Why DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas - Virtual 2020 Will Be Amazing

I owe so much of my career to conferences. Over the past 20 years, I've learned so much from the best in the game sharing what they know, spanning the domains of Dev, Ops, Infosec, Audit, and eventually, DevOps!

Event Bus (PubSub) in Vue 3

Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework

DevConf.US 2020 - AppDev & Containerization and Ask the Experts Panels

The Fall officially kicks off the last few years for me with DevConf.US, and it's no different for 2020 except that it's all going to be virtual.

React Events

In this blog, we will be going to get an overview of React Events, these events occur on various actions like user action or system-generated events. For eg: window resize, web page loading, keypress, mouse hover, mouse click, and many other interactive actions are known as events.

The Mozilla Developer Roadshow: Asia Tour Retrospective and 2020 Plans.

November 2019 was a busy month for the Mozilla Developer Roadshow, with stops in five Asian cities —Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, and Bangkok. Today, we’re releasing a playlist of the talks presented in Asia.

Shift Remote 2020 - DevOps Heroes

At the time it was not yet fully planned out and the exact date and times were yet to be finalized. Well, now we have a set schedule and I'll be coming at you online with a DevOps focused session on helping you become a DevOps hero by adding some new tools to your toolbox.Let's take a look at what this online event looks like shall we? First off, the talk and abstract are online for the event. Head over to the event site and check the schedule, looking for E11 (event 11) being hosted on Dec 8, 2020. You should find the following listed: