Report is too long to read? Use NLP to create a summary

A guide to creating your personal text summarizer. I will show you how you can create your personal text summarizer using Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python.

Updating Your Github Repository using Python

Using GitPython to automatically pull from remote directories. Updating Your Github Repository using Python

Mask Detection from the edge to the cloud — with TensorFlow and Kafka

In this article, I outline how to build a system based on a network of IoT devices equipped with camera and face detection AI to identify whether people are wearing their face mask or not within a space and collecting such events.

You don’t always need to not reinvent the wheel

This is the story about how I created my own schema validation library: Schemy. I was writing a tiny API for a small app with a few friends. The packaged application weighted around 9 KB. I know, right? I told you. It was small.

Transmit and Receive data using GNU Radio and a Microphone

DIY Air Transfer: Transmit and Receive data using GNU Radio and a Microphone. Today, no one is surprised by the data transfer via WiFi or Bluetooth.

How to Use a BLE Module — A RN4020 Guide

When it comes to connecting any electronic project, choices you have will depends on how far you want your gadgets to connect and the source of your energy.

How To Use Keras Tuner for Hyper-parameter Tuning

In this article we will explore keras tuner library that is used for Hyper-parameter tuning of Deep Learning Models for different layers.

4 Simple Steps to Make Your Home Come to Life for Under $10

This is part one of a two-part series. In this part, I will tell you how you can control any device using your smartphone or voice commands from either Google Assistant or Alexa.

30 Minutes or Less: Build a Wireless Sensor Network Using NodeMCU

“I want to have sensors everywhere!” In this article we’ll show you how to create a wireless sensor node using an inexpensive NodeMCU module.

Building 28-Core Raspberry Pi Cluster from Scratch: Release The Kraken

In this post, I shall introduce the Kraken cluster which has since replaced the Octopi cluster, so stay with me! With my first pay check, I had initially intended to finally build a cluster of 8 nodes but once again I was unable to realize this cursed idea. The maximum number of ports on a consumer-grade network switch was 8, enough for 7 nodes and a cable to the router.

Sofa Mobility Report

Should I stay or should I go? Or how to build mobility analytics similar to Apple and Google sitting on the sofa.This even resulted in a prototype of a service that collects the data like popular times from Google (not available for developers) and shows the heatmap of crowded and not too crowded places.

Adventures in Spark Gaps

I wanted to build a spark gap transmitter-you know, for fun. However, things didn’t start off so great. Here is how it went down.I like it, but it uses an ignition coil and some other thing. However, check out the receiver. That’s awesome. It’s a coherer receiver (I think) and it basically detects a spark with those two bolts in the plastic sleeve. There should be some iron filings or something in between the bolts. When a spark is detected, the filings jump the gap and make it a conductor.

Prettify Your Full Stack Projects: Use Open Graph Tags!

Have you ever wondered how to make and utilize better social media links? Like having control over the preview box that pops up when you share something on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?

Building a Network Controlled Robot with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Hobby robotics is a fascinating mix of different skill sets — a bit of electronics, a dash of mechanics, some code. Designing and coding an intermediate level hobby robot. Let's learn how to build a network controlled robot with andruino and Raspberry Pi.

Door Unlocker App Wouldn’t it be great if you could replace this

Wouldn’t it be great if you could replace this: Door Unlocker App