What is DragonFarm Finance (DRAGON) | What is DragonFarm Finance token | What is DRAGON token

DragonFarm Finance (DRAGON) project is launched on the Binance Smart Chain and PancakeSwap to provide users with an incredibly low gas fee experience. It is also very low slippage compared to other tokens with high reflect fees. The more mighty $Dragon tokens you hold in your wallet, the more they multiply. There is a 1.8% redistribution reward tax applied to all transactions. 2.2% of every $Dragon transaction gets burned and destroyed forever.

Creating a SpaceX Crew Dragon simulator autopilot in Clojure

In preparation for the SpaceX Crew Dragon’s first crewed mission Demo-2 in late May, SpaceX released a pretty cool little WebGL docking simulator, featuring the Dragon spacecraft. After getting the docking done successfully a few times, I realised this is a perfect opportunity to write a docking autopilot! How does one even approach a problem like this?