3 Ways To Improve AWS Cost Optimization

Cloud cost optimization helps a company maximize its business value. A cost-efficient company has financial stability and the potential to accelerate growth. Learn 3 Ways To Improve AWS Cost Optimization.

DevOps Success Stories in the Financial Services Industry

DevOps is making its impact on almost every software powered company these days, and that being said, when it came to companies in the finance domain, they were perhaps the slowest to embrace DevOps. But it is safe to say that they are currently leading the digital innovation in this sphere of cloud-native technology. The initial hindrance towards DevOps in financial institutions was because of the principles they adhere towards governance, security, compliance, and regulatory regulations.

Adapt to the Cloud Operating Model Part 1: Velocity as the Business Driver

Part of the move to operating on a cloud model is utilizing the metric of velocity to increase speed while moving on a DevOps product lifecycle.