The Nature of Uncertainty in the US Presidential Election

Election forecasts are predicting a Biden win with a chance of around 9 in 10, but do these numbers fully capture the uncertainty in the outcome?

AWS Transcribes the Presidential Debate

No matter your political leaning, the first 2020 Presidential Election Debate was a dumpster fire. It was hard for a human to understand what was being shouted over each other. How will AWS Transcribe do? Let’s set it up and take a look.

Can AI Predict the 2020 Election?

Can AI Predict the 2020 Election? Finding insights from past election data.

Amazon Can’t Save Us From the Mail-In Ballot Mess

Some people have wondered if private companies can help avert an election disaster. They can’t.In other states, however, the rules are very different.

Blockchain: The Future of Voting

Political polarization, foreign influence, and bureaucratic pitfalls have induced stress and distrust within America’s political process. Could blockchain be the answer to Democracy’s demands in the Digital Age?