How to Add Firefox Extensions with Selenium in Python

In this Selenium Python tutorial, you'll learn how to add extensions in Firefox using the Selenium automation framework. It is one of the swiftest ways to add the required Firefox extensions by leveraging the potential of Selenium & Python.

Implementing Private Fields for JavaScript

Private fields is an example of where the specification language and implementation reality diverge, at least in SpiderMonkey– the JavaScript engine which powers Firefox. Implementing Private Fields for JavaScript.

Looking fine with Firefox 89

Firefox 89 has smartened up and brings with it a more minimalist interface. We get some great features including a force-colors feature.

Run A GUI APPs inside a Docker Container

Run A GUI APPs inside a Docker Container. What are Linux containers? In this article, we are going to run a Firefox application which is basically a GUI Software inside a Docker Container. What are Linux containers?

Low-Hanging Fruits of Web Security

Low-Hanging Fruits of Web Security. I talk about implementing common headers in your web app to internet its security. Mozilla low-hanging fruit is to web Security, what Lighthouse is to web Performance. It rates the cyber security of your web app and provides suggestions to improve that rating.

Finalizando o App com C++ e Gtkmm (Importando senhas do Firefox)

🔊 Esse é o terceiro vídeo da série. Finalizamos o aplicativo com interface gráfica que exporta e importa senhas criptografadas do Firefox .👀 Vídeos anterio...

Never too late for Firefox 88

April is upon us, and we have a most timely release for you — Firefox 88. In this release you will find a bunch of nice CSS additions including :user-valid and :user-invalid support and image-set() support, support for regular expression match indices, removal of FTP protocol support for enhanced security, and more!

A Fabulous February Firefox — 86!

This blog post provides merely a set of highlights; for all the details, check out the following:

And now for … Firefox 84

As December ushers in the final curtain for this rather eventful year, there is time left for one more Firefox version to be given its wings.

A Fabulous February Firefox — 86!

Looking into the near distance, we can see the end of February loitering on the horizon, threatening to give way to March at any moment. To keep you engaged until then, we’d like to introduce you to Firefox 86. The new version features some interesting and fun new goodies including support for the Intl.DisplayNames object, the :autofill pseudo-class, and a much better <iframe> inspection feature in DevTools.

Understanding How CSS3 Aspect-Ratio Property Works

New CSS property aspect ratio introduces auto-sizing for all HTML elements.

January brings us Firefox 85

To wrap up January, we are proud to bring you the release of Firefox 85. In this version we are bringing you support for the :focus-visible pseudo-class in CSS and associated devtools, <link rel="preload">, and the complete removal of Flash support from Firefox.

Warp: Improved JS performance in Firefox 83

This post explains how Warp works and how it made SpiderMonkey faster. I will show you Warp: Improved JS performance in Firefox 83.

6 Things to Know About using WebAssembly on Firefox

Get to know the opportunities and limitations of running WebAssembly on Firefox. 6 things to know about using WebAssembly on Firefox: The sandbox, Web APIs, File input/output, Persistent data, Memory management, Games

Porting to Apple Silicon: Firefox Case

With the introduction of Apple Silicon, macOS developers will need to port their programs to the new CPU. Learn how to porting to Apple Silicon: Firefox Case.

Porting Firefox to Apple Silicon

The release of Apple Silicon based Macs at the end of last year generated a flurry of news and some surprises at the machine’s performance. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to porting Firefox to Apple Silicon.

Porting Firefox to Apple Silicon

The release of Apple Silicon based Macs at the end of last year generated a flurry of news and some surprises at the machine’s performance.

Firefox State Partitioning in Cookies Might End Evil Tracking forever

Firefox is implementing a feature that might end website tracking, let's get into how it works.

Real Debugging Beyond Console Log

Everyone goes through a phase of debugging their code with console.log statements. Eventually, you need a more robust way of monitoring your code as it runs....


Eiji Kitamura氏は先頃、Googleの Liveでの講演で、ブラウザがクロスオリジンリソースを処理する方法を規定する新しいCOOPおよびCOEPポリシーを公開した。新しいオープナ (COOP) および組み込み (COEP) ポリシーは、以前は無効にされていた強力な機能 (SharedArrayMemoryBufferなど) を復元しながら、Spectre攻撃から保護するクロスオリジン分離環境をセットアップする。