The .NET framework is a software framework designed mainly for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It includes an implementation of the Base Class Library, Common Language Runtime, Common Type System and Dynamic Language Runtime.

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Build Apps for Microsoft Teams with Blazor - ASP.NET Community Standup

Learn how to build apps for Microsoft Teams using the Teams Toolkit, .NET, and Blazor.

Working with Azure AD B2C in ASP.NET

Azure AD B2C enables your applications to authenticate to social accounts and enterprise accounts using open standard protocols. In this episode, Christos get together with our friend JP to show us how to integrate Azure AD B2C into our .NET applications.

Metroset UI in .NET Core Windows Form Application

How to use Metroset UI in .NET Core Windows Form Application.

Conversation about .NET interop

Conversation about .NET interop. Interop enables .NET users to interact with non-.NET code. Without interop, users would not be able to use non-.NET libraries within their .NET applications.

How to update Xamarin project to C# 9 without CI build failures

This post is not about C#9 features, but about the upgrade process. To learn more about the features, refer to the official announcement:

5 Reasons Why I’m Still Using ASP.NET Web Forms in 2021

5 Reasons Why I’m Still Using ASP.NET Web Forms in 2021. By software engineering standards, ASP.NET Web Forms can be considered old school. Perhaps I’m aging myself with that statement, but its true. From a software perspective, even 10 years begins to show its age.

Syncfusion Sponsor .NET Conf 2021

Syncfusion Sponsor .NET Conf 2021. Syncfusion is happy to sponsor .NET Conf 2021—now in its eleventh year as a virtual event!

How to Install .NET 5 on Ubuntu

How to Install .NET 5 on Ubuntu. Developers looking to develop .NET applications on Ubuntu, the first thing to do is to install .NET framework. Initially, the .NET framework only supported Windows systems. Other systems and operating systems were excluded.

How to Implement JWT Authentication with .NET 5.0 API

In this tutorial we'll go through an example of how to implement JWT (JSON Web Token) authentication with refresh tokens in a .NET 5.0 API.

Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework

.NET Framework February 2021 Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework. Yesterday, we released the February 2021 Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework.

Spread.NET Roadmap 2021

This blog describes the new Spread.NET features expected in the year 2021. This is an exciting year for Spread.NET! We are working on many new feature enhancements and are excited to share our plans for 2021.

15 Must-Have Visual Studio Extensions for Developers

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE). You can use it for the development of computer programs, websites, web applications, web services, and mobile apps. Visual Studio uses platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Windows S

Integrating PowerApps with .NET Web APIs

Integrating PowerApps with .NET Web APIs. Power Apps is a low-code solution that allows you to build custom business apps that connect to business data stored in various online and on-premises data sources.

What's New in Spread.NET v14

What's New in Spread.NET v14. I am pleased to announce the release of GrapeCity Spread. NET v14. This release includes new platform support for .NET 5 and .NET Core 3.1 Windows Forms, as well as many new features and enhancements.

Top Reason Why Should You Hire .NET Developer in 2021

If you are looking for developing business applications, Microsoft’s .NET framework is a robust and trusted solution to develop applications in a decided time and budget. You can hire .NET developer from trusted companies. Top Reason Why Should You Hire .NET Developer in 2021.

OutOfMemory (a card game): Blazor, Functions, and more! The .NET Docs Show

Have you ever wanted to code a game in ASP.NET Core? This week, community MVP Konrad Kokosa joins the panel to show us how he used Blazor and Azure Functions to build a fun nerdy card game!

Building a Game Boy Emulator in .NET Core!

A teardown of building and porting Game Boy emulators, written in cross-platform C# running in .NET Core. We'll deal with how machine code really works, how it's translated to opcodes, and how real time emulation works, all in this hour-long deep dive into emulation in .NET.

Blazor & GRPC - Code-first .NET SPA Developer Productivity

With Blazor WebAssembly, developers can write C# code for SPAs in the browser and share code with the server-side of their applications. Usually, you design and use JSON-based Web APIs to communicate between the client and the server logic. In this session, Christian Weyer demonstrates how to employ gRPC & gRPC-Web in a code-first manner to share .NET interface contracts in a strongly-typed way. With this approach, no code generation is needed, you get the same syntax and full intellisense on both sides. In fact, you gain the good parts we already had many years ago with WCF - now for the ubiquitous & open web. But: is really everything gold that glitters?

Getting Started with Unity and AR/VR for the .NET Developer

Getting Started with Unity and AR/VR for the .NET Developer - This session is here to help. If you’ve ever thought about developing for Oculus Rift S, HTC VIVE or the Windows Mixed Reality headsets, but haven’t known where to start, this is the session for you.

Most Comprehensive Word Framework for .NET

A comprehensive Word framework for .NET applications to create, view, edit, and print documents. Also, converts to PDF, HTML, RTF, and more with rich features.