Fastify Crash Course | Node.js Framework

Fastify is a "fast" Node.js framework. In this video, we will build a REST API with validation schemas and swagger documentation. Fastify Crash Course | Node.js Framework

Custom Cache plugin in Fastify using hooks and node-cache

Custom Cache plugin in Fastify using hooks and node-cache

Is Fastify The New Express.js? | Getting Started Tutorial Fastify 2021 Node Framework

In this video I look at Fastify and see why it's better or not better the Express.js. Then I create a quick CRUD app out of it, and show you how easy it is to work!.

Separation Of Concerns: Example with A Nodejs-Fastify-MongoDB Stack

Separation of concerns: example with a Nodejs-Fastify-MongoDB stack. In this article we will go through some maintainability issues and techniques to avoid them, using a nodejs web server built with Fastify (web framework) and Mongodb (database) as example.

Plugins 101 | Fastify Web Framework for Node.js | REST API Routes, .env, MongoDB

Plugins 101. Fastify web framework for Node.js. REST API Routes, .env, MongoDB.

Fastify Web Framework for Node.js | Getting Started

Fastify web framework for Node.js | Getting started

Fastify Tutorial (Better than Express?)

Fastify Tutorial (Better than Express?)

How to Migrate Your App from Express to Fastify

Learn what makes Fastify a great alternative, and how to migrate an existing Node.js app from Express to Fastify.

Serving 100k Requests/second From A Fanless Raspberry Pi 4 Over Ethernet

Serving 100k Requests/second From A Fanless Raspberry Pi 4 Over Ethernet. Irecently hooked up my Raspberry Pi 4 to my TV and because I hadn’t benchmarked something in a while I decided to see if I could serve 100k HTTP req/sec from this little thing, over an actual Ethernet cable.

Developing a RESTful API using Fastify

Node.js RESTful API boilerplate using Traefik, Docker, Docker Compose, Fastify, JWT and Mongodb - pinceladasdaweb/docker-fastify-restful-api

React Server Side Rendering Support for Fastify with Next

React server side rendering support for Fastify with Next Framework.

How to Build a Blazingly Fast CRUD API with Fastify

Learn how to build a fast and simple CRUD API using Fastify, while also implementing data validation and adding plugins. Fastify is a framework for backend web development with a powerful plugin architecture and the least overhead. It’s primarily inspired by Hapi and Express and is one of the fastest web frameworks running on Node.js.

I Built the Same API With Fastify, Express & Bare Node.js. Here are the differences.

Fastify came to my mind — so I wrote the same API three times again — in pure Node.js, in Express.js, and in Fastify. And now let me show you how Fastify performs against the competition.

A Simplified Technique for Express Routing

This tutorial will focus on one of my favorite techniques for structuring the route files. This approach uses the folder and file structure to build the API.

How to Build a RESTFUL Service using Fastify

In this article, we will learn how to build a RESTFUL service using Fastify by Creating a CRUD API with Fastify. Fastify is a high-performance

How to Use Node.js, Fastify and Auth0 to protect REST API

I hope this helps you to add authentication to your own Fastify REST API.