Similarities and Differences in WordPress Vs Drupal and Joomla

A dedicated computer application that permits publishing, content modification, editing, and maintaining content from a central interface is known as Content Management System. These Content Management Systems are basically utilized to operate websites comprising news, blogs, and shopping. The fundamental objective of these CMSs is to make hand coding redundant. Three major players in Content Management systems are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Let’s have a look at some of the key features, similarities, and differences in WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla.

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Similarities and Differences in WordPress Vs Drupal and Joomla
Emma Jhonoson

Emma Jhonoson


Drupal Content Management System - What's New?

The Drupal content management system has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years, especially among online publishers and social networking sites, thanks to its flexibility and ease of use. However, the latest version of Drupal is making it even easier to build and maintain both static and dynamic websites and web applications with simple-to-use yet powerful tools and features such as Views, Entity API, Context module, HTML5 support, etc.

In this article, we will highlight some of the new features in Drupal 9 that will make Drupal more convenient than ever to work with.


Drupal CMS Overview

Drupal is an open source content management system, built on top of PHP and MySQL. It was first released in 2000 and has come a long way since then. Drupal has many applications that can be used to create an array of websites including blogs, forums, e-commerce stores, etc. With Drupal’s growing popularity; it is no surprise that it powers more than 1% of all websites online today.


WordPress and Drupal are the most commonly used CMS in the world. Then which CMS is good for you depending on their features? To know more check this blog: Which CMS is better? WORDPRESS or DRUPAL


Drupal Development Overview

The Drupal community is continually working to improve and update Drupal. As a result, there are new versions of Drupal released each year. If you’re looking for an enterprise-level content management system (CMS), there are some updates to consider when choosing your CMS. Here’s what you need to know about Drupal version 9.0


Drupal v9.0.0

The latest version of Drupal, released in November 2016, has made substantial updates to Drupal’s core functionality. Perhaps most importantly, Drupal v9 comes with new features that improve performance and security. By upgrading your site to v9.0.0, you can reap these benefits while also preparing your site for future advancements in technology.


Drupal 9 features

Drupal is a free and open-source content management framework written in PHP and distributed under GNU GPL. It has been noted as one of most used CMS’s with over 1 million installations worldwide, hence making it one of the most popular as well. 

The new version 9 comes loaded with new features such as: Easier Multi-site Support: Drupal now offers improved multi-site support which will help you create more sites on a single instance without any modification of code.


Need help in Drupal 9 Upgrade or Migration? Then contact any Drupal development company. They can handle content, site, data migration of any size and complexity using proven methodologies and help deliver high-performing Drupal solutions.


Original Source of this Article: "What Is The Latest Drupal Version And Its Advantages?"


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Priyanka  Rawat

Priyanka Rawat


New Features Of Drupal 8.3: A Big Thumbs Up For Developers!

Drupal is an open source CMS that stands as the best digital experience platform(DXP) on the web. It provides robust content management tools, sophisticated APIs for multichannel publishing, and a track record of continuous innovation. However, talking about Drupal 8.3, it comes with a range of amazing and new upgraded features that are mentioned below:

#1. New progress modules

Drupal 8 is one of the popular CMS platforms and it has a future as a CMS technology in 2021 you must know. Drupal’s workflows have become key modules for the content approval processes. The version has been updated to Drupal 8.3, where you can see a whole workflow on the single screen. These workflows allow you to create custom publishing states and control the transition between them.

From my expertise talking with experienced drupal web development services adopting Drupal 8, this can be the feature they’re most interested in.

Workflows may be a new experimental module and builds on the Content Moderation module that arrived in Drupal 8.2. Workflows has become the key module for all of Drupal 8’ content approval processes.

#2. New Layout modules

The sector Layout module is new in Drupal 8 and then is the Layout Discover module. Each of those also are experimental modules. This code is customized from the Layout Plugin module. These new modules allow more flexibility for custom drupal development in the project.

These modules presently give two rudimentary layouts, however extra layouts can be intercalary by other modules. Here’s the setup for the layout choices in future versions of Drupal. You’ll be able to additionally expect modules corresponding to Panels and Show Suite to create more integrations with these new core features, significantly as they already trust heavily on the Layout Plugin module.

#3. Massive Pipe is Stable

This can be the primary module to graduate from Drupal 8’ experimental module program. If we talk about BigPipe at this point last year, it had been referred to as “RefreshLess” and was ready for inclusion in Drupal 8.1.

The aim of BigPipe is to permit sites to deliver customized content quickly. Normally, dynamic and personalized content is slow-loading. You can hire a professional team for a drupal development services to work on your drupal project, since the new updates might be confusing for you to settle down in a short time.

Rather than looking ahead to the complete page to be generated, BigPipe forthwith sends a page skeleton to the consumer therefore it will begin rendering that. Then the remaining content parts are requested and injected into their correct place. From the user’ perspective the page is rendered progressively. The initial page content becomes visibly abundant earlier, which improves the perceived speed of the site. Due to this functionality, custom drupal development has an ease in drupal 8.3 version for its customers.

#4. Authoring enhancements

You’ll be able to currently transfer pictures directly via fast Edit. We think this can be a feature we have a tendency to may even see extended to other Drupal administration screens in future versions.

There also are other changes corresponding to improved usability for image fields on mobile devices, and CK Editor exploitation the AutoGrow plugin to raise the benefit of larger screen sizes.

So above are the unique features of Drupal 8.3, And you definitely need professional help from drupal web development services to develop your website on drupal. Auxesis Infotech is a top-rated web development company that has a team of world-class Drupal experts who are best in crafting the most unique solution for their clientele and deliver great end results.

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New Features Of Drupal 8.3: A Big Thumbs Up For Developers!
Shawn  Pieterse

Shawn Pieterse


How to Setup Drupal on a Windows Computer (WSL)

Drupal may not be the most popular content management system in use today, but its not very far behind WordPress. It’s an open source platform and works great in Linux systems, including Ubuntu.

If you’re running Windows and want to use Drupal, using Windows with WSL 2 might be your best option and the steps below will show you how to do that. .With WSL, you can install full Linux operating system inside Windows. So get Windows, enable WSL, install a Linux OS and run Drupal.

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How to Setup Drupal on a Windows Computer (WSL)
Elena Mia

Elena Mia


Top 4 Techniques to Blend User-friendliness in your Drupal Digital Strategy

Website accessibility refers to building a website accessible for all. It is about giving all users access to the same information, regardless of their impairments. Over the years, web technology has evolved to great heights to support print, audio, and visual media. Therefore, the website owners and other responsible persons must create content that is accessible to everyone. The best approach is to start building it right from best Drupal development services.

Accessibility as part of your digital strategy

The future of effective digital marketing must include accessibility. It is easy to implement in the initial days rather than trying to accommodate it after the launch. Let your digital strategy take into account that accessibility increases usability, which starts driving more traffic to your website and landing pages. There are a few things that you will need to consider when creating your site content; they are:

  • Ordered headings
  • Right contrast of colors on the pages
  • Language considerations if required
  • Descriptive alt text
  • Site responsiveness

This is image title

Technique 1 - Defining user personas for accessible UX and measuring accomplishments

Incorporating accessibility to your website isn’t a customary action; however, it should be completed after recognizing your boundaries and requirements. The best way to get it done is by investigating your key performance indicators (KPIs) and understanding the point, whether it is for a legal purpose or demographic benefit.

Your checklist should include:

  • Page load speed insights
  • Finding missing image Alt Text and attributes
  • Finding out Level A success criteria violations
  • Finding out Level AA success criteria violations

Later, you may try finding out your user personas. Create comprehensive personas that have restrictions and disabilities. Also, consider capturing details such as temporary disability, slow internet connection, or color blindness.

Technique 2 - Rally your team

It is vital to keep your team on the same page to display prompt accessibility on every page of your website. Let the team be kept updated on the what, why, and how to get better mileage from the task. Unless there is transparency and proper communication, the desired goal remains unattainable.

Technique 3- Visual Disabilities Accommodation

Most of us know what alt text is, but only a few are aware of how the alt text needs to be applied. The W3 images tutorial provides appropriate text alternatives based on the image’s purpose - you can use it to get a clear understanding. You can also use the contrast checker to make sure the text is legible.

Technique 4 - Hearing Impairments Accommodation

There are numerous video transcripts that you can include with video and audio to make media more accessible.

Basic transcripts are a text version of the speech and non-speech audio information. It is needed to understand the content.
Descriptive transcripts contain visual information that is required by people who are deaf-blind and others.
Interactive transcripts refer to intuitive tools for media consumption. It should not be confused with captions.

SEO Benefit

Reaching people with a disability isn’t the only benefit. It also paves the way to building accessibility into your digital strategy. Besides, your website also gets the SEO benefit. Alt text, alt text tags with accessibility in mind will set you up for good SEO practices. The response received from the online visitors also impacts the overall SEO performance. Building an accessible site means it will lower the bounce rates to improve the overall site performance. In other words, by making an accessibility-friendly website, you are better optimized for search engines. Therefore, alongside SEO, let accessibility be given equal importance while developing your website.

Final Words:

The best sites are built on Drupal, and to be more profitable and robustly growing, you’ll need to incorporate and closely adhere to the points mentioned above. Accessibility cannot be ignored and has to be implemented right from the ground. If you are building a site or already have one which is not accessibility compliant, reach out to experts, who will help you the way you want it to be approached.

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Top 4 Techniques to Blend User-friendliness in your Drupal Digital Strategy
Emma Jhonoson

Emma Jhonoson


Which CMS is better? WORDPRESS or DRUPAL : Let’s find out!

#WordPress and #Drupal are the most commonly used CMS in the world. Let’s check which CMS is good for you depending on their features ( WordPress Vs Drupal )

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Which CMS is better? WORDPRESS or DRUPAL : Let’s find out!
Emma Jhonoson

Emma Jhonoson


What Is The Latest Drupal Version And Its Advantages?

With over one million users worldwide, Drupal is an open-source CMS platform that small-to-large organizations can use freely without fear of vendor lock-in, low cost of implementation due to enormous amounts of freely-available community code, and robust and flexible architecture ready for the enterprise.

What’s new in Drupal latest version? What are the latest features of Drupal 9. Find out the factors that make Drupal different from other CMS.

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What Is The Latest Drupal Version And Its Advantages?

What Is The Best Content Management System? 2020 CMS Comparison

There are many articles that attempt to find the best content management systems for the web. But in today’s world of web development, there are so many specific use cases for CMS platforms that it is virtually impossible to create content management software that could satisfy everyone. Ranging from huge text-heavy website content with multiple content types, through simple blog and magazines platform to independent modules of larger apps or even static websites – there are so many different uses for good CMS applications. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the most interesting content management system examples in 2020.

We have created this article back in 2019 to talk about the most interesting content management system for various business objectives, rather than find the best CMS platform. But a lot of interesting things have happened ever since so we decided to refresh it a little. In this new and improved version of the article, you’re going to find out:

  • when it is a good idea to choose a static site content management system,
  • what has changed in Bolt, a fast-like-a-bolt PHP-based CMS that The Software House helps developing,
  • what is the world’s most popular headless Node.js-based CMS,
  • as well as quite a few new things about the CMSes that won our trust and approval last year!

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What Is The Best Content Management System? 2020 CMS Comparison
Ved Raj

Ved Raj


Drupal CMS | What Is The Latest Drupal Version And Its Advantages?

With the news of the #Drupal9 release, Are you excited to find out what @Drupal brings to the table this time?

Drupal powers 1 in 30 websites in the world including sites from NASA, OXFAM, Médecins Sans Frontières(Doctors without Borders)., and many more.

If you are new to Drupal or Still Using #drupal8, Explore the Key Features & all the Business Benefits of #Drupal 9 that will Steer Your Business for the Future!

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Drupal CMS | What Is The Latest Drupal Version And Its Advantages?
Elena Mia

Elena Mia


CMS Face-off: Drupal Vs WordPress

Are you indecisive about which content management system (CMS) to choose for your business? If yes, you’re not alone. When it comes to choosing an open-source CMS, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Of all the content management systems out there, Drupal and WordPress are the popular ones. Both the platforms come with a host of features and functionalities that let developers build feature-rich and scalable websites catering to their clients’ unique requirements. Now, let’s dive deep into how Drupal and WordPress are different from each other and which one you should choose for your business in 2021. Let’s get started.

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Drupal is not a newbie in the market. It has been around since 15 January 2001. This free and open-source CMS is trusted by the top brands across the world including Tesla, Verizon, eBay, Twitter, Timex, Nokia, Harvard University, Stanford University, NASA, and the list goes on. Unlike WordPress that is primarily used for blogging, Drupal is used for enterprise-grade projects that need to be scalable in the future. A Drupal web development company can leverage this platform to build professional websites, blogs, social networking sites, forums, and more.

Top Features of Drupal CMS

  • Great Accessibility Support
  • Multilingual Support
  • Mobile-friendly Themes
  • HTML5 Prowess
  • Doesn’t require any licensing
  • Compatible with eCommerce, CRM, APIs modules
  • Acclaimed for its strong security, and timely updates
  • 30000+ modules that allow you to add any feature to your website


Launched back on 27 May 2003, WordPress has become synonymous with both blogging and content management systems. In fact, you would be astonished to know that today WordPress is driving 40% of the web and is trusted by the world’s leading brands including TechCrunch, Sony Music, Bata, PlayStation Blog, The Walt Disney Company, Angry Birds, Time Inc., Marks & Spencer for Business, Variety, and many more. This powerful CMS is not only trusted by Fortune 500 companies but also by millions of bloggers, small businesses, etc.

Top Features of Using WordPress CMS

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly
  • Easy to use (even newbies can use it without hassle)
  • WordPress powered sites are mobile responsive
  • Strong community support
  • Support a wide gamut of media types
  • Provide you full control of your website
  • A plethora of plugins to extend your site functionality
  • Give you the freedom to choose the hosting of your choice

Final Words

Both Drupal and WordPress have their own perks, however, choosing the right CMS depends upon your business requirements. For instance, if you need a simple site that you can easily manage without having technical know-how, it’s wise choosing WordPress. On the other hand, if you have a large website that is a bit complex, it’s recommended to choose Drupal CMS. If you don’t have sound technical knowledge, make sure you seek help from a professional Drupal development company when embracing this content management system (CMS). Hope this informative piece helps you decide which CMS you should opt for your business in 2021. Besides choosing the right platform, you should also make sure you partner with a trusted company to make the most of the content management system you choose.

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CMS Face-off: Drupal Vs WordPress

Top Drupal Development Companies | Hire Drupal Developers -

An extensively researched list of top Drupal Development Agencies with ratings & reviews helps to hire Drupal developers around the world.

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Top Drupal Development Companies | Hire Drupal Developers -
Ved Raj

Ved Raj


5 Top CMS platforms for your next web development project

Starting a website is easier than ever in 2020, But the decision to choose the perfect CMS for a website depends on your #business requirement.

Hoping CMS is nothing new to you; numerous new platforms are emerging every year, and sometimes it becomes hard to find out the top CMS platforms to choose from.

Save your time, and Explore this detailed list of the Best CMS options available in 2020 ordered by popularity and features.

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5 Top CMS platforms for your next web development project
Ved Raj

Ved Raj


Top 5 eCommerce Platforms To Launch Online Store | Infographic

If you are trying to find the best e-commerce platform to start your dream project? Compare Top 5 eCommerce Platforms based on features,security & performace.

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Top 5 eCommerce Platforms To Launch Online Store  | Infographic

Aman Agrawal


Customize User Login, Register and Forgot Password Page in Drupal 7

Did you ever want to customize your registration or login page on Drupal 7, but did not know how? Customizing these pages by adding new text or changing theme is not a difficult task.

To help you out with that, I have compiled some simple steps to customize your registration or login page. Read this blog to learn more in detail.

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Customize User Login, Register and Forgot Password  Page in Drupal 7

Aman Agrawal


Separate Drupal Login Page for Admin and User

Are you afraid of hackers and feel unsafe for admin and front user to login through same area?

No need to worry as in this article, I am going to guide you with how to create separate login area for admin. Along with that, I will also provide the required steps to disable administrator login through user/login page.

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Separate Drupal Login Page for Admin and User