Why and How to Get Started with Next Auth?

Why and how to get started with Next auth? Google authentication with Next.js - Why should you choose Next auth? If you are already using something like firebase then why should you use Next Auth?

Orientation independent Möbius CNNs

MobiusCNNs - This repository implements and evaluates convolutional networks on the Möbius strip as toy model instantiations of Coordinate Independent Convolutional Networks.

11 Productivity Tools Every Programmer Should Know

11 Productivity Tools Every Programmer Should Know. To expand your power as a developer much further. Terminator, Oh My Zsh, DbDesigner, Code Climate, AWS Cloud9, Codeship, StackEdit, CodeShare, Postman, Uppy, Franz

Why Startups Should Hire Full Stack Engineer In 2021

Read here why Startups Should Look To Hire Full Stack Engineer In 2021.

Install Laravel 8.x on Win 10 with Homestead (VirtualBox)

Step-by-step beginner tutorial for set up Homestead on Laravel the VirtualBox and Windows 10 machine. Install Laravel 8.x on Win10 with Homestead (VirtualBox). Laravel is the most popular open-source PHP MVC-framework created by Taylor Otwell. The current version of Laravel is 8.x. You might be a fan of XAMPP for your Windows dev machine.

Zero to Dapp with Terra

Zero to Dapp with Terra, Cosmos HackAtom HCMC training

Google’s New AI Puts Video Calls On Steroids! 💪

Google’s New AI Puts Video Calls On Steroids! 💪

How to Make a Sticky Notes Android App?

In this video, we're going to discuss how to create a Sticky Notes Application in Android. This Sticky Notes Android App will have its own widget to display the text that the user will save inside the main application. Along with that, some text editing functionalities like font size, bold, italic, etc. will also be there in our Sticky Notes Android App. So, let's get started now.

freeCodeCamp Python Project: Arithmetic Formatter

This is a Twitch coding stream I've been working on. FreeCodeCamp has some great challenges for us to practice our coding skills, I hope you like it :) freeCodeCamp Python Project: Arithmetic Formatter

C++ Tutorial - Understanding If Statements

Learn how a true or false if statements can effect the decision structure of your code. This is an excerpt from "Learning C++," a course on LinkedIn Learning taught by Erin Colvin. Dr. Erin Colvin, MEd, CEH is a computer science instructor, certified Ethical Hacker, and co-author of the book "Fuzzy Information Retrieval".

Enhance Your Productivity With The Notion API

Notion is an incredible productivity tool that I use every day. They just recently released an API that you can use to integrate with Notion, so in this video I will be walking you through their entire API by building out a site that allows you to leave video suggestion ideas.

Tech Careers You Can Do Remotely And How Much They Pay

Today I am breaking down different in-demand tech careers you can do remotely and how much they pay. Of course, salaries vary greatly based on location, skill level, company, etc...

10 Ways to make Money as a Web Developer 👨‍💻💰

Are you a Web Developer? Looking for ways to earn money but unfortunately don't know how then join Sabeel Bhaiya tonight as he will let you know the 10 ways to make money as a Web Developer

http4k: Server as a Function

This session is a practical introduction to http4k, a functional toolkit for writing Kotlin HTTP applications for Server, Serverless, or Native runtimes. Using the Server as a Function approach, you’ll learn how to take advantage of the uniform client and server interfaces to easily create production-ready HTTP applications with zero magic. You’ll also see how this approach unlocks powerful testing techniques that result in super-fast tests that are both well-factored and simple to write.

Use Texts in Google Sheets like a Pro 🚀 Change Case, Find and Replace, Split, Extract, and more

Watch this step-by-step tutorial by Railsware Product Academy to master using texts in Google Sheets. In this video, you will learn how to: ✅ Easily change the capitalization ✅ Find and replace specific text values ✅ Spot and remove extra spaces ✅ Combine and split texts ✅ Use wildcards as placeholders for the text characters

Understand the ML Process and Embed Models into Apps

Understand the ML Process and Embed Models into Apps. We’ll walk you through the process of building machine learning models and show you how Azure ML enables tools like VS Code, to build ML models. Join us to discuss how you can augment your data science teams to operationalize these machine learning models within your apps and incorporate the right DevOps practices for machine learning, often referred to as MLOps.

Power BI Dev Camp: Best Practices to Improve Power BI Performance and Design

Power BI Dev Camp: Best Practices to Improve Power BI Performance and Design. In this session, Michael will teach attendees how to automatically scan their model to ensure that it aligns to standard best practices for performance and design. Additionally, this session will introduce a new tool which can be used to facilitate the automation of model processing for all varieties of tabular models.

Reproducible ML Experiments with Git and DVC

Watch Milecia McGregor's talk and live coding at PyData SoCal on Reproducible experiments with Git and DVC!

Modern Reactive Java With Vert.x

"Vert.x in Action: Asynchronous and Reactive Java" teaches you to build highly-scalable reactive enterprise applications. In this practical developer’s guide, Vert.x expert Julien Ponge gets you up to speed in the basics of asynchronous programming as you learn to design and code reactive applications. Using the Vert.x asynchronous APIs, you’ll build services including web stack, messaging, authentication, and access control. You’ll also dive into deployment of container-native components with Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. Along the way, you’ll check your app’s health and learn to test its resilience to external service failures.

Cloud Coach: Low Code Development w/APEX Service

How can you take advantage of all of the data you have stored? Why not build an application right on top of it? APEX makes it easy to derive value from your data with an easy-to-learn low code solution.