How Is Ethical AI Different From Fair AI

Ethical AI & fair AI are used interchangeably, but there are differences. To understand the challenges of AI system, we must understand these differences

Overcoming the Racial Bias in AI

The results of any AI developed today is entirely dependent on the data on which it trains. If the data is distributed--intentionally or not--with a bias toward any category of data over another, then the AI will display that bias. What is a better way forward to handle this possibility toward bias when the datasets involve human beings?

Can AI Learn Human Values?

OpenAI believes that the path to safe AI requires social sciences.

A Useful Tool to Collect Data: Web Scraping

In particular, this article will try to explain some features that HTML has to implement a web scraping tool successfully and how they relate to Python. The primary purpose of this article is to show the usefulness behind web scraping and how statisticians could take advantage of this method

The Pandemic Has Ended the Amazon Debate

In April, OneZero’s Brian Merchant made the case that the pandemic put an end to the Amazon debate: Considering a long list of abuses at the company, he argues, shopping on its platform is unethical.

The Ethics of Software Development with Uncle Bob Martin

I recently ran into this hot take from Uncle Bob Martin (surprise!) on the need for ethics in the software industry. He makes some very interesting points in this interview that I think is worth considering.

Great News About Self-Regulation In VPN industry: i2Coalition’s VTI Essentials

In the last decade, the VPN market has been steadily growing, and this growth was spiked even further in 2020. Two main reasons contributed to an even more expansive use of VPN software: 1) Covid-19, quarantine, and work from home set the needs for home network security; 2) cybercrime has been on the rise and cybersecurity became a more common issue.

Ethically Collecting Conversations With People that have Cognitive Impairments

Improving the Accessibility of Voice Assistants: Doing Things Right. This practical guide aims to help future researchers, like me, collect these valuable datasets quickly without compromising any ethical considerations or data security.

Hippocratic Oath for Data Scientists

I tried to establish several principles of ethics that will guide me and inform the good data science practice. I also wrote a draft referring to the Hippocratic oath for Data Science that I will share with you in this article.

Anne Currie Discusses Cloud Providers and the Environmental Impact of Software

Charles Humble talks to Anne Currie from Container Solutions, exploring the environmental impact of technology. They look at how technology compares to other industries such as aviation and farming, how the big cloud providers compare in terms of their commitments to reducing carbon emissions, and the impact of the choices made by individual developers and software architects.

Goodhart’s Law for Data Science and what happens when a measure becomes a target?

Goodhart’s Law for Data Science and what happens when a measure becomes a target? When developing analytics and algorithms to better understand a business target, unintended biases can sneak in that ensure desired outcomes are obtained. Guiding your work with multiple metrics in mind can help avoid such consequences of Goodhart's Law.

The Best Royalty Free Stock Photos to Apply in Your Blog

Today you will learn how important it is to use images in your posts and where to find the best royalty-free photos and images that you can use on your blogs.

Can We Just Turn Off Dangerous AI?

Can We Just Turn Off Dangerous AI? The most common misconception about AI safety.

Why Is It So Hard To Build An Ethical ML Framework For Healthcare

As data collection is a key concern of the building the ethical machine learning pipeline, it should be framed as an important front-of-mind.

The Ethics of AI and Autonomous Vehicles

In a perfect world, AI should be developed to avoid unethical issues, but that may be unlikely since those issues cannot always be predicted. In an automated society, human beings will have the responsibility to support and protect each other more than today.

Fairness in A.I.

Fairness in A.I. We show that in settings where data exhibits bias along some axes (eg. gender, race), failure modes of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) exacerbate the biases in the generated data.

Automatons and Super Intelligence

Understanding AI’s future through its two potential states. In this article, I aim to break down what we should expect from these states and the possible ethical issues that could arise when dealing with them.

Practical Data Ethics — How You Can Make Your Data Work More Ethical

In this post I’ll be covering the ways in which a junior data professional can go about starting conversations around ethical approaches to analytics especially when they have little to no decision-making power in their larger organization.

Ethics, AI, and Responsible ML: Design Principles and Potential Dangers

We don’t consider ethics as part of the AI creation and development process, even for Narrow AI, we could still unleash tremendous harm on society, even sometimes without realising it.

AI & Multiple Commitments

AI & Multiple Commitments. I am committed to learning more about artificial intelligence (AI) and have been writing one new article about or related to AI every day for 456 days.