Excel VBA

Excel-VBA (Visual Basic for Applications for Microsoft Excel) is the dominant programming language for Microsoft Office Excel. It is an event-driven and object-oriented programming language for writing macros for Microsoft Office applications like Excel

Accessing Google Spreadsheet Data using Python

If you’re building a simple internal app and you might probably be thinking that ‘I’m going to need a database now right!’. Well, Not so fast.

How to automatically insert a copied row after a specific value in a cell with VBA

I have a table that contains a set of bundles that have to be broken down into their components. For this I'm looking for VBA instructions that will copy any row that contains the tag "-edubnd" at the end of the 'sku' cell (please see table bellow for example) twice underneath itself.

VBA copy and paste part of cell

Column A contains an ID number and a font: TF876 Brush Script. Each cell in Column B contains unique text: Unique text here

To VBA and beyond - building a RESTful backend using plain Microsoft Excel macros

When my coworkers and I discussed backend technologies for an upcoming project, someone jokingly mentioned Excel as people widely misused it as a terrible database replacement. Although we settled for .NET, the idea of using Excel as a backend fascinated me. Since I just recently finished my bachelor's thesis and had some spare time, I thought I'd give it a shot and see how far I'd get.

Dynamically Select Cells For Use in a VBA Function

I've written the function below that I would like to use dynamically in my excel sheet where the function would assess the value of the variable selected in the formula and based on that value, perform a simple calculation referencing values in cells in different columns but in the same row.

How can I make a loop to run this code 15 times using a list of the range variables I defined?

I am running the same code for each of 15 static Ranges on the (current) Worksheet_Change event. Each range is evaluated by itself. I am checking for duplicates, but not across ranges, only in each individual range. But all ranges must be checked (or up until action) before the procedure ends. The cells are being filled by user selections from dynamic drop down lists for all cells.