How I built this: Machine learning with Amazon Personalize and a Customer Data Platform

Learn how an infrastructural Customer Data Platform can help you overcome common machine learning challenges with this use case tutorial. How I built this: Machine learning with Amazon Personalize and a Customer Data Platform

Creating an Oscar App with Dashboard (Part 2)

Learning Django-Oscar can be cumbersome. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a brand new Oscar app with a dashboard.

Basic Tips for Developing An Ecommerce Portal

Web portal development has provided a big market for the advancement of companies and growing business across the globe. With the online business trend and use of internet, the ecommerce websites have become a vital part for B2B and B2C businesses.

Magento Development for Business Owners: 5 Questions to Ask

Building an ecommerce business with Magento is a challenge, but an exciting one. This sophisticated PHP-powered platform requires a deep web development expertise but, as ecommerce developers admit, this pays off with top-of-the-line results apart from having a modern, self-sufficient webstore. To lead a Magento project to success, business owners need to meticulously analyze their goals and match them with what Magento has to offer.

How To Make Sure Your eStore Is Visual Search Friendly

Visual search is changing the face of eCommerce. An average human brain processes images more easily than descriptive information. Recent research by HubSpot shows that 32% of sellers believe product photographs are the most crucial content for their eCommerce store. Also, social media posts that include multiple images have a 150% chance of increasing their CTR. 

E-Commerce Dropshipping: The Risks

As the owner of My Small Store, I receive many requests to dropship our luxury handbags. I feel honored, yet, I decline all of the requests. Let me explain the risks associated with E-Commerce Dropshipping.

5 Tips To Build A Cost-Effective Online Marketplace Solution

What do you think are the primary reasons for an online business to not make as much as it was intended to? Lack of a market need, an unsustainable business model, inappropriate software choices, no strategic marketing, and so on. In this context, one factor that looms large in the product development scene is cost. 

7 Steps to Speed up Your Magento 2

Hello Hackernoon Folks 👋, Hope all are safe and going well with your Magento store. In the era of hustle and bustle, everything is available in a blink of an eye. Then why not your website? Read further to know How to Speed up Your Magento 2 Website.

Digital Coupon Marketing — Now is the Time to Jump on the Bandwagon

When the COVID-19 outbreak sent the whole world home, many predicted the rise of online shopping. 

How to Setup a Multistore in Magento 2

An easy guide of what multistores are, the hierarchy of a multistore and how you can create them in Magento 2.

Everything you Need to Know About Magento 1 End of Life

After over a decade on the throne, Magento 1 comes to a close. As time has gone by, Magento 1 has won the hearts of e-store owners and web developers and has left a mark on the whole ecommerce industry.