Algorithmic Portfolio Hedging

Algorithmic Portfolio Hedging. Python and Black-Scholes Pricing for Dynamic Hedges

An Introduction to Game Theory Using Python

An Introduction to Game Theory Using Python. Using Game Theory to Sharpen my Skills in Python and Develop Intuition to Write Functions

An Economist’s Value in Data Science

I’ll refer back to a classic data science problem of predicting home prices. This article is an effort to help economists explain the value they can bring to machine learning roles, as well as help non-economists in data science understand what an economist can bring to the table.

Using data for end-to-end microeconomic modeling

Use linear regression and Newton’s method to maximize a company’s production output. In this post I will show the usefulness of applying economic methods to a data science-like problem.

Sacrificing Lives for a Weak Economy

How the U.S. blundered the war on COVID. The U.S. COVID mortality rate is over 4.5 times the median of other wealthy countries, with only slightly better projected economic growth compared to the last ...

Coffees by Region, Process, Grade, and Price

300+ beans with grades and prices. Cost vs Quality Analysis. Overall, I found a trend between Q-score and price, but it isn't always the case.

Predicting Housing Prices with R

Using ARIMA models and the Case-Shiller Index with some creative R programming lets us predict national housing prices for the next year. How can that be?! Let’s find out!

Heteroscedasticity Consistent Standard Errors

In this article, I am trying to showcase my understanding of the options available when OLS assumptions are violated (especially Homoscedascticity of Variance).

Quantifying the Contribution of NBA Coaches using Fixed Effects

The fixed effects are quite large for some coaches — larger than the Win Share metric for superstars on All-Star seasons. Values range from -25 to +21, with the mean being 0.15. This means that a value of +10.0 indicates that the coach generates about 10 additional wins per season relative to the mean.

The paradigm change on social-economic two way of interaction

The paradigm change on social-economic two way of interaction. Due to achievement on automation current economic paradigm arrived to its boundary limits of validity. It does not mean that is going to end.

Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models

Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models. The theory and mathematics of DSGE models, and why DSGE models should be used for business

When Profit and Artificial Intelligence Collide

When Profit and Artificial Intelligence Collide. The Looming Crises at the Nexus of For-Profit Corporations and Artificial Intelligence

Make Causation the Goal for your Next Data Science Project

A case study with money and interest rates. I will (try) to prove a causal relationship between interest rates and the money supply.

The 5 MUST KNOW Terms for Data Scientists Getting Into the Retail Domain

So in this article, I will be going over some very important terms which I learned on my very first Real Life Retail Data Science project and believe can add value to anyone trying to gain domain knowledge in the retail domain for Data Science.

AI and the Fear of Irrational Humans

AI and the Fear of Irrational Humans. This early understanding of humanity by AI is what we must learn from, instead of fearing our creation.

Predicting the Nominal GDP using Economic Indicators : A Data Science Approach

Predicting the Nominal GDP using Economic Indicators : A Data Science Approach. This article talks about forecasting nominal GDP (Gross Domestic Product) using data present over the web.

How the Minimum Wage Helps Tech

The minimum wage, sitting at $7.25 on the federal level and up to $13 in states like Washington and California, has been a hot topic on political agendas recently. As early as 2016, most Americans supported a $15 federal minimum wage.

Personal Data Ownership: Economic Considerations

Personal Data Ownership: Economic Considerations. Any society with an interest in avoiding conflicts needs a system of clear property rules.

Brave New World: Biometrics, Identity, and the Future of Capitalism

How artificial intelligence and facial recognition will transform the economy and reshape our post-COVID social order.

Optimizing product price using regression

A Python implementation of price optimization for maximizing revenue. Price and quantity are two fundamental measures that determine the bottom line of every business.