The Genetic Algorithm

The first concept that programmers or application developers grapple with is the concept of algorithm. When a user or programmer is looking for a solution to a problem, he or she specifies a strategy or set of instructions needed to solve the problem, called an algorithm.

What is Evolution (GEN) | What is Evolution token | What is GEN token

Evolution (GEN) project is the first to introduce elastic emission of token per block making the next step in the yield farming industry. It adds powerful layer to tokenomics and strengthens sustainability of the farm. Emission is tied up to the price of the token — it speeds up when the price goes up and slows down when it drops. Such correlation will significantly improve stability of the farm. What is Evolution (GEN) | What is Evolution token | What is GEN token

Thirteen Surprising Facts About Artificial Intimacy

Some surprising ways AI is hijacking our emotional lives. Here are Thirteen Surprising Facts About Artificial Intimacy

Evolution is Rife With Good Metaphors for Artificial Intelligence

The fundamental theories and techniques behind artificial intelligence parallel that of natural selection.

Future Tech: Artificial intelligence and The Singularity

In this new series Future Tech, I pick a topic about the future in technology and discuss my thoughts and opinions on what we might…

The Evolution of Web Development

Looking back to the era where there was no internet is quite difficult. With more and more devices connecting regularly to the internet and the different types of devices evolving, undoubtedly the internet is rapidly growing.

Evolutionary Decision Trees: When Machine Learning draws its Inspiration from Biology

Using knowledge in Biology as a source of inspiration is also possible in Machine Learning. In this article, I will focus on one example: Evolutionary Decision Trees.

Color Differences Between The Sexes Driven By Simple Molecular Mechanisms

Sexual dimorphism — physical differences between the sexes of the same species — is a widespread and fascinating, yet mysterious, natural phenomenon.

Hidden In Plain Sight: New Cockatoo Subspecies Identified In Australia

A large genetic study has uncovered a new subspecies of one of Australia’s most iconic birds, the red-tailed black cockatoo, Calyptorhynchus banksii.

Variants, Lineages, and Strains of Coronavirus

All viruses mutate. How fast depends on several factors. Viruses with an RNA genome tend to mutate faster than viruses with a DNA genome. This is because RNA viruses have less ability to fix errors when their genetic material is copied to make virus particles inside infected cells.

Strength. Humanity. : The Effects of Rapidly Changing Technology

The world we live in…is anything but normal. Sanity. Strength. Humanity. : The Effects of Rapidly Changing Technology

Java Optional API Evolution

I will describe how the Optional class, which was introduced in Java 8, changed through the time to achieve its current state in Java 14.

Darwin’s Finch Beak Evolution Statistical Analysis

We will study the evolution of Darwin’s finch beak theory using exploratory data analysis &validate the theory using statistical inference.

Data Science is Dead. Long Live Business Science!

The 5 lessons anyone could learn from the humble salmon. Data is an unreliable friend, and hardly anything about it is actually scientific. So what, Data Science?


History, Shows the mystery of AI. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have implemented your first algorithm without touching a single line of code. You’ll use Machine Learning techniques to classify real data using basic functions in Excel. You don’t have to be a genius or a programmer to understand machine learning.

Evolution and Future of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Overview of History of Natural Language Processing (NLP) , Current trends in Natural Language Processing and Scope of Natural Language Processing