Adding prefers-contrast to Firefox - the Web developer blog

In this article, we’ll walk through the design and implementation of the prefers-contrast media query in Firefox. We’ll start by defining high contrast mode, then we’ll cover the importance of prefers-contrast. Finally, we’ll walk through the media query implementation in Firefox.

Fuzzing Firefox with WebIDL – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

Fuzzing, or fuzz testing, is an automated approach for testing the safety and stability of software. For the past 3 years, the Firefox fuzzing team has been developing a new

Engineering Code Quality in the Firefox Browser

In this article we’ll take a look at the types of tools we’ve developed, some of the challenges they address, and the architecture solutions we’ve developed.

DevTool Improvements and Web Platform Updates

DevTool Improvements and Web Platform Updates - Firefox 77 is now available with a variety of developer tool updates and new web platform features. With your feedback, we've removed performance bottlenecks, resulting in faster, leaner JavaScript debugging. ...

Building FunctionTrace, A Graphical Python Profiler

Firefox Profiler is a powerful web-based performance analysis interface featuring call trees, stack charts, flame graphs, and more. All data filtering, zooming, slicing, and transformation actions are preserved in shareable ...

Debug JavaScript in Firefox in 7 easy steps [2019]

Debug JavaScript in Firefox in 7 easy steps [2019]. Need to debug JavaScript in Firefox? Simply follow these 7 steps. Includes examples. Read our debugging guide now.

Playwright 1.0 Automates Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit-Based Browsers

The Playwright 1.0 release and now supports automation with all evergreen browsers based on the Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit browser engines.

Stop using Chrome if you're writing CSS

Chrome is a great browser, and for JS debugging it has the upperhand, but if you're writing CSS, there's no reason not to be using Firefox as your development browser. It has some amazing features for helping you edit CSS that Chrome just doesn't have.

Debugging Variables With Watchpoints in Firefox 72

This post introduces the watchpoints feature that’s available right now in Firefox Developer Edition! Keep reading to get up to speed on watchpoints and how to use them.

Future-proofing Firefox JavaScript Debugger Implementation

Optimizing the integration of Firefox Developer Tools with the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine has resulted in many benefits, including the new asynchronous call stack tracking now available in Firefox Developer Edition.

Firefox 72 — our first song of 2020 the Web developer blog

Firefox 72 — our first song of 2020 the Web developer blog. 2020 is upon us, folks. We'd like to wish everyone reading this a happy new year, wherever you are. As you take your first steps of the new year, figuring out what your next move is, you may find it comforting to know that there's a new Firefox release to try out! Version 72 to be exact.

Firefox 73 is Upon us the Web Developer Blog

Firefox 73 is Upon us the Web Developer Blog. Today we’ve released Firefox 73, with useful additions that include CSS and JavaScript updates, and numerous DevTools improvements. We’ve added to CSS logical properties, pushed performance forward in the Console ...

High Performance Web Audio with AudioWorklet in Firefox

Earlier this week, Audio Worklets landed in the release of Firefox 76. We’re ready to start bridging the gap between web audio and native. Developers can now leverage AudioWorklet to ...

Securing Firefox with WebAssembly

Securing Firefox with WebAssembly - Protecting the security and privacy of individuals is a central tenet of Mozilla's mission. Firefox is mostly written in C and C++

Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge: Which is Better and Faster?

Brave Browser vs Chrome vs Firefox vs Edge vs Opera vs Safari Speed Test. Which Browser is Best and Faster?