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Linear Regression in Python: Sklearn vs Excel

Is Microsoft excel a good alternative for a quick and approximate linear regression prediction business case? I think yes, but let’s do a…Around 13 years ago, Scikit-learn development started as a part of Google Summer of Code project by David Cournapeau. As time passed Scikit-learn became one of the most famous machine learning library in Python. It offers several classifications, regression and clustering algorithms and its key strength, in my opinion, is seamless integration with Numpy, Pandas and Scipy.

How to use the notorious VLOOKUP function in Google Sheets?

And how to overcome the various challenges it poses. One of the most amazing (and confusing) function of Google Sheets (or Microsoft Excel) is VLOOKUP.

How to Export Data to Excel File in Angular Application

We will see how to export data to Excel file in Angular application. While working with the web applications, We often need to export data into pdf, excel, JSON, etc for generating invoices, reports and other analytical data to the user.

Reading 100’s of PDF Files in 2 Minutes

It could be a solution if you used to extract data from more than PDF file on a regular basis i.e. monthly, weekly .. etc. Today I’ll explain how to read couple of lines and numbers from each file instead of copy and past the Word file after converting it.

Bar Chart: Data Visualization in Python, R, Tableau and Excel

Bar charts are one of the most popular ways to visualize your data. We’ll also discover the ‘Excel’, ‘Tableau’, ‘Python’, and ‘R’ built-in functionalities that help you create bar charts with ease.

How Can You Choose Right Graphs And Charts For Your Data?

Everyone face difficulties in selecting the correct charts and graphs for their visualisations. There are few things that one should consider before selecting the type of chart for there visualization.

Why Excel is the best way to learn data analytics

The more I advance into analytics, the more I come back to Excel as a teaching and prototyping cool. Yes, of course, Excel has its weaknesses — but as a medium for learning, it’s unmatched.

A Statistical Analysis for Beginner — Red Wine Quality

Build a Regression Model in EXCEL. Recently, I found a data about red wine quality from here. Which chemical composition might effect the red wine quality?

Excel Formulas | Excel Formulas And Functions | Excel Basics For Beginners

Excel is the oldest and most widely used business intelligence tool as of today in the industries. This video on Excel Functions and Formulas covers all the important formulas and essential functions that you should know in Excel. You will learn about mathematical, character, date-time, and some financial functions that will ease your calculations and perform your task better. So, let's get started.

We Have Excel, Who Needs SQL?

Why bother? To answer that provocative question: we all need SQL. We need both Excel and SQL (short for Structured Query Language), sometimes called “ess-cue-el,” and some other times called “sequel,” this article will explain why.

Weave a web for spider charts on Tableau with the help of Excel

Weave a web for spider charts with the help of Excel. At the end of last article “An Easy Way to Draw Spider Charts on Tableau — Part I”.

Exploring Salary Data Trends in Excel and Python

Exploring Salary Data Trends in Excel and Python - How to clean and analyze anonymized, self-reported salary data from Google Sheets into Python/Jupyter Notebook.

Using Excel reference functions in Pandas

Full code available at my repo. In this article, I will create a dataset from scratch using Pandas, but referencing the values of other cells while filling the dataset.

Setting Formulas in Excel with Apache POI

Learn how to set and evaluate Excel formulas in Java with Apache POI. In this quick tutorial, we're going to talk about how we can set formulas in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using Apache POI through a simple example.

Generating JSON Data From an Excel File

In this brief article, see how to generate JSON from an Excel file with a Java tool. Generating JSON Data From an Excel File

How To Export Data To Excel In Blazor - Asp.Net Core

Creating and exporting data to Excel file is one of the frequently used feature in web apps. We will learn about how to export data to excel in Blazor WebAssembly or Server project in this post. but I will use Blazor WebAssembly in this article. Why I came up with this post? This is because few days back, someone posted his problem about exporting data to excel from Blazor using Asp.Net Core API in one of the groups of Blazor community and he was trying to solve the problem from last few days, but no success even after so much googling.

Hackers and Slackers - Private Site Access

There are several platforms and programming languages for data science and machine learning project implementation (**see image above**).

A Non-Volatile INDIRECT Alternative in Excel using the Pub/Sub Pattern

The INDIRECT function in Excel is a tricky beast. One the one hand it can be incredibly useful, but on the other hand it is responsible… A Non-Volatile INDIRECT Alternative in Excel using the Pub/Sub Pattern. Dramatically improve spreadsheet performance and decouple your ...

Invigorate Excel with Python

Here's top 3 integration methods and what you can do with Python. Let us then explore some of the options available to us, to invigorate Excel with the superpowers of Python!

Basics of Forecast Accuracy

It is near impossible to calculate the accurate forecast despite the availability of multiple forecasting methods. And it is recommended that we should run various forecast models and compare them to find out which model is giving us a more accurate forecast. Let's dive into basics Forecast accuracy