Learn Zapier Automation Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

Zapier is a powerful automation tool that can be used to create complex workflows. But when you’re new to automation and integration tools, it can be hard to get started. Check out these simple starter workflows for Zapier automation inspiration that will benefit you from day one.

Zapier connects your favorite apps and services. These connections allow teams and individuals to automate more of their workflows. Every connection between two apps is called a “Zap” and they’re designed to make you work smarter, not harder. With over 4,000 apps to choose from, there are plenty of practical Zapier workflows for entrepreneurs to build.

1. Create Mailchimp Subscribers from Typeform or PayPal

PayPal to Mailchimp workflow

How many marketing automation flows have you got set up in your business? Email is a perfect fit for this. Mailchimp is an email marketing service that lets you design emails, maintain a list of subscribers, email those subscribers, and then monitor the results of that campaign. But what happens when a customer isn’t a subscriber?

With this PayPal → Mailchimp workflow, Zapier monitors all sales made via PayPal and enters the customer’s email address into your email campaign in Mailchimp, effectively helping you to retain each new customer.

Typeform to Mailchimp workflow

You can do the same thing with Typeform. Let’s say that you’re using Typeform to survey your website’s visitors about the user experience that they received. The Typeform → Mailchimp Zap will retain the user’s email address in Mailchimp so you can tell that user about the new version of your website, derived from the feedback that they originally offered.

2. Create Trello Cards from Gmail Emails and Update in Slack

Gmail to Trello workflow

With the influx of morning emails, it can be near-impossible to convert each one into an actionable task in a sensible amount of time. The Gmail → Trello Zap can fix that, helping you to reach “inbox zero” much faster. In short, Zapier scans your Gmail for emails with a certain label and creates a formatted Trello card from them.

Trello to Slack workflow

The best way to get some automation inspiration is to start with simple workflows and identify ways of taking things further as you become more familiar with your tool. You can take this Zap a step further by automatically updating teammates about this new Trello card in Slack, so that the team can be notified about the task and complete it. All that from a simple label!

3. Get Notified of New Dropbox Files in Slack

Dropbox to Slack workflow

I can think of a number of reasons why this Dropbox Slack setup is epic. Firstly, Dropbox really drains your battery because it constantly checks for file updates, so having notifications in Slack can quite literally save you hours of battery life. But don’t worry, not only can you be notified in Slack of new Dropbox files, but Slack can import the file, making it searchable and downloadable from within Slack. Dropbox doesn’t even need to be switched on!

4. Create and Publish WordPress Posts in Evernote

Evernote to WordPress workflow

Hate using a CMS? I feel you. Bloggers like to stay focused on the words, which is why a Zapier integration that allows you to control WordPress articles in Evernote, a note-taking app, is such a neat idea. Essentially you create a fresh notebook and Zapier uploads the “notes” to WordPress.

Notes can also be tagged and dated, which makes it super easy to categorize articles. You can make Evernote your new CMS today!

5. Record Both PayPal and Stripe Sales in Google Sheets

PayPal and Stripe to Google Sheets workflow

By using these two Zaps you’ll be able to automate the ordeal of having to export transaction data into Google Sheets, but rather than replacing a spreadsheet with an updated version, both the PayPal and Stripe Zaps log new sales on a new row. If you use PayPal and Stripe you could set up both integrations to copy new sales into the same spreadsheet.

6. Copy Google Drive Files to Dropbox (or Vice Versa)

Google Drive to Dropbox workflow

Half the team uses Google Drive and the other half uses Dropbox — a typical “sigh…” situation. Everybody has their own reason for choosing one over the other.

Luckily, we can keep the two cloud storage services in sync by copying Google Drive files to Dropbox and vice-versa!

7. Create Trello Cards from Todoist Tasks

Many teams use Trello for task management, but for personal task management, services like Todoist are more popular. Even though I work within various large Trello boards I still find it useful to keep a private to-do list that incorporates only my tasks — this way I don’t have to sift through my assigned tasks in multiple Trello boards.

But rather than having to manage Trello boards and Todoist lists simultaneously, this Todoist → Trello Zap (or again, the vice-versa) can convert your listed tasks from Todoist into Trello cards, a workflow that benefits the task doers as well as the task managers.

Zapier Automation Inspiration: Next Steps

Zapier is that one friend that brings the group together — the organizer, the one that makes sure everybody is getting along. I only mentioned a handful of Zaps in this article, so I’d encourage you to search Zapier’s database to see how you can bridge the gap between the services that you use and get even more Zapier automation inspiration.

Want to build more complex automations? Check out some of our guides that use Zapier as integration glue:

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Learn Zapier Automation Inspiration for Entrepreneurs
Akshara Singh

Akshara Singh


Best ever way of initiating a crypto exchange business

Considering the cryptocurrencies’ rapid growth and adoption, there is a massive demand for #crypto exchanges among crypto investors. Following this, many #entrepreneurs started to enter this market by launching their #crypto exchanges. As you know, the majority of them fail to succeed in a business model as there are several factors to be looked upon keenly. The foremost factor is the budget allotment for a business. Some tend to believe that high bid prices are filled with superior quality which will make the #business successful. But, it is a myth. Everything has a predefined value and it serves as meant to be.

Speaking of the budget for crypto exchange development, there is a certain range that has been followed in the current crypto market. Always know that the budget completely relies on the development method you’re about to choose for your business.

Generally, a crypto exchange business can be initiated in the following ways,

  • Starting it from the scratch
  • Deploying it with the help of a cryptocurrency exchange script

Instead of taking much of your valuable time, I shall dive into the important aspects of these development strategies,

Starting a crypto exchange from scratch is gonna suck all of your energy, as this is quite a complicated one. Mainly you would be requiring a lot of resources in terms of Money, Knowledge, Time, etc… Speaking frankly this method of developing a crypto exchange is not suitable for the majority of entrepreneurs. It would take a solid duration of 10 months to deploy your crypto exchange. In addition to that, this development method expense would cost around $80K~$100K. Woah, this would be a nightmare for many.

On the other side, making use of the crypto exchange script is similar to taking the escalator instead of stairs for reaching the 10th floor of a building. The overall cost for launching a crypto exchange is reduced, with an affordable price range of $5K~$15K. Also, you will be able to deploy your fully functioning crypto exchange within a week. This development method doesn’t require much technical knowledge.

I’m sure that you might have got clarity on the budget and the effective way to initiate your crypto exchange business. Even after seeing this, some will be hesitant to make a strong decision, that’s usual. Why won’t you have a look at the live experience of an individual who made use of the Cryptocurrency exchange script. Also, I hereby advise you to follow a set of instructions that have been provided by an expert on How to start a crypto exchange, which would probably drive you to success shortly.

Akshara Singh

Akshara Singh


In what way does the Localbitcoins clone script generate revenue?

One of the most popular crypto exchanges is Localbitcoins which comes under a P2P-based crypto exchange type. Being an entrepreneur, one can make their dream crypto exchange business a practical one with the help of this Localbitcoins clone script. As you might be aware of the crypto exchange’s various benefits and also the benefits of integrating it with the help of the #localbitcoin clone script. In spite of various unmatched benefits being offered, some #entrepreneurs remain unsolved regarding the revenue patterns. Let’s have a closer look at it,

As it is clear that the Localbitcoins clone script enables you to launch a well-defined P2P crypto exchange with ease. Once after establishing a P2P #crypto exchange, you’ll be all set for beginning your business. After making it through the initial phase and your marketing phase, more users will be starting to flow to your #p2p crypto exchange. That’s where your journey begins. Here are some of the revenue-generating methods,

Revenue generation streams

Fiat deposit/Crypto withdrawal fee

Well, after attaining a reasonable amount of users for your crypto exchange, they’ll be starting to engage themselves with the trading where they’ll be required to deposit some amount of fiat #money in their account. A minimal percentage can be charged for them by the admin of the exchange (you). Once after getting done with their transactions, some may wish to withdraw the bought cryptocurrencies. A certain percentage can also be claimed for this action.

Advertisement fee

You know that P2P crypto exchange is meant for making transactions with high privacy, so the users will be required to post their requirements in the form of ads. For that, a negligible percentage can be claimed from the admin side.

Listing fee

This fast-growing world and technology haven’t settled for any average moves. As it multiplies rapidly, there emerge new cryptocurrencies every day and some of them might prefer to list them on your exchange. In turn, you could offer them a price as a fee for listing their new cryptocurrencies.  

As mentioned above, these are some sort of the ways where this Localbitcoins clone script acts as a pillar for generating revenue for your business. After recognizing its real potential and efficiency all you have to do is to choose the best Localbitcoins clone script. Which enlightens your crypto exchange #business further and takes it to the next level. Obviously, a featured service can be availed by reaching a professional provider. That’s how to experience the above-mentioned revenue one should attain the Localbitcoins clone script from a standard crypto exchange software provider.

Coming to the point, as there is a huge competition among various crypto exchange software providers to offer this Localbitcoins clone script, sorting out the genuine ones among them is quite complicated. Probably it might take weeks just to find a suitable one. Surprisingly, I’ve unloaded all of your burdens by making that research for my own purpose. The result was absolutely shocking. Coinsclone seems to be a perfect fit among others. They have been serving in this industry with their expertise in blockchain tech and have delivered hundreds of projects that turned many business people’s life. Have a look at their individuality >>>> COINSCLONE

Akshara Singh

Akshara Singh


How to launch a stunning crypto exchange like Bithumb in a week?

While speaking of the development of a #crypto exchange like Bithumb, the most effective way of developing it was the crucial one for the majority of entrepreneurs. One particular development method blew up their mind, as it eliminated most of the complex steps that made their journey quite rough. Also, the method they preferred was highly beneficial to them in an unparalleled way. With various thoughts running inside the mind, Let’s dive straight into it >>> Bithumb clone script

Bithumb clone script has been considered the most effective method to launch a crypto exchange similar to Bithumb by many entrepreneurs. It is ready to launch crypto exchange software filled with enriched features that an existing Bithumb exchange has. With all those features infused in it, the result was quite astonishing. Apart from the existing features, more additional features of your #business kind can be impregnated with this script. Bithumb clone script breaks one of the core barriers, the time being spent on the development process, allowing the entrepreneurs to launch a superfine crypto exchange within a time period of 5-7 days.

Features of Bithumb Clone Script:

  • High-Performance Matching Engine
  • Spot Trading
  • Margin Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • P2P Trading
  • User Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Extended Trade View
  • Referral program
  • Crypto/Fiat Payment Gateway integration

Security Features

  • Jail Login
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Cloudflare Integration
  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • End-To-End Encryption Based SSL
  • Anti Denial Of Service(Dos)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection
  • Server-Side Request Forgery Protection
  • Anti-Distributed Denial Of Service


The above-listed are some of the basic features a Bithumb clone script possesses. Compiling altogether the outcome will be a devastating one for the rivals. Making use of this Bithumb clone script, the majority of #entrepreneurs have been ahead in the phase when compared to other competitors. Being an entrepreneur with lots and lots of plans to launch an extraordinary crypto exchange, all you have to keep in mind is to reach out to the best Bithumb clone script in the town to experience those benefits. To do so, reaching out to a professional #cryptoexchange software provider will be the finest plan of all. As they will be guiding you through the obstacles with their outstanding service.

Among various crypto exchange clone script providers available in this crypto space, only a few would be able to deliver the service which exactly meets your requirements. Picking out those genuine providers is a bit complicated as it requires more research and analysis. I have made this entire filtering process simple for you.

Out of the lot, #coinsclone grabbed my attention with its immense results.

Get to know more about COINSCLONE's accomplishments and uniqueness among the various pile of crypto-exchange software providers in the current crypto market.

Whatsapp: +91 9500575285

Skype: live:hello_20214

Mail Id: hello@coinsclone.com

For instant live demo >>>>> Bithumb clone script

Amelia sarah

Amelia sarah


An easy way to build an app for your online business.

We save you time, you save money. Buy the best, and forget the rest.

In this digital era, everything becomes easy and possible for people with online platforms, as these spaces provide all necessary services required at their fingertips. This led to the tremendous growth of the online industry and kindled interest among entrepreneurs to plunge into this flourishing sector. But, not all of those aspiring proprietors come out with flying colors in their online business ventures as they fail to arrive at unique online platforms with innovative inclusions that can meet the requirements of people.

But, how to build such a remarkable online platform within a short period and on your budget? Here comes the role of clone scripts.

What is exactly a clone script?

Clone scripts are pre-built online solutions that are developed similarly to existing popular online businesses. So, building your online platform within your budget will never be a tough job with a readymade and carefully built app clone script. To make you understand better, let us see some fascinating benefits of clone scripts for online businesses.

Benefits of clone scripts

Cost-effective way

Developing an online platform or app from scratch will cost a lot which will be surely a burden, especially for startups and small-scale businesses. The reason for this high cost is that it needs extensive research, planning, coding, etc for development from scratch. But, on the other hand, developing an online platform with the help of clone scripts will save your resources and money to a greater extent as the clone scripts are pre-built solutions with all necessary inclusions.

Therefore, it is a cost-effective way to opt for clone scripts for your online business.

Quick launch

The online platform that is built with clone script will have no major problems and so will be ready to be deployed. This is because the development and launch time will be reduced by using clone scripts. Therefore, with a ready-to-use and reliable clone script, you can immediately launch your online business without any hassles.


When you go for readily customizable clone scripts you can give life to your fresh online business concepts easily. This is because an adaptable clone script will support the inclusion of additional features and functions based on your online business model. So you can arrive at your desired online platform quickly and without much effort.

No technical knowledge needed

When you go for a ready-to-use clone script you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to arrive and handle your online platform as the clone scripts will be developed meticulously by expert developers and designers.

I hope you are now clear with some key advantages of utilizing clone scripts for your online business. But, a lot of clone scripts are available and not all of those online solutions will help you in building a comprehensive online platform matching your online business needs and ideas. So, you also need to get acquainted with some vital factors to be considered while picking a clone script for your online business. Let us see those now

  • To arrive at a feature-rich online platform for your online business, go for a comprehensive clone script as it will include all significant features to build a completely online platform with unrivaled performance.
  • Go for an easily adaptable clone script that can completely support the addition of required features based on your online business model. So that turning your fresh online business concepts will be just a piece of cake with a flexible clone script.
  • Is there anyone who doesn’t want to make a great profit out of their online platforms? Obviously no, right? So, look for a clone script that is built with remunerative revenue-generating factors to generate revenue from your online platform.
  • People always look for a secure and convenient online platform that will enrich their experience. A rigorously tested clone script will help you in arriving at a robust online platform that can provide a safe and convenient online experience for the users. This will also eventually boost confidence among users to make use of your online platform.

These are some key factors to be kept in mind while picking the clone script for your online business. Now you will have a question in your mind.

Where can I get such an ideal clone script for my online business?

You can find such perfectly crafted clone scripts with unsurpassable performance only at renowned clone script-providing companies like Appkodes. Appkodes has rich expertise in delivering felicitous clone scripts for various online business models and so finding an apt clone script that best fits your online business concepts will be as easy as pie reaching Appkodes. So, pick a suitable clone script for your online business and kick-start your online business venture within your budget and short period by approaching Appkodes.

E-mail: appkodessales@hitasoft.com

Whatsapp: +917708004661.

Website: https://appkodes.com/contact-us/.


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An easy way to build an app for your online business.

NFT Development Guide for Business Owners


If you’re a business owner, you know that staying ahead of the competition is key to success. And to stay ahead, you need to be constantly innovating and evolving your business model. But how do you do that? How can you create something new when everything around you seems so familiar?

One way to develop new ideas is to explore the world of NFT development. NFTs are a relatively new technology, and there are still many possibilities for what they can be used for. So if you’re looking for ways to take your business to the next level, then NFT development may be just what you need.

#blockchain #hyperledger #web3 #nft #business #businesses #token #tokenization #tokens #decentralized #p2p #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #businesses #startup 

NFT Development Guide for Business Owners

Web 3.0 Development Guide for Business Owners


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but my fingers are itching to get back at it. So I hope you enjoy this article on the Web 3.0 Development Guide for Business Owners! 

I’m going to talk about some of the features and benefits of web 3.0 development, including decentralized apps.

With our Web 3.0 Development Guide, your business can now take advantage of these latest advancements in web tech!

#web3 #blockchain #token #tokenization #tokens #decentralized #p2p #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #businesses #startup

Web 3.0 Development Guide for Business Owners

What is NFT - Guide for Business Owners


In this post, we’ll explore what is NFT – what it is and what it means for business owners. 

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” which means that the product can only be used by the purchaser of the product. 

It does not mean that you cannot trade your products with other people or sell them to others on a case-by-case basis. It simply ensures that what you are selling will not be traded in any way other than what was agreed upon when purchasing the product.

#blockchain #hyperledger #nft #token #tokenization #tokens #decentralized #p2p #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #businesses #startup 

What is NFT - Guide for Business Owners

Why You Should Use Node.js In Your Business


Node.js is a powerful JavaScript-based runtime environment that provides the server-side for web applications. It was designed with scalability and performance in mind, making node an ideal solution for high-traffic websites or any other type of application where speed is desired. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at what node js offers to help make your site faster, more robust, and easier to maintain.

#node #startup #startups #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #javascript #backend 

Why You Should Use Node.js In Your Business

What is MVP - Minimum Viable Product Guide for Business Owners


What is MVP? MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. 

The goal of MVP is to get a product into the hands of users as quickly as possible to start gathering feedback. 

This allows businesses to shorten the time between when an idea is conceived and when it reaches the market.

If you’re looking to create an MVP for your business, be sure to read our comprehensive guide on what MVP is and how to create one.

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What is MVP - Minimum Viable Product Guide for Business Owners

Best Udemy Clone Script In 2021

Purchase our advanced feature-rich Udemy clone software to enhance your e-learning business. Our Udemy clone script is available in the web panel, Admin panel, Flutter Android, and iOS apps.

To know more:

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Best Udemy Clone Script In 2021

Udemy clone software

Purchase our advanced feature-rich Udemy clone software to enhance your e-learning business. Our Udemy clone script is available in the web panel, Admin panel, Flutter Android, and iOS apps.

To know more:

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Udemy clone software

Top SEO/Digital Marketing Services Providing Company In India

Scale-up your business brand to greater heights by hiring our expert digital marketing team. Our expert will use the latest Google algorithm techniques to rank your keywords and promote your brand.

To know more:

Follow us at @abservetech for more updates.

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Top SEO/Digital Marketing Services Providing Company In India

Enrich Your Online Doctor Consultation Business With Our Practo Clone

The Uberdoc Clone is to meet the purpose of the doctor who wants to serve their patients at an affordable rate. So, we at Abservetech provide this readymade Practo clone script at a modest range.


Follow @abservetech for more updates.

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Enrich Your Online Doctor Consultation Business With Our Practo Clone

Enrich Your Online Food Ordering Business With Our FoodStar

RebuEats provides the best in class online food ordering and Delivery solutions to entrepreneurs and startup companies. We design our UberEats module is to provide ease in the business flow as it streamlines your operation without investing your time.



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Enrich Your Online Food Ordering Business With Our FoodStar