B2D: The Dynamics of Marketing & Selling to Developers

What is the B2D (business-to-developer) model exactly? Why should you consider selling to developers? Answers to all of this, along with transparent, road-tested B2D marketing tips, in this post. Have a look!

Tips for Becoming a Software Engineer: Hands-on Experience

It is impossible for a trainee software developer to become a trustworthy professional in just one year. However, your first year in programming may bring you many valuable lessons and insights. What to expect if you are starting your way in programming? What tips does a novice developer hear from senior colleagues every day? That’s what we’ll talk about here.

Time to Market is Everything – Make it Happen with DataOps

A DataOps approach is about breaking down the barriers between people, technology and tools, and data to gain context and drive outcomes.

Fabulous: Functional App Development | Xamarin Blog

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is widely used today. However, in this post, we will elaborate on how FP can also be an awesome tool for building apps.

An Introductory Guideline of Docker to Learn & Build Career

Learn to build modern infrastructure using docker and Kubernetes containers. Develop and deploy your ASP.NET Core application using Docker. Leverage to learn container technology to build your ASP.NET Core application.

Try the Latest Xamarin.Forms 4.7 Features Today!

Today, the Xamarin.Forms team is releasing Xamarin.Forms 4.7 with a collection of feature additions and improvements. These new features will let you unleash your full creative abilities when developing Xamarin.Forms applications.

Xamarin.Forms Shell Quick Tip - Modal Navigation

Control exactly how your pages are displayed when navigating leveraging the PresentationMode built into Xamarin Today, I want to talk about a common feature of navigation where a new page pops up over the current page.

Rendering React on the Edge with Flareact and Cloudflare Workers

Rendering React on the Edge with Flareact and Cloudflare WorkersImagine you’re the maintainer of a high-traffic media website, and your DNS is already hosted on Cloudflare.

Shift Remote 2020 - DevOps Heroes

At the time it was not yet fully planned out and the exact date and times were yet to be finalized. Well, now we have a set schedule and I'll be coming at you online with a DevOps focused session on helping you become a DevOps hero by adding some new tools to your toolbox.Let's take a look at what this online event looks like shall we? First off, the talk and abstract are online for the event. Head over to the event site and check the schedule, looking for E11 (event 11) being hosted on Dec 8, 2020. You should find the following listed:

Here's a Free Course to Help Front End Developers Learn Math

A free 11-hour course that'll teach you practical math to be a better Front-End developer. Are you looking to become a more effective developer by improving your fundamental math skills without reaching for NASA-level calculations? Look no further!

Asynchronous HTMLRewriter for Cloudflare Workers

HTMLRewriter for Cloudflare Workers now supports asynchronous handlers, allowing developers to prefetch assets or user-specific content from a remote service.

Ultimate Tutorial about Microsoft Graph APIs

This tutorial demonstrates some of the features of Microsoft's Graph API and outlines what you can expect when you use it.

Medical Data Leaked on GitHub Due to Developer Errors

Up to 200,000 patient records from Office 365 and Google G Suite exposed by hardcoded credentials and other improper access controls. Developer error caused the leak of 150,000 to 200,000 patient health records stored in productivity apps from Microsoft and Google that were recently found on GitHub.

APIs Are the Next Frontier in Cybercrime

APIs make your systems easier to run — and make it easier for hackers, too. Let’s explore some of the API vulnerabilities that get exploited and abused by hackers, and I’ll share some easy tips for you to consider to close those gaps.

RealToughCandy.io: A new learning style for software developers

Want to land a software engineering job at Google, Facebook and other tech companies? Pass the FANG interview with AlgoExpert. Use my link for a special discount!

Mobile Apps and Data Security: What Developers Ought to Learn

Mobile Apps and Data Security: What Developers Ought to Learn. In the past few years, mobile app development technology is gaining much popularity. To fulfill the demands of customers.

Announcing wrangler dev — the Edge on localhost

A few weeks ago we announced a release candidate for wrangler dev — today, we're excited to take wrangler dev, the world’s first edge-based development environment, to GA with the release of wrangler 1.11.

College Diary App with Xamarin.Forms by Theodora Tataru

Guest Blog: Theodora Tataru shares her developer story of finding Xamarin and building out her new Xamarin.Forms app called College Diary.This is a guest blog by Theodora Tataru about her Xamarin.Forms app, College Diary. Theodora is a software development student at the Institute of Technology Carlow in Ireland. Theodora can be found on Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn.

Bringing eBPF and Cilium to Google Kubernetes Engine

Today, we’re introducing GKE Dataplane V2, an opinionated dataplane that harnesses the power of eBPF and Cilium, an open source project that makes the Linux kernel Kubernetes-aware using eBPF.

First Run Dedection with Xamarin.Essentials

App First Run Detection with Xamarin.Essentials. One common scenario that developers often need to integrate into an app, is showing a prompt when an app is launched for the first time. This could be to display a disclaimer or to walk users through the functionality of the app.Integrate the functionality of showing a prompt with a few lines of code on the first run when an app is launched using Xamarin.Essentials!