Analyze 50000 Tweets with Watson Personality Insights API and Visualize with Radar Chart

Analyze 50000 Tweets with Watson Personality Insights API and Visualize with Radar Chart. This article will analyze the Big Five personality trait of Donald Trump and discover the changes in his personality during three periods: before the presidential election, from election to his inauguration, and after his inauguration.

Analyzing the chaotic Presidential Debate 2020 with text mining techniques

Analyzing the Presidential Debate 2020 with text mining techniques. Looking at the debate with Data Science. This article focuses on finding out the most used words, categorized by each spokesperson, and sentiment analysis of the speeches.

You Are Totally Going To Love My 2020 USA Candidates' Speeches Analysis

In this article we have used 30 videos from the two politicians, relatively uniformly spread from January 2020 until today (September 2020), to demonstrate how speech analytics can be used to extract valuable conclusions from such data.

Twitter API Data Visualizations with Pandas and Plotly

First, How to read this chart, because I know it’s easier to have it explained than to guess. Red and blue lines are Trump and Biden tweets over the past week Red and blue bars are Trump and Biden cumulative retweet totals over the past week

This Machine Turns Trump Tweets into Planned Parenthood Donations

And it’s open source so you can help make it better. Like many who call the United States their home, I have been worried and confused by the start to Donald Trump’s presidency. It’s hard to know how to react to the misdirected anger, the blatant racism, and the “alternative facts”, which are increasingly threatening our civil liberties and our planet. It’s important that we take to the streets and fight back. Seeing that happen does give me hope.

Analyzing Donald Trump and Joe Biden Tweets

In 5 months, US voters will head to the polls and choose their next President. The presumptive nominees — Donald Trump.

Analyzing #WhenTrumpIsOutOfOffice tweets

People are concern about who will be the next President of the U.S. when Trump is out of office. Would the President continue his second term, or will his VP replace him?


I hope you found this guide helpful, and liked the insights regarding Narendra Modi and Donald Trump, which showed us how they were similar in some sense yet overall different.