con el aplicaciones web, aplicaciones de escritorio, aprende Hacking e Inteligencia Artificial, y mucho más.

TOP 5 Beginner MISTAKES In Flutter

In this Flutter tutorial, we are going to learn about the mistakes most Beginners make with flutter in their early learning phase! Flutter has been an emerging platform and hence has a lot of attention from development community! But these mistakes addressed in the video are very normal to make and most developers do it anyway.

Bottom Nav Bar in Flutter using Stacked Architecture

A guide to setup bottom navigation in Flutter using the stacked architecture. This tutorial goes over the implementation for a Bottom Navigation Bar using Stacked

Why I Choose Angular over React and Vue

Lately, it seems React and Vue are the focal points of the conversation. I believe that Angular is best tool to use in a number of scenarios when discussing building web applications, and in this video I go over a few reasons why.

Bootstrap 5: Sass, Toasts, Icons... Complete Code Walkthrough

In this Bootstrap 5 tutorial, I'll teach you about the new updates of bootstrap 5 from bootstrap 4 , how to inculcate them in your project and their new features.

Vue 3 UX Wins with Async Components & Suspense

Lazy loading components is a easy way to improve the user experience of your app. Vue 3 has introduced several new features to help you achieve this easily and with great UX through the improvements to the async component API and the new Suspense component.

How to Handle NullPointerException in Java

We'll go over some ways to handle NullPointerException in Java. Java NullPointerException is an unchecked exception and extends RuntimeException. NullPointerException is thrown when a reference variable is accessed (or de-referenced) and is not pointing to any object. This error can be resolved by using a try-catch block or an if-else condition to check if a reference variable is null before dereferencing it.

Animation Tricks with SVG z-index

With SVG’s z-indexing and some properly timed animations, you can construct advanced effects that catch users' attention through simple markup patterns. I’m going to talk about techniques to do more with some simple SVG tricks. In the interest of brevity, I shall assume readers have a rudimentary knowledge of SVG, so I will not explain the more basic concepts.

How to Use Framer Motion to Add Animations and Page Transitions to a Next.js React App

Learn how to use Framer Motion to add animations and page transitions to your Next.js React app. We'll walk through setting up some basic animations when the page loads, some dynamic hover effects, and weird transitions for our Rick and Morty Wiki app.

Version Comparison in Java

Explore a few ways to compare version strings in Java through various libraries. Every build is assigned a unique version number so we can distinguish between builds. Sometimes, a need arises to compare the version strings programmatically.

Intro to lh and rlh in CSS

What are lh and rlh units? lh and rlh units belong to the font-relative length units category. We are going to learn more about these two new font relative length units (lh and rlh units), see some practical examples of their usage, and see how they can help us as web developers to better style our websites.

The JavaScript in Operator Explained With Examples

You’ll learn exactly what the JavaScript in operator does, when to use it, and how to use it. The JavaScript in operator is used to check if a specified property exists in an object or in its inherited properties (in other words, its prototype chain). The in operator returns true if the specified property exists.

5 Tips for Supercharged Laravel Eloquent Queries

I'll show you 5 simple tips and tricks that you can use to enhance your Laravel Eloquent queries, saving time and helping to clean up your code. You'll learn: How to build a query on the fly using conditionals, How to use whereHas to filter out relationships by nested values, How to create a dynamic attribute and automatically inject it in returned models

Bootstrap 5 Tutorial - Creating a Stunning, Responsive Portfolio

Learn the newest Bootstrap 5 by creating a fully responsive, cross-browser compatible website. Bootstrap 5 brings many new features: jQuery was removed, Switch to Vanilla JavaScript, Drop Internet Explorer 10 and 11 support, Improved grid system, Improved documentation, Improved modularity, Improved forms, New responsive font, New utilities & helpers, Easier customization & theming, Lighter package, New API available

How to Build a Chatbot with React

Learn to build a chatbot with React chatbot kit from start to finish. Build a chatbot with react-chatbot-kit and create an unique interface for your web application.

Learn IP Address Concepts with Python's ipaddress Module

Learn how to inspect and manipulate IP addresses as Python objects with Python's ipaddress module. Python’s ipaddress module is an underappreciated gem from the Python standard library. How IP addresses work, both in theory and in Python code. How IP networks represent groups of IP addresses and how you can inspect relationships between the two. How Python’s ipaddress module cleverly uses a classic design pattern to allow you to do more with less

Here's What You Need to Know About Angular 10

Angular 10 comes complete with new features, breaking changes, and deprecated APIs. New features in Angular 10; CommonJS import warnings, Angular in strict mode, Updated browser support, Breaking changes, New TypeScript version, Improvement on input field of type number, minLength and maxLength form validators, ....

How to Check if Object is Empty in JavaScript

Here's a Code Recipe to check if an object is empty or not. For newer browsers, you can use plain vanilla JavaScript and use the new "Object.keys" 🍦 But for older browser support, you can install the Lodash library and use their "isEmpty" method 🤖

Learn React JS - Full Course for Beginners

What is React JS? Why should you learn React JS? Want to build web apps from scratch? This React JS full course for beginners aids you in mastering some of the basic concepts such as: Introduction to JavaScript, Introduction to React. React components. React’s Virtual DOM. React in single HTML file. Create-react-app. Different types of components in React. Wireframe visualization. HTML5 elements. Props