Using Virtual Environment In Python

To work in python virtual environment.

Apache Beam: A Basic Guide

Apache Beam simplifies large-scale data processing dynamics. Let’s read more about the features, basic concepts, and the fundamentals of Apache beam.

End-to-End Testing with Jest and Puppeteer

Learn how to integrate Jest and Puppeteer in your project for End-to-End Testing.

Hello developers and designers!

Welcome to our new initiative to contribute and spread the learnings/findings we had working with LoginRadius API! We always try to come up with new ideas…

W3C Validation: What is it and why to use it?

Learn what w3c is and why to use it, and also how to validate your web page for W3C standards, a simple guide on W3C validation.

Social Provider Social Sharing Troubleshooting Resources

Social Sharing is an extremely powerful tool to expand your user base and product recognition, customizing and implementing this to be efficient on your site…

GUID Query Through Mongo Shell

If you have stored a GUID through the C# driver to mongoDB and now you want to run a query by GUID, you can't query directly because mongoDB doesn't recognize…

Password Hashing in NodeJS using Bcrypt

Storing plain text passwords is one of the worst habits of our time. Don't store plain text passwords, instead use passwords hashing.

An Intro to Curl & Fsockopen

What are they? cURL and Fsock are both methods used to communicate with different types of servers using communication protocols. Fsock is included in PHP and…

CSS Responsive Grid, Re-imagined

I know what you're thinking. Why am I writing this blog? There's like a bunch of apps out there that do this thing automatically. See, that's the problem…

Animate the modal popup using CSS

Learn how to animate the modal popup using CSS keyframe

Getting Started with Phonegap

PhoneGap now also known as Apache Cordova, is a powerful tool for mobile development which allows you to develop in HTML/JS markup and quickly generate out…

RDBMS vs NoSQL: Benefits and Limitations

Learn about RDBMS and NoSQL Database systems, their differences, benefits and limitations

Loading spinner using CSS

Learn how to create a loading spinner using CSS

Password Security Practices

When we start thinking about authentication in any kind of software (it can be web, mobile, desktop, or even console), the first thing that comes to mind is…

Use PHP to generate filter portfolio

Overview Filter Portfolio can be very useful for websites, especially when there is a lot of images you want to show to users. It is always nice to keep it into…

API Debugging Tools.

Are you having trouble with accessing API endpoint? Unsure why your API is not returning data? Most modern browsers have tools or plugins that allows you to…

Memcached Memory Management

The  memcached is one of the most popular open source on-memory key-value caching systems. I will briefly talk about the design of memory management of…

Write a highly efficient python Web Crawler

As my previous blog, I use the python web Crawler library to help crawl the static website. For the Scrapy, there can be customize download middle ware, which…

Best practice for reviewing QQ app

QQ is the most popular ID provider for Chinese people since the 90s, it is always the first choice for websites who want to provide social login functionality…