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Managed VPS Hosting Servers for Website Lightning-fast Speed

Managed VPS Hosting is a managed service where you need not worry about anything related to server management. In Managed VPS Hosting, your service provider takes care of server maintenance like updating the core, software installation, backup, security, and more. Managed VPS Hosting is a hosting plan which is completely managed by a full-time team of in-house technical experts. The benefits of a 10GB Hosting web host Managed VPS Hosting service plan include Cloud Virtual Servers, Flexible Upgrades, Full Root/RDP Access, KVM Virtualization, Instant VPS Provisioning, Up to 1 Gbps port, Choose your OS, Dedicated IP Address, DDoS Protection, SSD Based Servers, VPS Control Panel, Scalable CPU and RAM, 4 locations, Traffic(100 Mbps port), Enterprise-Grade Hardware.

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Managed VPS Hosting Servers for Website Lightning-fast Speed
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Affordable Linux Hosting Server for your Website

Cheap Linux Hosting is the most popular hosting service in the industry. Most websites are now hosted using cheap linux hosting due to their affordable price and flexibility. Linux Hosting is compatible with PHP, MySQL, Zen Cart, and phpBB. It is an excellent choice because it supports just about everything you need or want in your website from blogs to online stores and more. You use cPanel to manage your cheap linux hosting account and websites in any web browser. It's generally easier to use. cPanel is an online Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) used as a control panel to simplify website and server management. The cPanel control panel allows you to publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, create email accounts, and more. Features of 10GB Hosting cheap linux hosting details: cPanel Control Panel, 24x7 Days Technical Support, 99.9% Uptime, Free Migration.

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Affordable Linux Hosting Server for your Website
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Start Your Own Webhosting Business with Linux Reseller Hosting Service

Best Linux Reseller Hosting is one of the most popular forms of Reseller Hosting. It is slowly becoming one of the growing means of many businesses. People generally buy a larger plan/package from one of the bigger reliable hosting providers and then split the resources like disk space, ram, CPU, and bandwidth, to resell further to other clients acting as a hosting provider itself. If your business starts to grow or expand, you also can scale up your resources and cater to more people.
1. Economical: Linux is much more affordable and cheaper because it is open-source software and does not require licensing charges to be paid to use it like Windows. So this makes a very good choice for starting your reseller hosting business.

2. Flexibility: Since Linux is open source-based software, it is compatible with a lot of coding languages and CRM's like WordPress, Magento, etc. It is also much easier to maintain, and even a person with very little technical knowledge can manage a Linux Reseller Hosting business.

3. Stability, Updates & Support: Linux systems are generally more stable and it is an open-source platform there are a lot of developer communities who continuously work to make it better and provide much better features and functionalities.

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Start Your Own Webhosting Business with Linux Reseller Hosting Service
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For what purpose you can use a dedicated server hosting?

The Dedicated Server is a single computer connected to the internet. This computer and all its process power are dedicated to a single person or an organization. It means that the computer resources aren't shared with anyone else. You have complete control of the machine and can run any software you want on that particular computer. Usually dedicated servers are used to serve the website requests like images, HTML, videos, etc. But they are also been used for different purposes. Most clients owning a website that runs a dedicated server pay a fee monthly according to the support, bandwidth, power systems, infrastructure, and much more features that are being included in the service by the company.

The dedicated server is used by those businesses and companies who require advanced resources that are huge in scale and bandwidth. Your hosting will not share a single resource with a different website or a server in the Dedicated server. Assume that you are getting many visitors on your website daily and there are more transactions and form filings taking place on the website. In such types of cases, you require dedicated server hosting. For hosting your website you can go with a 10GB Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting Europe. They offer the best and reliable web hosting services to their clients.

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For what purpose you can use a dedicated server hosting?
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Best Linux Hosting plans in the UK

Linux Web Hosting is the preferred type of hosting for those people in the field of web designing. Many developers depend on cPanel to manage the hosting platform. The cPanel feature is used to simplify operations on the Linux platform. cPanel, you can easily handle your development tasks in one place. cPanel has two separate interfaces: the user interface and WHM. cPanel, you can produce websites, manage domains, create email accounts, store files, and more.
Users don't have access to the cPanel control panel with Linux. cPanel application is a third-party tool, but hosting providers it includes in their hosting packages. Web Hosting Providers offer a package that provides the Best Linux Hosting with the cPanel control panel interface. Control your website with the help of a modern web hosting control panel and user-friendly graphical cPanel.
An extremely fast Linux Web Hosting service is right for you !! No worry if you have a new blog or a popular business website.

Basic Linux Hosting plan:

  • 1 Website
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10 Database
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Free SSL

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Best Linux Hosting plans in the UK
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Which is the best web hosting for eCommerce Websites?

If you are going to deploy an eCommerce Website, I will suggest a Dedicated or any VPS Hosting plan rather than shared hosting plans. For all hosting solutions, I would recommend you to choose, 10GB Hosting.

Shared Hosting Plans are best suited for Blogs and other small websites. But if you have Commercial Website then you need 24/7 uptime as well as security. In a Shared plan, if someone hosts a website that has any Banned Content then this hosting provider can block all the websites which have on that particular shared server. But in Dedicated Server Hosting USA, there is a special place for the application or website which you can use as per your wish.

If compare to Shared vs. Dedicated vs. VPS there is some price difference, But you can get higher security for your website.

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Which is the best web hosting for eCommerce Websites?
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5 Benefits of cPanel Linux Reseller Hosting

1. Interactive User Interface:
The cPanel has a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. Both you and your customers will benefit from the ease of use, along with multiple features that make it easy to control all website and server related functions.
2. Highly Customizable:
cPanel is highly customizable, allowing you to align it with your brand identity. You can add custom URL branding, make HTML customizations, and even add your brand logo to give it a complete brand-aligned look and feel.
3. Easy Account Management:
From billing, sales, invoices to reports — cPanel makes it easy for you to control and manage all aspects of your Reseller Hosting account.
4. Efficient List and Orders Management:
Be it contact lists or order lists, cPanel allows you to manage lists and orders. 
5. Offers Customer Satisfaction:
The benefits of cPanel are incomplete without mentioning how it benefits not just you but your customers. As the Best Linux Reseller Hosting user offer complete product and customer satisfaction is undoubtedly one of your top priorities, and cPanel helps you offering just that.
Your customers will be able easy to manage their products, have a complete overview of their account, easy view paid and pending invoices — and a lot more with a single account that allows everything!

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5 Benefits of cPanel Linux Reseller Hosting
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A dedicated server gives your website the best performance

A dedicated web hosting server is simply when your server is not shared with others. Your site is the only one on that server and you’ll have a full run of the server’s resources.
Pros of Dedicated Server Hosting Europe:
Faster speed, connectivity and upload time.
Ability to manage large amounts of traffic without interrupting service.
More storage and data options.
Total control of your own server.
More security and difficult to hack, making this ideal for companies with lots of customer information or large corporate accounts.
Ability to run software and utilities of your own choosing.
The Control panel has more features giving you a greater amount of control.
Customer service is more “hands-on” with dedicated servers since you are paying more.

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A dedicated server gives your website the best performance

Ticketmaster Scores Hefty Fine Over 2018 Data Breach

Ticketmaster’s UK division has been slapped with a $1.65 million fine by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK, over its 2018 data breach that impacted 9.4 million customers.

The fine (£1.25million) has been levied after the ICO found that the company “failed to put appropriate security measures in place to prevent a cyber-attack on a chat-bot installed on its online payment page” – a failure which violates the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In June 2018, the ticket-selling giant said that it found malware within a customer chat function for its websites, hosted by Inbenta Technologies. Worryingly, the malicious code was found to be accessing an array of information, including name, address, email address, telephone number, payment details and Ticketmaster login details. It later came to light that the attack was the work of the Magecart gang, known for injecting payment skimmers into vulnerable website components.

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Ticketmaster Scores Hefty Fine Over 2018 Data Breach
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Featured offered by POPO SSM Panel

Social media is a large hub with different apps. you can target large groups like Facebook, LinkedIn groups. Here are people who need to increase their popularity. It’s easier to sell the likes, followers, shares, etc. to the groups.
SMM Panel can help you increase YouTube View and Increase conversation. It is the fastest way to increase your YouTube views, and it can help to increase likes and boost your views with just one click.
Quality SMM Panel can help to increase Facebook Page Likes, Facebook Followers, Increase Post Likes, Auto comments and boost views.
The Best SMM Panel can help you to boost your tweets. We can help you to increase Twitter followers as your requirement. Also boost your Twitter re-tweets, likes, and favorites.
A Cheap SMM Panel can help you increase Instagram’s real followers, Videos & Picture Likes, Boost live viewers count, and get custom comments to increase your post engagement.
A Good SMM Panel can help to increase LinkedIn Page Likes, Increase Post Likes, Auto Comments, and boost views.
All These services are 100% private and will NOT be shared with anyone. Always remember one thing that the SMM Panel is a secure Panel.

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Featured offered by POPO SSM Panel

Be Ready As Europe Is All Set to Win the Artificial Intelligence Race

Europe is progressively awakening to the fact that it is one of the world’s greatest digital markets
The United States received huge rewards from the last influx of benefits development, getting home to a portion of the world’s best tech organizations, for example, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, and Microsoft. Then, numerous parts of the world, including the European Union, paid an economic price remaining uninvolved. Perceiving that missing the next wave of development—for this situation, AI—would be comparatively dangerous, numerous countries are making a move to guarantee they play a large role in the next digital transformation of the global economy.

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Be Ready As Europe Is All Set to Win the Artificial Intelligence Race

eCommerce in nordic | How to sell on Nordic Marketplaces

Mainly These four western European countries, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, are largely governed by eCommerce in the Nordic region. The Nordic & Scandinavians tend to purchase from native eCommerce sites, unlike most regions in the world where giants such as Amazon & eBay dominate the market. These specific shopping patterns make it easier to sell on Nordic markets for retailers. Cdon, Elgiganten, Fyndiq, Zalando, and Wish are the top market places in the country.

sell in nordic region


E-commerce in the Nordic regions has been growing for the past decade and has reached an all-time high. In reality, total market spending on online shopping has increased to EUR 30 billion in Sweden alone. The area provides retailers with endless opportunities to create and scale small- and medium-sized enterprises. And the best part is that to set a firm foot in these commercially fertile grounds, you do not need to be a native Nordic.

How to Sell on Nordic Marketplaces?

You need to meet these guidelines to sell on the Nordic market:

  • Go through the facts and analyze the possibilities.
  • Find more about the best selling goods and categories
  • Select the highest selling location on the market
  • All the popular payment methods in the area are included.
  • Delivery, Shipping and Returns Strategy Plan.
  • Look for cross-border possibilities
  • Know the new and upcoming trends in eCommerce
  • Select the best Options for the Nordic marketplace
  • Selling Enjoy

Learn more about best marketplaces in nordic Countries.

There is no question that Nordic eCommerce is developing rapidly, and this growth has opened up enough opportunities for online sellers to take online their business and sell on Nordic markets. Customers in this area enjoy shopping, and the entire Nordic market is turning towards the online strategy. In Denmark, just under half a third of the total online store population, and the same is also the case with other Nordic countries.

The bottom line is that you need to cover all your bases to sell on Nordic markets, evaluate your target demographic, the new trends, look for the best markets, the best-selling products, the best platform, and then you are all set to do wonders.

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eCommerce in nordic | How to sell on Nordic Marketplaces

Alternatives of Amazon and eBay in European Marketplaces

Are you selling on Amazon and eBay in the European region and want to expand your business on more marketplaces?
Do you ever think of selling apart from Amazon and eBay in Europe? If you have this question running in your mind then you can certainly expand your business on more European Online Marketplaces apart from Amazon and eBay.

Although Amazon and eBay are at the top there are various other marketplaces that are leading in Europe. There are 50 different countries in Europe where languages spoken by people is more than 200 and the currencies used is more than 28.

What are the Best European Marketplaces to sell online?

The best online selling European marketplaces include:

  • Fruugo
  • CDon
  • Mano Mano
  • OnBuy


Fruugo is the eCommerce trading site in the UK that is spread in 46 countries. It has active users base of more than 25 million. This online marketplace supports 22 currencies and 17 languages.
Fruugo is the 3rd largest eCommerce in the marketplace in the world. The buyer’s persona explains that the number of male and female customers are equal in the number.

The age of the majority of the customers is between 25 to 34. The two-third sales on Fruugo are of cross border and these international sales are the evidence of it having the order value of $50.00. When the conversation rate of considered then it is 2-3% of the visitors.

Fruggo aims at providing good choices and complete freedom to the customers to shop from any corner of the world on a single global marketplace. In the past three years, Fruggo has raised its sales to 200% year on year.


CDON.COM was established in 1999 and is the driving Commercial centre within the Nordic locale-based out of Sweden.
CDON Commercial centre conveys to over 2 million clients from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland and permits merchants from Europe (vendors got to be enrolled with a VAT number in a European nation) to list their items and appear them to over 100 million guests each year.

The Commercial centre offers a wide extend of items such as media, household, IT, sports, magnificence, domestic gadgets, SDA and toys as it were to specify some among others.
CDON Commercial centre works difficult to maximize a wide and subjective item grouping to its clients and welcome dealers with tall excitement and a verifiable service-mind.

Mano Mano-

One of the foremost amazing put to find DIY and planting devices, ManoMano was built up in 2013. Among the pioneers in its specialty, Manomano draws in thousands of buyers from the driving European economies – Germany, UK, France, Spain, and Italy Too, it is more of an aggregator commercial center since it doesn’t claim the stock and doesn’t offer coordinations.

Vendors are free to decide the shipment process according to their convenience. Mano mano is visited by 95000 sellers across France, Italy, UK, Spain, and Germany.


OnBuy marketplace was founded in November 2016 and is the world’s fastest-growing marketplace. The best categories selling on OnBuy are electricals, home and garden, baby and toddler and cars and automotive. OnBuy does not compete with the sellers, instead, this marketplace helps the small and medium businesses to grow their business globally. By the year 2023, OnBuy is planning to expand in 140 additional countries.

CedCommerce is the Official channel integration partners with OnBuy marketplace. This partnership is an opportunity for sellers to expand their business in the European region and grow the eCommerce business.
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Why should you Sell on OnBuy Marketplace?

  • Low Commission fees ranging from 5-9%
  • Sell to millions of buyers
  • Paypal Seller protection
  • Frictionless payment through Paypal
  • Wide Range of categories to Sell
  • Possible Expansion in 140 countries in Future
  • Increased Number of Customers
  • UK-based support team
  • Fulfilment Services by OnBuy, Click to know more about Marketplace Alternatives of Amazon and eBay in Europe

Final Thoughts

In the end, it all boils down to the alternatives of Amazon and eBay that are selling in Europe. Across the globe, there are many marketplaces to sell on and the famous marketplaces of Europe have been discussed above. Like a buyer does the research before buying a product so must you as the seller also do before selling the products of the marketplaces.

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Alternatives of Amazon and eBay in European Marketplaces

How Could AI Industry in Britain Be Impacted Post Brexit?

The future of Britain’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector post-Brexit.

The United Kingdom is already one of the leading countries for AI and is home to some of the world’s most advanced AI companies, academics, and research centres. As being said, the nation has the opportunity to be a global leader in AI, but navigating Brexit  might be a challenge. On January 31, 2020, the UK formally called off its EU membership  in Brussels, with a deal called the withdrawal agreement. However, the deal only set out the process of how the UK would leave the EU. It covers areas, including citizens’ rights, info about ways to stop checks along the Irish border, and the UK’s financial settlement.

Experts now are very concerned about the impact upon the technology and innovation sector that largely relies on what models the UK  will adopt. Some have considered that Britain’s AI sector  could get a boost from Brexit if the country can escape from poorly-constructed regulations being drafted in the EU.

Though negotiations on the future relationships between the UK and EU were always envisioned to be held after Brexit day and during the transition period of 11 months, the period ends on December 31, 2020. Later on, the UK will drop out of the EU’s primary trading arrangements.

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How Could AI Industry in Britain Be Impacted Post Brexit?

Measuring community type in Europe

In a recent post, we highlighted some of the complications of determining whether communities in the United States are urban, suburban or rural, as well as how official government measures can differ from how survey respondents describe their own communities.

This isn’t just a challenge in an American context. In this post, we’ll look at how the same issue can arise internationally.


Pew Research Center survey conducted in the spring of 2018 asked people in four European countries — Greece, Hungary, Italy and Poland — to identify what kind of community they live in. Surveys were conducted face-to-face and stratified by urbanity using the degree of urbanization (DEGURBA), which allowed us to compare respondents’ self-reported community type to official government classifications.

Image for post

Overall, around a third (34%) of the 4,103 respondents across these four countries described the area where they live as a “big city.” Roughly a quarter said they live in a “town or small city” (28%) or a “country village” (25%). Smaller shares described their community as “the suburbs or outskirts of a big city” (11%) or “a farm or home in the countryside” (2%).

To make these descriptions comparable to outside measures of population density, we collapsed the self-reported measures into three categories: urban, suburban and rural (the same categories we use in the U.S.). Those who identified as living in a big city are classified as urban. Those who said they live in the suburbs or outskirts of a big city, along with those in a town or small city, are considered suburban. Those who described their community as a country village or said they live on a small farm or home in the countryside are coded as rural.

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Measuring community type in Europe