The Newbie Guide to Setting Up a Jetson Nano on JP4.4

Some of these steps may be different for Wifi. Step 1 — JP4. Step 2— Remove Unecessary Software & Change Swap. Step 3— Updating Packages and Installing Jetcam and DeepStream. Step 4-Installing Jupyter Lab Dependencies. Step 5-Installing and Configuring Jupyter Lab. Step 6-Testing SSH connection and Jupyter Lab remote.

What Is Edge Computing

What Is Edge Computing. In simpler terms, edge computing means running fewer processes in the cloud and moving those processes to local places, such as on a user's computer, an IoT device, or an edge server.

What Is Edge Computing

What Is Edge Computing. An introduction to the concept of Edge computing

GTM Stack: IoT Data Analytics at the Edge

In the following post, we will explore the integration of several open-source software applications to build an IoT edge analytics stack, designed to operate on ARM-based edge nodes. We will use the stack to collect, analyze, and visualize IoT data without first shipping the data to the Cloud or other external systems.

Computer Vision on the Edge

Computer Vision on the Edge. This article describes some of the challenges to developing and deploying CV applications, and how to mitigate them.

How to use high-performance local storage for AI workloads on AWS Outposts

In this post, I use Pure Storage FlashBlade as an example storage server since it supports both file and object storage from the same device.

Step by Step Guide to Make Inferences from a Deep Learning at the Edge

In this article, you will learn to create a deep learning model in Tensorflow, create a tflite model with post-training quantization, and then compile it for an Edge TPU device.

Building a Quantize Aware Trained Deep Learning Model

In this article, you will learn what quantization is, why do we need quantization, different types of quantization, and then build a quantized aware training deep learning model in Tensorflow.

Cloud vs Edge: an Industrial Manufacturing dilemma

When it comes to deploying AI for an application, manufacturers need to think deeply not only what to develop, but also the physical incarnation of the envisioned AI system.

Exploring IA at the Edge!

Exploring IA at the Edge! Image Recognition, Object and Pose Detection using Tensorflow Lite on a Raspberry Pi

Convert Your On-Premise Servers Into Edge Cloud Like AWS Outpost

While it is not possible to compete with a public cloud in terms of feature set, elasticity, scale, managed services, geographic reach and bursty workloads.

The Rush to Push AI to Edge

Why companies such as Apple, Intel, Google are trying to move AI from cloud to edge. Earlier this year, Apple announced its US$200 million acquisition of Seattle-based edge-AI startup This was one of its many other moves to bring the AI-inferencing from cloud to the local hardware.

Solutions to Issues with Edge TPU

In this article, I will be sharing some common errors that I faced when working on making the Deep Learning model work on Edge TPU USB Accelerator and the solutions that worked for me.

What is Edge Computing?

A quick answer is, Pushes “Intelligence” to the Edge of the Network. What we could make out of this depends on, how much we know about different aspects of the network architecture and its evolution.

Should We Abandon Cloud Computing And Embrace Edge Computing?

Edge computing is growing exponentially, but what is it, how and where is it used, and will it replace the cloud?

What is Edge Computing? On the Edge!

‘Edge Computing will bring the power of all technologies together and make life easier.’ It refers to the computing infrastructure or devices which are close to the source of data and can bring the centralized calculations of data from the central cloud to extreme nodes of the system.

A quick intro to Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit

Deep learning models are becoming heavier day by day, and apart from training them faster, a lot of focus is also around faster inference for real time use-cases on IOT/ Edge devices.

Machine Learning at the Edge!

Getting Machine Learning/image processing onto the GPU on a small processor running embedded Linux using OpenCL for real-time performance