Recent Use Of AI In 5G Shows Why It's Hard to Shun China In Tech

The US and its allies have been at loggerheads with China over the progress it made in 5G and other emerging technologies.

What Indian Tech Sector Wants From Budget 2021

Sangeet Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Addverb said he expects the government to ease the legal processes and regulations involved in setting up manufacturing facilities in India under its ‘Make in India’ initiative.

What Can India Learn From The US’s AI Policy?

Being one of the fastest-growing countries, India could benefit significantly from an AI revolution.

Top Five Artificial Intelligence Predictions For 2021

Here are five predictions on what we should expect to see in AI in 2021.

A Text Summarizer & A Mind Reader By Facebook — How Will They Make A Difference?

Recently, during an internal year-end meeting at Facebook announced two new tools- AI-based assistant TL;DR & a neural sensor device.

6 Algorithmic Breakthroughs Of 2020

Despite the pandemic, 2020 has witnessed several interesting developments including algorithm breakthroughs in AI and machine learning.

India Becomes The Leading Adopter Of AI Amid The Pandemic

The pandemic has presented a unique opportunity to India as it witnessed the highest increase in AI adoption compared to the major economies.

How Tech Policy Initiatives Play A Crucial Role In Modern Day Geopolitics?

The initiative might play a crucial role in defining modern-day geopolitics and help in establishing a robust foreign tech policy.

Behind IndiaFirst Life AI Tech Strategy

Raghavan believes that analytics and data science will help them in creating a better customer and employee experience.

This Startup Is Helping SMBs To Migrate On Cloud During Pandemic

With a vision of providing cloud to companies regardless of their sizes, Bengaluru-based startup G7CR Technologies is utilising AI and ML.

Episode 17 -Top AI & DataScience News from the week | 12th Sept 2020

#TheWeeklyRoundup Here we bring you what made news in the world of AI & Data Science during the week. Subscribe us to stay updated with the top trends in the...

What Does India Need In Place To Implement Nationwide AI Systems Across Sectors?

The Government of India has recognised that an AI-driven economy can transform the lives of millions. Leveraging AI for inclusive growth is one of the core principles identified in NITI Aayog’s National Strategy paper. It is the path for...

AI Technologies That Featured In Latest Gartner Hype Cycle

From algorithmic trust to advanced AI, the Gartner’s hype cycle features many new technologies. In this article, we will focus exclusively on the AI segment of this survey.

Episode 14 -Top AI & DataScience News from the week | 21 st Aug 2020

#TheWeeklyRoundup Here we bring you what made news in the world of AI & Data Science during the week. Subscribe us to stay updated with the top trends in the...

Why Should You Patent Your AI Inventions

There are countless AI start-ups who are founded for the primary reason of using AI to make the world a better place.

AI Has The Potential To Add $450-$500 Bn To India’s GDP By 2025: NASSCOM

The report puts an optimistic view that if India acts quickly it can become a leader in building a holistic data utilisation and AI effort.

India’s Revived Space Race, Smarter Phones And More In This Week’s Top News

Founded a couple of years ago, this rocket startup has raised $4.3 million to date and is currently focused on developing its very first launch vehicle.

Why Are Blockchain Salaries So High?

Blockchain engineers make a lot of money. Despite the fall in the price of cryptocurrencies and flattening of the hype cycle in blockchain, the career path has remained lucrative. We see a consistent and steady trend in job postings on LinkedIn and other platforms.  As per hiring and recruitment platforms, on a global level blockchain…