Monitor serverless configuration changes with Datadog Deployment Tracking

Use Datadog's Deployment Tracking to monitor the impact of code and configuration changes on the performance of your serverless functions.

Kubernetes Portability: Must-Have or Shiny Object Syndrome?

As with other aspects of Kubernetes, there’s a mix of what end-users think they want, what they actually end up using and the buzzwords that are thrown around in the industry but don’t necessarily reflect the actual way most organizations use technology. 

Who Needs a Dashboard? Why the Kubernetes Command Line Is Not Enough

Kubernetes is complex, and relying on the command line and raw data feeds can become so overwhelming that even an experienced Kubernetes engineer could easily miss something important.

3 Ways to Use Automation in CI/CD Pipelines

CloudBees sponsored this post. Successful DevOps, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) largely hinge on automation in a number of ways. This is because scripts, plugins and other tools for automation help to standardize production and deployment processes, leaving less room for software delivery error. By relying on automated processes to complete repetitive and …

NVidia’s Planned Acquisition of Arm Portends Radical Data Center Changes

NVidia’s Planned Acquisition of Arm Portends Radical Data Center Changes. This is about targeting data centers, in the widest possible sense, but also capturing all the value NVidia can bring to data centers with the Arm ecosystem.

Watchdog surfaces root cause insights and Kubernetes anomalies

Watchdog automatically maps the services affected by an issue to locate the root cause and detects anomalies within your Kubernetes environment.

VMworld 2020: Can a Single Vendor Pull DevOps into One API?

Encompassing data center and multicloud operations for legacy infrastructure and cloud native, VMware seeks to support organizational requirements under a single umbrella.

Design an Edge System for the Cloud Native Edge Infrastructure

In the previous article, I discussed how Rancher’s K3s lightweight Kubernetes distribution, Calico networking software, and the Portworx open source cloud native storage platform become the foundation for modern artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT systems that run at the edge. Let’s design and deploy a solution that runs on this infrastructure. Based on a hypothetical …

Kubernetes: When to Use, and When to Avoid, the Operator Pattern

For staging a complex app to run on Kubernetes, when should you use an operator, a CRD, a Helm chart or even a full GitOps pipeline?

4 Power Tips to Get Jenkins Enterprise-Ready

Jenkins power users use configuration as code, GitOps workflows, multi-branch pipelines and the correct plugins to make Jenkins easier.

How Does Service Discovery Work in Kubernetes?

The previous article in this series covered the basics of nodes and pods. As a reminder, a node is the workhorse of the Kubernetes cluster, responsible for running containerized workloads; additional components of logging, monitoring and service discovery; and optional add-ons.

Kubernetes: the Magic is in the Complexity

Any discussion about Kubernetes eventually lands on a common complaint: It’s complex. This is why the Kubernetes learning curve is so steep, and why the developer experience is often considered lacking.

How K3s, Portworx, Can Serve as a Foundation of Cloud Native Edge Infrastructure

Kubernetes is finding its way from the cloud to the edge via the data center. During the early days, Kubernetes was considered for hyperscale workloads running in the public cloud.

Stream logs to Datadog with Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose

Stream logs to Datadog with Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose: Learn how to easily stream your AWS service logs with Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and Datadog.

Deploying TensorFlow Models at the Edge with NVIDIA Jetson Nano

In this tutorial, we will explore the idea of running TensorFlow models as microservices at the edge. Jetson Nano, a powerful edge computing device will run the K3s distribution from Rancher Labs. It can be a single node K3s cluster or join an existing K3s cluster just as an agent.

Instrument your Python applications with Datadog and OpenTelemetry

Learn how to instrument your Python applications with Datadog's exporter for OpenTelemetry. If you are familiar with OpenTracing and OpenCensus, then you have probably already heard of the OpenTelemetry project.

Explore Kubernetes resources with Datadog Live Containers

Today we build upon our existing functionality to provide deeper insight into your Kubernetes workloads from within our Live Containers view, providing a multidimensional look into your Kubernetes environment.

Monitor AWS GovCloud (US)

Datadog's recent FedRAMP LI-SaaS authorization means that you can now use Datadog to safely and securely monitor your AWS GovCloud (US) environment. Public sector organizations face a unique challenge when it comes to the cloud: how can they successfully migrate their operations while maintaining an air-tight, heavily regulated, massively distributed environment? To solve this problem, Amazon created the AWS GovCloud (US), two isolated Regions in the AWS ecosystem that are only accessible to US customers who meet strict security and compliance standards. We’re excited to announce that Datadog has received Low-Impact Software-as-a-Service (LI-SaaS) authorization from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP),

Words Matter: Finally, Tech Looks at Removing Exclusionary Language

Common technical phrases, most notably “Master/Slave” and “Whitelist/Blacklist” that have been red-flagged as offensive, or even racist, sometimes for decades, are getting updates.

Gatsby Faces Community Upheaval Over Commercialization Plans

A move to consolidate GatsbyJS' commercial and open source operations has caused upheavel in the community that supports this JavaScript framework.