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What, How, Earn GeoDB - Your Generated Data Has a Price To.

GeoDB - Your Data Has a Price To.

What Is GeoDB?
GeoDB is a project located on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with their native token GEO. Today all know that google, your internet provider, governments and agencies collect information about you. What you search of, what videos you look at, which email provider are you using all these things are called data. Data is a term that we can connect to information, data is the traces you left behind while using internet and this data is price worthy information for the buyers.

Your data is information for the buyer of it, data is one main key to get good profits for the buyer and user of it or it could just be information for some research project. Your Data = information has deterrent purposes depending on the buyer. Instead of giving your data away for free you can use GeoDB and get paid in GEO tokens for your data (information).

GeoDB How Is It Working?
GeoDB is a decentralized peer-to-peer data sharing ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. The blockchain technology is one of many things GeoDB are utilizing as an advantage to make data sharing peer-to-peer faster, easier and more rewarding for the both the the creator of that data and the buyer of it. So except for blockchain technology what are GeoDB utilizing more one thing is DLT (Decentralized Ledger Technologies). Both blockchain and DLT are steps in a decentralized way of living, just as GeoDB and it’s user wants.

GeoDB is a project with DeFi solutions to, as for now can you use GEO tokens as a part of a liquidity pair and the only DEX offering this solution for GEO are Uniswap at the moment. To make it easy to understand the whole concept of GeoDB you could say that GeoDB offers a solution for the seller and buyer of data to interact directly and for this, GeoDB are utilizing new decentralized technology. No middleman are needed in this context anymore.

How To Use GeoDB?
GeoDB has a app, the app is used as the collector of your data. The app shows you how much GEO tokens you have received for your data and acts as a platform for you. It’s a simple app to set up and even the rookie will find it easy. The infrastructure is simple, easy and quick. You can easy redeem your GEO rewards in the app but you will need some BNB to process the transaction of your GEO tokens to your BSC wallet address. For that you’ll need to send some BNB (Smart chain) to the wallet built-in to the app.

Token Information
GEO is an ERC-777 utility tokens, is backward compatible with ERC-20 standard and GEO tokens can for that reason be used as a DeFi token and included smart contracts on ETH blockchain. As told above you redeem your GEO to BSC and not to ETH mainnet even doh it’s a ERC-777 tokens. This solution has a simple answer, to get the transfer of GEO tokens from the app as cheap as possible. Using ETH blockchain as a transfer method for GEO tokens wouldn’t be financially justified for the persons generating the data for GEOs.

On BSC the tokens is named BGEO and you can transfer BGEO to ETH mainnet and back using a bridge from GeoDB. If you want to swap or buy GEO you’re able to do that on Uniswap, Bitforex, 1inch and Fatbtc.

ODIN - Governance token
Odin is a governance token and I’ll not talk a lot of it. If you hold ODIN tokens you’ll be able to vote on proposals and stake it for certain % of ARP and ODIN is the token that secure the network.

If you feel about trying GeoDB out and start earn some GEO tokens, I would be happy if you used my referral code: RALLE_QABF7J

                 **Thank you for reading and all support!**

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What, How, Earn GeoDB - Your Generated Data Has a Price To.
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djamel chalabi


Builderall Affiliate Program Review - How To Earn $100 Per Day

Is it worthwhile to join Builderall’s affiliate program? Is it worthwhile to promote in 2021? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for solutions to these questions. Because this is the most in-depth Builderall affiliate program review available, and we’ll go over everything.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • What is Builderall Affiliate and how does it work?
  • What is the best way to make money with Builderall?
  • What is the maximum amount of money you can earn?
  • Plus, learn how top affiliates advertise Builderall.



#affiliate #builderall #earn #money #howtoearnmoney

Builderall Affiliate Program Review - How To Earn $100 Per Day
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Gerhard Brink


Big Data Engineer Salary in India - How much does one Earn?

Today, we will be exploring the following topics in this blog, starting with an overview of Big Data and then eventually discussing the Big Data Engineering salaries in India.

The salary of a Big Data Engineer is incredibly higher than most job roles in the industry. However, various factors come into play while determining the salary. In this Big Data Engineer salary blog, we will discuss the salaries of these professionals working in India, especially some of the popular cities in India, and see how the salaries vary according to experience.

Learn how you can become a Big Data Engineer from Intellipaat:

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Big Data Engineer Salary in India - How much does one Earn?

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How To Earn Money On Live Stream In 2021? - Digitaltrendworld

Can you earn money on live Steam? The short answer is that you can. As of September 2020, Steam reached a record peak of over 21 million concurrent users who game on PCs or laptops rather than on consoles.

After spending so much time playing online, many gamers ask if there is a way to make money on Steam?

Just like other gaming sites like Twitch, there are ways to generate income off Steam.

Here are some possible ways you can earn money from the Steam market.

for more click here : Earn Money on live Stream

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How To Earn Money On Live Stream In 2021? - Digitaltrendworld

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How can you start a bitcoin exchange?

A bitcoin exchange can be set up right away in a market by following some basic steps. Every company must decide whether it wants to launch a Centralized or Decentralized exchange.

Some of the important steps to be considered are

  • The type of cryptocurrencies to be listed on the platform. Most exchanges allow the issue of Bitcoin. The availability of more coins shoots up the cost.

  • Hot and cold storage wallets embedded with multi-signature facilities. This is important for the storage of user’s coins.

  • High-level security features such as two-factor authentication, protection against DDOS to curb incidents of hacking, identity theft, and data breach.

  • Presence of adequate liquidity in the exchange for order management and regulating trade activity.

  • Marketing your platform through well-curated campaigns by networking with other established exchanges.

  • 24x7 technical support in multiple languages to clear user’s queries fluently.

  • Teaming up with a payment processor for handling transactions between buyers and sellers.

  • Implementation of the above measures can help a firm to start a Bitcoin exchange quickly.

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How can you start a bitcoin exchange?

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Best way to earn money while studying

Due to the reach of the internet at every doorstep, opportunities for earning are increased. For many people making money online is a dream that comes true. If someone finds a way to earn money online, they can leave the job and become an entrepreneur. In this way, the person will be able to spend his time with his family and take back control of his life and time.
If you are a beginner in the online earning field and want to earn online, this article will properly guide you. At first, we look into the options of online earning for beginners. Thousands of people are earning online by using different platforms. Either they have a skill, or they are learning some skills and doing online internships.

Earning Money Online for Students

If you are a student and looking for some financial independence, then there are few options to start with Freelancing

If you are a college or university student and looking for side income, you can start freelancing. Freelancing is selling your skills online to clients on different online earning websites and social media. First of all, learn a skill, master it, practice it, and make a portfolio. Collect samples of your work for your portfolio. There are many skills from which you can take one and learn it.
• Web Designing
• Software Development
• Content Writing
• Graphic Designing
• Social Media Marketing
• Web Development
• Online Teaching
• Video Editing

Freelancing Websites You Can Use to Earn Money

There are many websites you can use to earn money like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancers.com. These are marketplace used by freelancers to sell their services. Thousands of people post jobs on them every day, and if the job matches your skill, you apply for a job. There is no need for investment. You have to sign up on these websites make a portfolio. Your portfolio should look professional and always communicate professionally with your client. Before making an account, make sure to check all the online earning websites and then decide.

Social Media

Social media is also an amazing platform to start making money online. You can earn money, thereby freelancing and providing social media managing, digital marketing, and SEO. These are the skills you can easily learn from YouTube or other online teaching website. There are many job groups on Facebook and Instagram, where jobs are posted, and people hire freelancers. LinkedIn is also a job portal where you can find yourself a job and post about your career and work.

Wrapping Up:

Making money is no piece of cake. To earn money, you have to do hard work, and you must have some skills you can sell. There are many different online websites and social media platforms you can use to make money. But before deciding which platform and earning way you want to research about it first. Make your mind, stay consistent, and do hard work on your portfolio; as we all heard, success comes to those who work for it.

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Top Lifetime Earning Platforms-Sheikh Gulzaar

Hello friends, Today is in this post we discuss that how you earn money online lifetime with out an investment. We also provide Top Lifetime Earning Platforms where you work and earn lifetime. Every One work those platforms and earn life time.

We just discuss the Top Lifetime Earning Platforms where you work. And we divided this with some section only for your Better experience. But Fast we going to know that What is Online Earning and How we Eran Online. After clear these topics then we discuss the other one.

Click here to read Full Article- [https://www.sheikhgulzaar.com/2020/09/top-lifetime-earning-platforms.html?m=1]

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Top Lifetime Earning Platforms-Sheikh Gulzaar