Distributed SQL Summit Recap: Envoy and Service Meshes for Databases

In a microservice architecture, a service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer. Its primary function is to ensure that service-to-service contact is quick and reliable.. Check out our recap.

Edge Security Policy at Kubernetes Ingress Using Helm and Envoy

In this article, we discuss how to use mappings to securely expose a microservice in Kubernetes with helm to associate L7 policies with a microservice. EnRoute Ingress Controller is a lightweight shim on Envoy proxy that works using filters/plugins. This plugin/filter model is similar to how Envoy ...

Is Service Mesh Right for Your Infrastructure?

Is Service Mesh right for your Infrastructure? A Service Mesh doesn't replace a Kubernetes infrastructure. The idea between Service Mesh is to be the fabric underlying the service-to-=service connectivity and networking.

Service Mesh with Envoy

This post will cover a demo working setup of a service mesh architecture using Envoy using a demo application. In this service mesh architecture, we will be…

Using Envoy Proxy’s PostgreSQL and TCP Filters to Collect Yugabyte SQL Statistics

In this article, see how to use Envoy Proxy's PostgreSQL and TCP filters to collect Yugabyte SQL statistics. Using Envoy Proxy’s PostgreSQL and TCP Filters to Collect Yugabyte SQL Statistics - DZone Database

Open Service Mesh: a Service Mesh Implementation from Microsoft

Microsoft has released open service mesh (OSM), an alpha service mesh implementation compliant with the SMI specification. OSM covers standard features of a service mesh like canary releases, secure communication, and application insights, similar to other service mesh implementations like Istio, Linkerd, or Consul. Additionally, the OSM team is in the process of donating the project to the CNCF.

Using Envoy Proxy's PostgreSQL & TCP Filters to Collect Yugabyte SQL Statistics

Layer 7 proxies like NGINX and HAProxy have been popular since the mid-2000s. The term “proxy” refers to their role as an intermediary for the traffic between an application client and an application server.

Securing Dockerized Microservices With Open Policy Agent and Envoy

This blog post describes how to use OPA and Envoy to enforce authorization policies for a service. This is meant to demonstrate how dockerized services can easily use OPA in a non-Kubernetes environment.

Service Mesh in Kubernetes - Pictorially

As part of my learning in devops space, I started exploring service mesh and recently did a podcast. Here is the blog version which I think will be useful for others to get the big picture. This post assumes you are aware of how kubernetes works at a high level

Next Generation Client APIs in Envoy Mobile

Jose Nino guides the audience through the journey of Mobile APIs at Lyft. He focuses on how the team has reaped the benefits of API generation to experiment with the network transport layer. He also discusses recent developments the team has made with Envoy Mobile and the roadmap ahead.

gRPC & ASP.NET Core 3.1: How to create a gRPC service ?

You’ll need to open Visual Studio 2019 and select “gRPC service” in “Create a new project” screen: gRPC & ASP.NET Core 3.1: How to create a gRPC service ? – Anthony Giretti's .NET blog