Easy Steps to Synchronize Google Drive with JS 2 File Manager

The File Manager is a component similar to Windows File Explorer that allows users to efficiently manage, browse, download, and upload files. This blog explains the easy steps to synchronize your Google Drive with Essential JS 2 File Manager and download, upload, and preview images in it. Getting st

Sneak Peek at 2020 : Essential JS 2

In this blog, I am going to give you a quick overview of the new features we have planned for Essential JS 2 in the upcoming 2020 Volume 3 release. Let’s see them with a bird’s-eye view!

6 Easy Ways to Split a PDF Document Using C#

With the help of the Syncfusion PDF Library, you can easily split large PDF documents, and you can also automate the split function for batch processing.

Create and Update Table of Contents in Word Documents in .NET Core

Create and Update Table of Contents in Word Documents in .NET Core. When you create a long document with multiple headings or sections, such as project requirements, design guidelines, or user manuals, it can be difficult to understand the contents and navigate to a particular part.

How to Use Syncfusion’s React Rich Text Editor with React Redux Form

The Syncfusion React Rich Text Editor component is a WYSIWYG editor component that can be used to frame a UI form control. It works seamlessly with React Redux Form and can validate inputs in form fields.

Formatting the Essential JavaScript Spreadsheet–Number Formatting

Spreadsheet is one of the most popular file formats, used to view, analyze, and calculate data. It is used in calculating tax, goods quantity, total marks in a student report, expenses, and so on.

Resource View in EJ2 Gantt Chart: A Perfect Assistant

Resource management is a vital process in every organization. Resources should be allocated in projects effectively and efficiently to achieve the best productivity. Let’s consider human resources, for instance. It requires planning, scheduling tasks, and placing appropriate employees in the right teams at the right time.

Build PWAs with Blazor WebAssembly Using Syncfusion Blazor Components

This blog provides show notes for our July 28, 2020 webinar, “Build PWAs with Blazor WebAssembly Using Syncfusion Components,” hosted by Syncfusion product manager Sridhar Narasimhan. A recording of the webinar is embedded below. A transcript of the webinar Q&A segment is available at the en

Why Implement Infinite Scrolling for Web Needs, When It Is Available Ready-Made?

Infinite scrolling is about visualizing huge amounts of data in a single window that doesn’t end. Usually in infinite scrolling, data is fetched on demand when the scroll head reaches the bottom of the window. Infinite scrolling in DataGrid works in a similar way. Initially, a part of the data is

Sneak Peek at 2020 Volume 2: Essential JS 2

The Essential JS 2 platform is a JavaScript UI control library containing 65+ high performance, lightweight, modular, and responsive UI controls in a single package. To add some more interesting flowers to this bouquet of controls, we at Syncfusion are planning to release our 2020 Volume 2 with vers