4 Rules of Thumb for Providing Effective Code Review Feedback

The above is the worst case scenario for a code review. Each of the developers thinks the other will look at the code closely. The worst case scenario for a peer code review is when each developer ... 4 Rules of Thumb for Providing Effective Code Review Feedback.

Are Your Black Tech Employees Code-Switching?

Why your employees may be suppressing their inner selves to adhere to your company’s “Culture Fit” Switching from African American vernacular to a 'white voice' isn't just about ... World news · Environment · Soccer · US politics · Business · Tech ... Sorry to Bother You, black Americans and the power and peril of code-switching ... his white co-workers, ingratiating himself with carefree enthusiasm and a ...

Why More Women Should Learn How to Code and How You Can Start

Convincing more women to break into tech, breaking stereotypes, and sharing a simple learning path for beginners. Facebook is used by 1.7 billion users each day and Google handles around 3.8 million searches per minute. Do you know what all these people have in common? You might say: “Access to the internet.” But if you think about it from a more holistic perspective, they don’t have anything in common apart from that they are a very diverse group of people.

Racial Equity at Work Isn’t Rocket Science

In the wake of the civil unrest after the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent heightened racial tension, companies across the country (and the world) have developed a seemingly newfound sense of urgency when it comes to solving their lack of racial representation and inclusion.

The top 5 lessons I’ve learned as a Latina in Tech

Today was a not so good day at work.I’ve had better days. The issue itself isn’t even regarding my day-to-day work with clients or my immediate team. The issue is regarding how one of the largest technology companies in the world fails to understand and account for my personal living situation, during COVID-19. But that’s a whole different story, for another time.

Why Women Don’t Pursue Careers in Software Engineering

And how I got my first role as a software engineer. Computer science programs at universities have been growing in popularity, making introductory CS courses extremely competitive.

Here’s What I’ve Learned About the Diversity Pipeline Problem

After lots of chats and failures.You may have heard the following statement when it comes to hiring a more diverse team: It’s a pipeline problem. My understanding of the pipeline problem argument goes something like this: “There aren’t enough qualified x (insert any underrepresented group here) out there, so it’s not our fault if we don’t hire them.”

Data from a Female Point of View

Why you need more women in data science nowMade with. Meet the initiative which helps companies set a better habit to generally consider women for data-intense roles.

My Journey as a Self-Taught Programmer

I believe every programmer is a self-taught programmer because we cannot become a better programmer without hard work from our side.

3 Powerful Reasons Girls Need to Code

3 Powerful Reasons Girls Need to Code - Coding is the language of the future and why everyone should learn it

The Value of Happiness in Data Science

How to effect a smidgeon of social change through seemingly small acts