This topic for programming questions about DevOps, which is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration, integration, automation, and measurement of cooperation between software developers and other IT professionals.

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Working With PDFs in Python

Python's flexibility and interactivity lie in the fact that we can use any form of data. From JSON, excel sheets, text files, APIs, or even PDFs, ...

Kubernetes Live - 5 | Set up a Multi Master cluster using Kubeadm | Kubernetes Training

🔥Kubernetes Certification Training. This Edureka video is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a multi-master cluster using Kubeadm.

All you need to know to get started with ETCD in kubernetes.

Let’s talk about ETCD’s role in kubernetes.

All you need to know to get started with ETCD in kubernetes.

Let’s talk about ETCD’s role in kubernetes.

All you need to know to get started with ETCD in kubernetes.

Let’s talk about ETCD’s role in kubernetes.

All you need to know to get started with ETCD in kubernetes.

Let’s talk about ETCD’s role in kubernetes.

DevOps Expectations

Last year, we saw numerous examples of successful DevOps initiatives across large and small enterprises and what should we expect for the

Azure Functions Configuration and Secrets Management

This post shows how to configure Azure Function projects so that no secrets are required in the local.settings.json or in the code. Secrets for the project are saved in the user secrets of the proj

Kubernetes Live - 4 | Kubernetes On AWS Tutorial | AWS EKS Tutorial

🔥Kubernetes Certification Training: This Edureka video will help you understand how to deploy a containerized...

An Introduction to the ETCD Datastore in Kubernetes

We will start with a basic introduction to what a key value store is and how it is different from traditional databases. Later we discuss how to quickly get started with ETCD and how to use the client tool to operate. This post An Introduction to the ETCD Datastore in Kubernetes

Docker From the Very Basics

There are already many tutorials out there about Docker. They are useful for me to start to understand Docker but didn’t meet my need to just set up something temporarily (e.g. build the Dockerimage incrementally), or having a way to incrementally debug a Dockerimage without the need to run the entire Docker image generation. Understanding Docker As Separate Local Environment. Docker From the Very Basics

Build a Federation of Multiple Kubernetes Clusters With Kubefed V2

A step-by-step guide to building a Kubernetes federation for managing multiple regions’ clusters with KubeFed

Analyzing Spikes in Cloud Function Require Latency

Using child_process to run code inside a Cloud Function seems to produce significant latency spikes around require statements. I looked into it and came up with some stats. Code to reproduce this is available on GitHub The whole idea of Asserted is that it allows you to run custom test code against your application continuously.

Kubernetes Live - 3 | Kubernetes Networking Tutorial For Beginners

🔥Kubernetes Certification Training. This Edureka video on "Kubernetes Networking" will give you an introduction to popular DevOps tool - Kubernetes, and will deep dive into Kubernetes Networking concepts.

Istio 1.6 Improves Operability and Enhances Simplicity - DZone Microservices

Istio's latest release, version 1.6, at first glance may seem to carry less weight, but it includes many important enhancements that improve operability.

Here’s How I Deployed My University Project with Traefik

And how you can deploy containerized applications with ease and confidence, too

Docker Compose — Now on AWS!

New beta feature Docker-ECS allows direct pushing of Docker Compose to the Aws cloud!

Security is Everybody’s Job — Part 6 — The Second Way

The Second Way of DevOps is fast feedback. In security, when we see this we should all be thinking the same thing: Pushing Left. We want

Appflow: not just another CI/CD Service

Every production mobile app ultimately has a set of recurring tasks around integration, testing, deployment, and long term maintenance. These tasks often must be automated across a team of many developers and app projects. Building a process for these tasks can be incredibly time consuming and requi

DevOps Best Practices for Beginners | DevOps Tutorial | DevOps Training | DevOps Live - 1

🔥Edureka DevOps Training: This Edureka "DevOps Best Practices" session takes you through some of the be...