Flask is a micro web framework written in Python. It is classified as a microframework because it does not require particular tools or libraries. It has no database abstraction layer, form validation, or any other components where pre-existing third-party libraries provide common functions.

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Deploy a Dockerized Flask App to Google Cloud Platform

A short guide to deploying a Dockerized Python app to Google Cloud Platform using Cloud Run and a SQL instance.

Sqlite3 Python Flask Tutorial | Create Web App

In this sqlite3 python for flask tutorial, we will learn how we can use the database to put and fetch data for users. This video belongs to flask series and comes under basic for python. Sqlite3 is open source database system which is lite and can be used in the production environment for applications which are not complex.

使用 Serverless/Flask/Swagger 在 AWS 上搭建打造 Open API

前言約在一年前,當時公司的同事帶我玩過 Swagger,只是當時的我寫得不太習慣,直到寫這篇之前都還只是寫 markdown 來做 API 文件 😓,不過寫 API 到最後總是要開放給其他人需要測試以及用文件來描述功能,但只是寫 Readme.md 給其他人看感覺有點不負責任 (?),所以這個時候 Swagger 就發揮它的作用啦~ 但是看著下面這張圖…左邊那是怎樣!怎麼設定了一大堆右邊才出現

Deploy pyramid, flask or django application on Google Cloud

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to deploy WSGI applications on Google Cloud Compute Engine Instance using Apache2 and mod_wsgi…

Create a Simple Battleship Web Game using Flask, PyMongo and MongoDB

Web app game made simple with Flask and PyMongo

Deploying Flask webapp with Docker on Azure

In this article we will be going through a basic explanation of docker, creating a flask web app, and then deploying that web app on azure with docker. Everyone in software development has heard about docker( or maybe you have heard about containers). Well, before docker every new person in software development was going through the same process — download, extract, install, repeat. Then came DOCKER, it has simplified the whole system dependencies process.The best part is, If it works on local it will work in production. Let’s see what does docker mean:

Python REST API Tutorial - Building a Flask REST API

This Python REST API tutorial will teach you how to build a Python flask REST API. We will start by building a basic REST API then integrating that API with a Flask SQL-Alchemy Database. At the end of this video you will have a fully functioning REST API with Python and Flask.

Deploying a Python Flask application

Serverless is the new cool kid. Well, might not be “new” new, but considering that still the majority of web applications are monolithic…

One-step Install+Save for Python Dependencies

Pip install django psycopg2-binary. pip freeze. Either manually copy and paste the specific version numbers into requirements. txt (or do a cat requirements.

Serving Flask Applications with Gunicorn and Nginx Reverse Proxy

In this article, I will be implementing a simple flask application. I will be setting up a Gunicorn application server and will be

Learn Python in Arabic #136 - Flask - Jinja Template

Flask - Jinja Template https://elzero.org/category/courses/mastering-python/ ============================= Support Me on Patreon to Help me Create More Video...

Heroku: Deploy your Flask App with a Database Online

Heroku is a platform as a service based on a managed container system, with integrated data services and a powerful ecosystem, for

Semantic Code Search Using Transformers and BERT- Part III: Converting Functions

Continued from Part-II discusses the methodology used to convert functions to vectors and create a search engine

How to Add Authentication to Your Flask App with Flask-Login Package

Learn how to add authentication to your Flask app with the Flask-Login package. Use the Flask-Login library for session management. Use the built-in Flask utility for hashing passwords. Add protected pages to our app for logged in users only. Use Flask-SQLAlchemy to create a user model. Create sign up and login forms for our users to create accounts and log in. Flash error messages back to users when something goes wrong. Use information from the user’s account to display on the profile page

Python Flask Beginner Tutorial - Todo App - Crash Course

Learn how to write your first TODO App with Flask in this Crash Course. Flask is one of the most popular web frameworks written in Python. Flask is a lightwe...

Highlight: Organizando as pastas de um Projeto Flask

Parte da aula 5 do curso de #python 3 #flask sobre como usar #factory para organizar as pasta do projeto. Curso todos sos asbados 14h em /codeshow na twitch

Highlight: Testando a app Flask com Pytest

Testando aplicações #python e #flask usando #pytest Parte da aula 5 do Curso de Python e Flask que acontece todos os sábados em /CodeShow na Twitch.

Flask: A Flexible Micro-Framework for Backend Dev in Python

Cooking up compact, high-power servers. If you haven’t read my previous articles, let me preface this one with a brief personal declaration: I am a bit of a data nut, and I am certainly a graph enthusiast — something that my friends and colleagues will heartily attest to. As a result of my interests, I often find myself working with data tables in my projects. Excel sheets, CSV files, SQL tables… you get the idea. For example, over the past two to three years, I have tracked and categorized every single transaction I’ve made on a personal finance sheet that I keep super secret.

Python Flask Beginner Tutorial - Todo App - Crash Course

Learn how to write your first TODO App with Flask in this Crash Course. Flask is one of the most popular web frameworks written in Python. Flask is a lightwe

Criando um projeto Flask instalável com pip - Curso de Python e Flask

Parte da aula 5 do curso de #Flask - Como tornar um projeto #Python instalável usando o setup.py - Como ler dependências do requirements.txt - Usando o #Make