Docker and Kubernetes Updates in IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2

Apart from other helpful features we’ve described over the EAP period, IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2 contains some useful updates for Kubernetes and Docker. You can test them now by getting the latest build from our website, the free Toolbox App, or snaps for Ubuntu.

How To Build A Kubernetes Backend In Compose CLI ?

Anca Iordache from Docker, explains the move to the Compose Spec into the open and how she has started to develop a kube backend for the Compose CLI as a side project.

Step by step guide on utilising Docker Compose with Asp.Net Core, SQL Server

Step by step guide on utilising Docker Compose with Asp.Net Core, SQL Server. This video will show you step by step how to create a Docker Compose file for an ASP.Net core application and SQL Server Database utilising the entity framework code first approach.

Using Apache Airflow DockerOperator with Docker Compose

Using Apache Airflow DockerOperator with Docker Compose. Most of the tutorials in the interwebs around the DockerOperator are awesome, but they have a missing link that I want to cover here today that none of them assumes that you’re running Apache Airflow with Docker Compose.

How to Self-Host WordPress

Setting up WordPress locally before deploying it. I’d also like to have a copy of WordPress running locally so I can try different plugins and themes but still get back to some sane starting point very quickly. But I don’t want to start installing a lot of software on my laptop. For those of you familiar with my writing, I’m sure you can tell what I’m getting at.

Is It Easy to Move From GCP to AWS?

How to develop systems that are easy to move from one cloud provider to another. You will need a Cloudflare account and a domain name that has its DNS servers pointing to Cloudflare. You will also need an AWS account, and it can be in the free tier, as we won't be using any fancy services.

How to make a movie recommender: connecting services using Docker

Hello Docker. Docker is a great tool to make deployment and testing systems while keeping things clean. The code for this project is here, the code for this tutorial is in the same repository.

Creating and filling a Postgres DB with Docker compose

Many times we need to populate and eventually share a database with dummy data, either to test our pipelines, test queries, make a demo of the operation of a new service, or perhaps as a tool to apply testing to the future members of the company.

Making Docker and Conda play well together

Build a Docker image running a multi-kernel Jupyter notebook server in fifteen minutes. Docker and Docker-Compose are great utilities that support the microservice paradigm by allowing efficient containerization. Within the python ecosystem the package manager Conda also allows some kind of containerization that is limited to python packages.

How to Run Your First Airflow DAG in Docker

An example of how to run an Airflow DAG in Docker. In the first article, we learned how to start running Airflow in Docker, and in this post, we will provide an example of how you can run a DAG in Docker. We assume that you have already followed the steps of running Airflow in Docker and you are ready to run the compose.

Creating a development environment with Docker

To create this dev environment I’ll be using docker-compose in order to manage the whole environment with a single command. This environment can be run locally or remotely as only a shell connection is required.

An Introduction to Docker for Web Development

Docker is a tool developers use to create, deploy, and run applications in an isolated environment through containers. Here it is again, containers. Though this term is used a few times since the beginning of the article, you may not have an idea what a container is.

How to Create Container For Django/PostgreSQL

This is a quick guide on how to leverage Docker utilities to set up and run a simple Django/Postgres app.

Start with Docker for Data Science

After reading this article you will be able to build your entire project on Docker. Docker is an open source platform for developing apps that enable separate your applications from your infrastructure.


An introductory guide to developing applications with docker. Here we go to containerize our applications with docker. But before going to this one, you need to know the basics of Docker. If you are new to docker and want to learn about the basics quickly you can view my previous post.

A beginner’s guide to deploying a Docker application to production using Docker Compose

We discussed the basics of Docker. We learned the anatomy of Docker containers, the structure of a Dockerfile, how to create images, how to manage containers, etc. This is just the basic information we need to know in order to operate Docker.

Top 24 Docker Commands Explained with Examples

I have explained the Top 24 Docker Commands with examples. 1)The command to check the version of Docker installed. 2)To look/search for available docker images from the Docker registry. 3)To pull docker images from the Docker registry. 4)Listing all the docker images. 5)Creating / Running docker container from Docker image. 6)To list the actively running docker containers. 7)To list all the docker containers. 8)To stop a Container. 9)To start a Container . 10)To restart a Docker container. 11)To login to running Docker container. 12)To delete the stopped Docker containers. 13)To delete Docker images from the Local system. 14)To check logs of a running Docker container. 15)Killing docker containers. 16) Log in to Docker Hub registry ( . 17)Removing docker hub registry login from the system.....

Docker: Define, Build and Run

In this blog post, I’m going to share my experience with using docker to create a container for my application.

How to use Docker with Node.js a step-by-step Tutorial

Both Docker and Node.js have risen in popularity in the past 5 years. Running Node.js on docker containers with docker-compose for local development is a great experience.

Spring Boot with PostgreSQL and Docker Compose | RESTful CRUD API Example

You will learn how to create a Spring Boot + JPA/Hibernate + PostgreSQL RESTful CRUD API Example with a PostgreSQL database to run inside a Docker container ...