What is A Digital Twin and Why You Might Be Coding It Sooner Than You Think

Following the finest traditions of digital transformation, digital twins are a ... What is A Digital Twin and Why You Might Be Coding It Sooner Than You Think ... Looking at this data, it becomes much easier to find aspects of the ...

How Digital Transformation Is Redefining Customer Experience

Digital transformation gives a personalized look into the customer’s purchasing habits along with their likes and dislikes. Making it easy for brands to provide a tailor-made premium customer experience based on personal preference & unspoken need.

DJL: Deep Java Library and How To Get Started

Want to get your hands dirty with Machine Learning / Deep Learning, but have a Java background and not sure where to start? Then read on! This article is about using an existing Java skillset and ramp-up your journey to start building deep learning models.

What is DevOps and How Does it Influence the Digital Transformation of Companies?

When we talk about DevOps we mean the set of process automation practices in the software and IT departments. DevOps is a movement, or work philosophy, also defined as a culture of shared responsibility or systematic thinking, whose ultimate objective is none other than to work based on collaboration between members of the software development and IT / operations teams to achieve better and more agile results.

How Digitization Boosts Global Logistics Solutions?

Understand how Digitization is transforming the Logistics Industry to be more efficient, optimized, and ensuring speedy services timely.

When Is a Data User a Data Citizen?

What is a citizen data scientist? Citizen data scientists are software power users who can do moderate data analysis tasks. Gartner defines a citizen data scientist as “a person who creates or generates models that leverage predictive or prescriptive analytics, but whose primary job function is outside of the field of statistics and analytics.”

Next-Gen Enterprise Data Scientists

Next-Gen Enterprise Data Scientists. How EY and IBM are changing the landscape

AI and the Future of Business Transformation in Financial Services

I had an opportunity to participate in an AI & Data Science in Trading virtual event that brought together experts in the use of AI and advanced data analytic techniques within asset management

How To Set Up Your Delivery Pipeline For Success With Just 4 Rules

Many enterprises have taken initiatives for a reason which we will elaborate in this article, but the common goal is to strive for unattended delivery process that eliminates or minimizes human intervention that traditionally costed businesses expensive error, delay and loss on usability.

Cheetahs, COVID-19 and the Demand for Crypto-Agility

Genetic variability is a measure. It provides quantitative insight into the likelihood that individual genotypes — the collection of genes that make you “you” and me “me” in all our glorious uniqueness — will vary from one another in a given population.

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning with Answer Set Programming

Read about the difference between declarative and imperative programming and learn from code examples (Answer Set Programming, Python and C).

Autonomous Vehicles Can Change the Way We Work, Live and Utilize Data

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) essentially refers to driving without any human interaction and would revolutionize the way we work and live.

10 Programming Concepts to Tame A Myriad of Spreadsheets

How to turn your herd of spreadsheets from cats to sheep. From time to time at work, I would hear colleagues talking about finding a spreadsheet or forgetting to update one.

The most significant change since the Industrial Revolution

An overview of how Artificial Intelligence is being used in Industry today. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Industry 4.0 has been baking for quite a while.

When to Talk and When to Listen

Lessons from a data engineer. As we approach the one year anniversary on my current digitization project at work, I look back to see what can be learned from the experience.

What’s Hiding in Your Data? Data Discovery Is Crucial, But Not Sexy

Some technologies are inherently sexy. Take artificial intelligence. It is likely to take over the vast majority of process-driven work within the next 15 years, from driving vehicles to trading on the stock exchange.

BigQuery: the unlikely birth of a cloud juggernaut

How 10 engineers transformed cloud data analytics. The BigQuery team recently marked the 10th anniversary of its launch with a fun commemorative video.

The Subtle Intricacies of Testing & Finding Issues That Matter

Any software application should be viewed as a box. A quality assurance professional should play the role of Pandora.

The cost of free software in the enterprise operating environment

The cost of free software is often overlooked, when adopting new innovative technologies.The reality is that no software is free, without costs.

Effective and Efficient Cross-Browser/Device Testing

When we develop and deliver a web application or a mobile app, do we know on which browser, platform, or mobile device the end-user would…