Understanding Algorithmic Biases & Its Impact On Online Hiring

Ranking algorithms are being widely employed by various online job platforms in order to determine how job seekers are presented to potential employers.

India's Capacity To Implement Recommendations To Avoid Algorithmic Bias

This article tries to analyse some of the CDEI policy recommendations to the UK government and if they can be adopted in the Indian context

How Compute Divide Leads To Discrimination In AI Research

The study found that the amount of compute power at elite universities is much more than at mid-to-low tier institutions.

Are Your Black Tech Employees Code-Switching?

Why your employees may be suppressing their inner selves to adhere to your company’s “Culture Fit” Switching from African American vernacular to a 'white voice' isn't just about ... World news · Environment · Soccer · US politics · Business · Tech ... Sorry to Bother You, black Americans and the power and peril of code-switching ... his white co-workers, ingratiating himself with carefree enthusiasm and a ...

Women in Tech: "Experiment, deliver, retrospect, and keep learning!"

We bring the most inspirational women in the tech scene to your attention. Today, we’d like you to meet Agnès Crepet, Tech Lead, co-founder of Ninja Squad.

Microsoft Is Enabling Its AI-Based Technology To Be Disability-Inclusive

Microsoft revealed its roadmap to deal with this data desert which has become a major hindrance in making AI accessible.

One Solution to AI’s Diversity Problem? Artificial People of Color

One Solution to AI’s Diversity Problem? Artificial People of Color. Generated Media is training AI with diverse faces while keeping individuals safe

Who are Data Scientists?

Who are Data Scientists? Learning about Data Science using the Stackoverflow survey

The Secret to High Performing Organizations

High-performing organizations follow a nubmer of key patterns and practices to get the most of their pipelines.

Cultivating Diversity in the Open Source Community

In this article, the Continuous Delivery Foundation's Jacqueline Salinas discusses her journey with promoting diversity and inclusion in open source.

The top 5 lessons I’ve learned as a Latina in Tech

Today was a not so good day at work.I’ve had better days. The issue itself isn’t even regarding my day-to-day work with clients or my immediate team. The issue is regarding how one of the largest technology companies in the world fails to understand and account for my personal living situation, during COVID-19. But that’s a whole different story, for another time.

Why the Future of Cybersecurity Is Female

The three cybersecurity career hacks every woman should know.It’s a truly fascinating time to be working in the cybersecurity industry. Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the past few years, you’ve probably already lost count of all the major data breaches in the news. The growing security threats are a reality for companies of all types and sizes, from corporation giants and hospitals to your next-door local grocery store.

Improving PULSE Diversity in the Iterative Setting

Improving PULSE Diversity in the Iterative Setting: Opinions belong to the authors of this blog post only and do not reflect the opinions of our employers.

J. A. Cirez speaks in Tongues

How learning a new language (or a few) will open your eyes, mind, and soul to the world — and reward you with a universe filled with memories and adventure.

These Startups Have Actionable Data for COVID, Climate and Diversity

How highly specific data can help find the best way out of a crisis. “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis.

Inclusive Interviewing Best Practices

Your company or organization might not be in a position right now to do much (if any) hiring. However, now is a great time to reassess your interviewing guidelines and practices so you are in a better position in the future when hiring kicks back up again.

Including Diversity Can Bring About Better Innovations, Says Dr Haimanti Biswas Of HSBC

Addressing the audience virtually at the Rising 2020, Dr Haimanti Biswas who is the SVP of Risk Analytics at HSBC shared that diversity is in the roots and DNA of the company.

Five ways Data Science techniques teach us to be better humans

Data Science approaches to self-learning. Data Science has an extremely mixed reputation when it comes to spreading good in the world. Marinus Analytics have been using facial and tattoo recognition algorithms to identify and rescue victims of human trafficking

The Value of Happiness in Data Science

How to effect a smidgeon of social change through seemingly small acts