Building Trust by Using Technology: A Path towards Digital Transformat

When customers like your products and services, does it mean they totally trust you?. Well, technically the answer is no. Because it is not just about products and services. But it is also about the core purpose and the ethics of your organization serving as the fundamental parameters to gain a better level of trust from your customers. To build enough trust is a matter of choosing the right practices empowered with technology to communicate the brand personality to your audience.

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Building Trust by Using Technology: A Path towards Digital Transformat

5 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace Visual Programming Solution

COVID-19 proved to a lot of organizations that we’re not as digital as we like to think we are – even today’s top enterprises are still relatively ‘old-school’ and are behind in their digitalization progress.

For most enterprises, there are numerous apps and other software that could make dramatic improvements to their unique business processes, but they usually never see the light of day, much to the frustration of its business units. IT departments are under-resourced and over-worked trying to maintain critical business functions, and simply can’t take on new implementation projects.

In addition, CIOs and CTOs are taking lots of boardroom fire over a lack of new projects and the performance of IT.

The way we approach software development needs to change, and it needs to happen fast. While the opinions on the solution may vary depending on whom you ask, there is one thing that everyone can agree on: we’re not digitalizing fast enough.

Challengers to traditional development methods, such as no-code platforms that use visual programming, were earlier unable to handle the complexity required by mission-critical software. But now they have matured to the point where their distant relatives from five years ago seem archaic. That’s why CIOs and CTOs should take another look.

Here are five reasons why now is the time to embrace visual programming solutions in your organization.

1. Democratize innovation and tear down silos

Business units such as Legal and Finance were created in large organizations to allow specialized, expert teams to focus on performing specific functions, with IT operating as the technology enabler.

Yet, these business units form silos that often stifle innovation. IT departments usually fail to fully understand the needs of the business units, and employees from other departments cannot extensively communicate their needs to an already under-resourced IT department, who are bogged down trying to maintain their current systems.

Typically, employees don’t have the capability to build and implement software solutions end-to-end themselves, but they are the ones who are most aware of the bottlenecks and problems faced internally and by their customers every day.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace Visual Programming Solution