Citizen Data Scientists & AI On Cloud Will Create New Opportunities For Financial Industry

To understand the financial landscape better, and how Fiserv is making a difference, we spoke to Manisha Banthia, the Director of Analytics.

Behind IndiaFirst Life AI Tech Strategy

Raghavan believes that analytics and data science will help them in creating a better customer and employee experience.

Why DeFi Needs Decentralized Oracles

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a relatively recent variation on FinTech that is seeing a massive surge in popularity. As of the time of writing, there’s over $12.4 billion of value locked into DeFi, which is an enormous jump up from the $547 million it held a year ago. 

Account Aggregators: What Are They and How Will They Change the Fintech Ecosystem?

Account Aggregators (AAs) are about to take the fintech market by storm. Remember how UPI completely changed how people send money? No more awkwardly splitting restaurant bills, or digging for exact change to pay off that friend who's been bugging you for months.

Emotion and habit in savings

Emotion: If you give people a direct and immediate payoff to saving, even if small and primarily emotional, you significantly increase the chance that they respond to a future prompt or offer to save, and you make it much more likely they become frequent savers.

How the Rise of Fintech Mobile Apps is Transforming the Finance Industry?

Learn about FinTech app development and its trends to serve the customer's needs.

Growing a Fintech Unicorn: Alex Tonelli's Anthology of Lessons Learned

Growing a Fintech Unicorn: Alex Tonelli's Anthology of Lessons Learned. During our conversation, he shared the lessons he learned as a young founder navigating the hurdles of building a fintech startup. As well as actionable tips on product, funding and hiring.

Node.js projects in 2020 – overview

They all aim to take full advantage of Node.js’ selling features such as high performance or suitability for microservices-based architecture. In this article, we’re going to show you some of our proudest Node.js works.

Why Banks should be truly using AI — by yesterday

Why Banks should be truly using AI — by yesterday. That is retail banking today, where the ostrich is a retail bank and the tigers are the mobile- only AI powered challenger banks (not to mention Amazon).

AI To Transform Auto Insurance In India - Analytics India Magazine

The AI module would make the judgement of the damages on the car very quickly, reducing the processing time from days to mere minutes.

Why Fintech Companies Use Haskell

In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the state of fintech right now, and how exactly functional programming can improve modern fintech products. In the end, we will list some companies that use FP in their trading, banking, or fintech infrastructures.

How to build an automated system that sends summarized ‘MarketWatch’ articles using R

In this article, I will share a technique to manually build a system that sends yourself/others summarized articles of topics that interests you, using R. Consider this as your first step in taking control of what kind of information you receive through out the day.

How to start a Decentralized Finance business

Leading Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development Company offer High end DeFi Token Development Services & DeFi Protocol Development Services

Are APIs the Real Banking Revolution?

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have been around for 20 years, but, as Ron Shevlin points out, just one in five community banks in the USA had deployed APIs before 2020, and they aren’t even on the radar of at least 20% of the banks.

Did the Men in Suits Ruin Cryptocurrency For The Rest Of Us?

The bitcoin and cryptocurrency space was once quite chaotic; in many ways, it still is. That’s not to say a little chaos is a bad thing. Often it’s the spark that results in impressive innovations. Many of the great ideas that have flooded out into the world and changed our perceptions result from great minds combined with chaotic ideas.

The Secret Guide To Choosing Between Monolith And Microservices

Monolith or microservices? Both architectures have pros and cons, and each particular case should be investigated. UppLabs had a project with a concrete goal — optimization of application performance by migration from a monolithic system to the new microservices’ infrastructure. We came up with a solution that we’re happy to share with you in detail.

Using in-memory access in Data Science

Using in-memory access in Data Science. A simple performance comparison between disk-based databases and in-memory access

10 Awesome Python 3.9 Features

The Must-Know Python 3.9 Features. This article will provide an overview of the must-know features of Python 3.9.

How I Created The Credit Card Reader Using OpenCV?

Let us make use of OpenCV libraries in order to read the credit card and identify the type of credit card and scam the number on the card.

How Can AI Help In Reviving The Economy?

The current financial situation, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, needs a significant boost. Can AI be instrumental in this?