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Elementor Pro Post Widget vs Bricks Builder Post Widget - Which is Better?

Which WordPress page Builder wins on features between Elementor Pro & Bricks Builders Post Grid Widgets? Let's compare Elementor Pro Post widget to Bricks Builder Post widget and see which comes out on top.

How to Create a Blurry Transparant Sticky Header in Elementor - Easy Tutorial

Transparent sticky blur Header with Elementor Pro. This is a very cool Web design trend that is super easy to do in Elementor Pro.

What Is YOUR Perfect Elementor? Here's Mine!

We all know Elementor has become the BIGGEST WordPress page builder on the market right now and with good reason. BUT, it's not perfect!

How to Add Filters with JetSmartFilters From Crocoblock on A Elementor Pro Website

In this Elementor Pro video, we will use Jet Smart Filters from Crocoblock for the real estate website to display posts from a custom post type and filter them in a side panel on the left. And this all by not even using 1 line of code.

How to Use the Hotspot Widget in Elementor [PRO]

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the hotspot widget to visually organize information on your Elementor website. The Hotspot widget allows you to create advanced interactive designs and engage your visitors.

Show-hide Header in Elementor with the GSAP & ScrollTrigger

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create that show-hide-header-on-scroll effect in Elementor by using the GSAP and the ScrollTrigger. No Elementor PRO is needed. What you need with this tutorial is Elementor, “Steroids for Elementor” and the “Custom CSS and JavaScript” plugins. Enjoy!

How to Use the Video Playlist Widget in Elementor [PRO]

In this tutorial we will teach you how to use the Video Playlist Widget. The Video Playlist Widget is an exciting Pro widget from Elementor which allows you to display a collection of videos in an easy to use and visually pleasing way for your website visitors.

Elementor Pro 3.3 Update - Hotspot & Video Playlist Widgets

Elementor Pro 3.3 Update - Hotspot & Video Playlist Widgets

Elementor Pro 3.3 New Features - Elementor (MUST TRY HARDER)

Let's take a look at the new updated to Elementor Pro - 3.3 and the 2 key new features added: Video Playlist and Hotspot Widget.

Introducing Elementor 3.3 Pro: Video Playlist & Hotspot Widgets!

Elementor 3.3 Pro introduces two brand new widgets: Video Playlist & Hotspot Widgets! Use the Video Playlist widget to build unique educational playlists that provide your visitors with a more visual way to learn about your product, service, or the educational content you offer. Hotspot Widget: This powerful widget can expand the content you want to highlight in a visual way, so you can clearly and beautifully present the value of your products and services.

Complete Guide to A/B Testing in WordPress

In this tutorial, we’ll show you step-by-step how to start A/B testing WordPress and Elementor content using the free Google Optimize service. We’ll also share a native WordPress plugin option for Elementor users that lets you set up split tests from inside the Elementor editor.

Lec 4 How to Use Elementor Controls

lec 4 how to use elementor controls - lec 4 how to creat page using elementor using wordPress

Do You Need Elementor Pro If You Have Crocoblock?

Can you skip buying Elementor Pro if you have Crocoblock? Is Crocoblock better in every way? Are there some features that you are missing? What about the workflow? Is it the same? I answer all these questions in this video.

Elementor Update Addresses Core Web Vitals

WordPress page builder plugin publisher Elementor announced an update that introduces improvements meant to deliver better Core Web Vitals scores. Popular WordPress page builder plugin Elementor announced an update focused on delivering faster page loads.

WordPress Ultimate Addons for Elementor Vulnerability Affects +1 Million

WordPress Ultimate Addons for Elementor Vulnerability Affects +1 Million. The publishers of the Ultimate Addons for Elementor plugin notified customers of a vulnerability affecting two of their plugins.

Elementor 2021: What’s Coming Next?

Elementor 2021: What’s Coming Next? Are you ready for some incredible new features coming up this year? These features will help you to continue to evolve, innovate and give you even more tools to create professional, beautiful, and top-performing websites.

Elementor PODs Tutorial - How to work with Custom Post Types and Custom Fields

Elementor PODs Tutorial - How to work with Custom Post Types and Custom Fields

Dynamic Content for Elementor | Flexible Content Fields

In this video for Dynamic Content For Elementor, I'll show you how to get started with ACF Flexible Content Fields. How to build them and then how to display them with Dynamic Content for Elementor

How to Use the Slides Widget in Elementor [PRO]

In this tutorial, we’ll explore the Slides widget. This widget allows you to present multiple messages on your site, such as different services or seasonal promotions, using an engaging presentation effect. This tutorial will cover: ✔︎ How to create and style slides ✔︎ The different possible styles for using this widget ✔︎ Alternative design options for this widget ✔︎ And much more!

How To Customize the Woocommerce Cart Page with Elementor Free & Woolementor Free

In this video, you'll learn how to Customize Woocommerce Cart Page with Elementor free and Woolementor free.